November 20, 2012 8:28 am

Phuket Dentist Reviews – Get the real lowdown on your overseas dentist

Phuket dentist reviews

Phuket sunset (Image by: Jean-Marie Hullot)

Dental Departures offers you trustworthy Phuket dentist reviews. Reviews from real patients on their dental experiences abroad are featured on our website, helping you get the real lowdown on your dentist.

Finding a good dentist at home is hard enough, but just how do you find a good dentist in Phuket? Checking out clinic reviews is one way of sorting the wheat from the chaff, but how do you know if they are authentic, or trustworthy? We can verify that all our reviews are from real patients about their experiences at our recommended dental clinics.

Our Phuket Dentist Reviews confirm the High Standards of Our Dentists

Although we have diligently checked and vetted our listed dental clinics for high standards and quality of care, a good patient review is proof that we are doing it right. We are proud to be able to recommend to you only those clinics that have passed our stringent background checks, and even prouder that our patients have received outstanding dental care. Many thousands of patients have received their exceptional dental care through our recommendations and are happy to relate their experiences.

Phuket dentist reviews

Thai Statue (Image by: Arvind Grover)

We have received plenty of Phuket dentist reviews, as it is a particularly popular destination.  Here is what Faye, a happy patient from Geelong, Australia said about her experience at the Sea Smile Dental Clinic, Patong Beach, Phuket:

‘I was very impressed with everything about Sea Smile and have already recommended you to my friends.  I will definitely be back in the future if need be. Thank you for a great experience. Before having work done at Sea Smile I was very worried having work done because of previous bad work in Australia. Thanks for helping me.’

Visit the Dental Departures website for further information about our dentists, including costs, procedures undertaken and, of course, real Phuket dentist reviews. Our website gives you everything you need, so that you can find out about your dentist overseas before you visit them.

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