May 16, 2013 3:16 pm

Traveling the world to find the best Mexicali dentist

Mexicali bull fighting ring

My first trip to Mexicali was an eye opener to how little I knew about this town.  First, Mexcali dentists pride themselves on the quality of their dental care and are so eager to show off their newly remodeled dental clinics and ultra-modern dental equipment.

I expected a dusty border town with small dental clinics and found a large city  with prospering dental practices due to booming trade with the United States (under the NAFTA agreement).  Second, with Mexicali’s close proximity to its sister city to the north (Calexico, California) I expected a bland town that you just pass through on your trip somewhere else.  What I found was  that Mexicali is rich in a history based on Chinese immigrants.  Chinese buffets/restaurants are on every street and it isn’t surprising to meet Mexicali residents with the last name Wong, Fong, Yang or Wu.  What blew me back in my chair was to be served limes and hot sauce with a traditional Chinese meal like egg drop soup or hot & sour soup!

The Mexicali dentists that I met with ranged from small two chair dental clinics like BC Dental Care Mexicali and RamLaz Dental to large 8 chair dental franchises like Continental Dental Care.  Although the Mexicali clinics ranged in size, price and dental experience the one element that was consistent amongst all was their laser focus on the quality of dental care they provide.  The quality started with the training and experience of their dental staff (dentists, hygienists, service staff), extended to the dental equipment used and ended with the dental labs they worked with to ensure dental quality from end-2-end.

Continental Dental Care - Mexicali dental clinic

The dentists of Mexicali were keen to establish Mexicali as a top destination for American and Canadian patients to visit for their dental care.  The Mexicali dentists realize that the price savings were what attracted snowbird Canadian and American patients in the winter but they wanted to elevate the quality of dental care and support facilities to ensure the snowbirds kept coming back.  Two areas that they were working to improve Mexicali’s visibility was 1) The number of modern and western-styled hotels to allow patients to rest comfortably between dental treatments like the Hotel Araiza and the Colonial Hotel 2) The medical tourism lane at the border which whisks patients within minutes through the US/Mexican border.  All American and Canadians need is to ask for  a Medical Lane pass from their dentist and their 30 minute wait at the border is reduced to minutes!

Mexicali Medical Lane - US/Mexico border

Image by: Jude Joffe-Block

 Mexicali is really trying to make itself known as one of the top destinations for Americans and Canadians to visit a Mexico dentist.  From all the conversations and observations I had on my stay in Mexicali:  I can attest that Mexicali dentists are well on their way to create a long-lasting industry to deliver quality dental services to Canadian and American snowbirds.

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