May 13, 2013 2:13 pm

Traveling the world to find the best Tijuana dentist

Tijuana Dentist - large Mexican flat downtown Tijuana, Mexico

The first stop on my journey to travel the world to find the best dentists was Tijuana, Mexico.  Tijuana dentists offer an amazing value for quality dental care.  After meeting with dozens of dental clinics and their staff I found their commitment to quality dental care admirable.

Let’s start from the beginning:  my family and I drove down highway 101 from Seattle to San Diego over 10 days.  We had just sold off all our worldly possessions, rented out our house and now were traveling down the coast with one bag per person.  Tijuana was the first stop on our two year journey around the world for me to find quality dentists.

Tijuana dentists are just a 20 minute drive from San Diego and a 2.5 hour drive from LA.  There are two options to visit a Tijuana dentist: drive through the border or walk across.  I chose to walk across the border and it was surprisingly easy:  I parked right at the border for $5 and then walked through the newly built border crossing.

Tijuana Dentist-Tijuana, Mexico border crossing

Once across the border I hailed a cab and made my way to dozens of Tijuana dental clinics.  I spoke with dental clinic owners, dentists, hygienists and dental technicians all over Tijuana, Mexico.  The Tijuana dentists were so eager to show me around their dental clinics:  pointing out the new equipment they had purchased (intra-oral cameras, panoramic x-ray machines, dental laboratory) and the new renovations they had made to modernize the interior design of their clinics.  I was pleasantly surprised to step out of a  bustling Mexico street scene (street vendors, roadside taco stands etc.) into the serenity of a modern dental clinic that wouldn’t be out of place in Canada, United States or Australia.


The dentists in Tijuana go out of their way to make their San Diego & LA dental patients feel comfortable.  There would be up-to-date American magazines in the patient waiting room (Time, In Style, National Geographic, People) and American top 40 music playing over the dental clinic’s sound system.  I visited two of our top Tijuana dental clinics:  Dental Spana, Tijuana Clinic for Cosmetic Dentistry and Clinica Dental Tijuana.  These there Tijuana dental clinics were especially proud of the quality of their dental implants and showed me dozens of before & after photos of American patients who found their new smiles.

Dental Spana - Tijuana Dental Clinic

As I waited for my appointments in Tijuana I was taken aback by the number of American & even Canadian dental patients who had made the trip down to Tijuana for their dental care.  For some of these patients it was their first time visiting a Tijuana dentists and for others this was part of a typical visit to their dentist every six to 12 months for a check-up.  There were a large number of people from San Diego and LA who were here in Tijuana because their were unable to afford their dental treatment in the United States.  After speaking with people in dental clinic waiting rooms across Tijuana their was a constant theme which kept appearing:  people worked really hard but were finding it harder & harder to afford quality dental care at home.  For some dental care in Tijuana was their only available dental option and for others they couldn’t justify spending $10,000 on dental care and sought out a less expensive solution.

Visiting dentists in Tijuana reaffirmed my belief that quality dental care is no longer just a local option.  It took me getting out of my comfort zone (by leaving Seattle, Washington) to see with my own two eyes that Mexican dentists have the same passion & commitment to delivering quality dental care as the dentists in the United States & Canada.

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