October 23, 2014 2:03 am

How to Save Money on Your Dentistry in Mexico

Save up to 70% on your Dental Care

Save up to 70% on your Dental Care – Photo Credit: 401kcalculator.org

Nearly everyone knows you can save plenty of money by having your dentistry in Mexico, but if you plan it right there are a few simple ways of leaving even more cash in your pocket. Here’s how:

1: Compare prices with Dental Departures. We have hundreds of dentists listed throughout Mexico so you can search by procedure and/or by location to find the most favourable costs. Of course, it is not only the cost you might want to take into consideration, but also dentist qualifications, clinic facilities and patient reviews. Our verified clinics have all this information freely available, equipping you with everything you need in order to get the best dental care in Mexico.

2: Save yourself from any nasty surprises with your bill and get a free quote for your dental care with Dental Departures. Our website gives prices from each dental clinic, but if you want more than one procedure done we can arrange a free quote for you at the clinic of your choice.

3: Mexico is a popular holiday destination, not just for North Americans but for travellers from all over the world. Avoiding peak season and holiday times will usually mean you can find better deals on accommodation and travel, saving you more on the overall cost of your dental care. Peak times may vary nationally, although Christmas, New Year and Easter are generally busy wherever you go. You should also look out for local festivals or events which may mean it is busier than usual when local prices for accommodation may be at a premium.

4: If you do have insurance check with your provider to see if they cover for ‘out-of-network’ expenses. If they do you will be able to have your dental care in Mexico, which means your insurance cover will go a lot further than it would at home. For example, a root canal procedure including crown at home will cost upwards of $2,000, but in Mexico you can get it done for less than $300. The only downside is that dentists in Mexico cannot bill your insurance company directly, so you will have to pay them directly, and reclaim from your insurance company when you return home.

5: If your medical and dental expenses are greater than 10% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) you may be eligible to claim tax relief on tax deductions for medical (and dental) expenses. Qualifying expenses also include your spouse and dependents – and other deductibles, such as travel or accommodation.

6: Book with Dental Departures and you will find many exclusive discounts, such as money-off your dental treatment or free and discounted hotel accommodation. Furthermore, we will always give you the best prices when you book with us – guaranteed.

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