July 12, 2012 6:12 pm

Top 6 dental tips when visiting a global dentist

Global Dentist, Mexico Dentist

What do you need to know when you visit a dentist in Mexico or a dental clinic in Thailand?  If you are looking for a dentist when you travel,  Northern Carolina’s Dental Society has recently put together a list of dental tips.

Top 6 dental tips when visiting a global dentist

  1.  If you do not know the local language, seek out a dentist who speaks English so you can communicate effectively.
  2.  Dentists and staff should wear a new pair of rubber or vinyl gloves for each patient, as well as protective eye wear.
  3. Instruments should be properly sterilized or disposed of after use. (No reusable needles)
  4. Dentists and staff should always wash their hands before donning gloves as well as immediately after removing them.
  5. Do not buy medications “over the counter” unless you’re familiar with the product.
  6. Check your dental insurance policy to see if overseas care is covered, along with follow-up care when you return home.

The most interesting dental tip when looking for a global dentist is #6:  most patients are unaware that if they have dental insurance most dental insurance providers will refund a portion of the dental treatment overseas.   Ask your dental insurer for the required paperwork and your Mexican or Thai dental clinic will be more than happy to complete the required paperwork on your behalf.

The NC Dental Society wants to make sure you have a safe & quality dental experience when you go to a global dentist.   By using NC Dental Society’s tips dental patients can travel globally with a new level of confidence.



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