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Pattaya Dentist Reviews

Pattaya Dentist Reviews: See what other people have to say!

From Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest beachfront resort destination in Thailand.  If you’re considering visiting a dentist in Pattaya, come check out what our patients have to say about their experiences!   The dental clinics in Pattaya are modern, professional, and offer outstanding dental services for much less than you will pay in Bangkok.   You can expect to pay about 70% less for the cost of your dental care in Pattaya compared to what you would pay at home – all for the same or even better quality care and materials.

OrthoSmile Dental Clinic in Pattaya

We have thousands of patients who visit Thailand every year for their dental care – people just like you who had the same questions and reservations as you might.  We ask each patient to write a review of their experience and rate the office on factors such as quality, value, cleaniness, comfort, and communication.  The star rating provided by our patients is then used to determine each clinic’s score on a scale of one to five stars.

Dr. Ken Kasidis at OrthoSmile Dental Clinic in Pattaya has training from prestigious universities in Australia, Canada, and Germany, and offers top-notch dental services just a block from Pattaya Beach.  Check out what Maureen Turner had to say about her treatment with Dr. Ken:

“I have just completed a complex treatment of extractions, immediate prosthesis, implants and the final placing of the entire dentition in my upper jaw. All my upper teeth had to be removed and replaced with an immediate prosthesis. Thereafter, Dr. Kasidis fitted me with an immediate upper denture whilst he fitted several implants. Since then, he has fitted an entired fixed upper jaw crown and bridgework.

I am bound to say that the final effect is quite incredible: I now have a complete, fixed set of upper teeth which are utterly brilliant, and which have given me a realistically magnificent smile. My self-confidence in my appearance has been completely restored and I am entirely satisfied. I look and feel good — and I eat well.” 

We are always happy to help you, whether you would like a free quote, email consultation, help with basic questions, or need to schedule an appointment.  Our service is free, and we have negotiated guaranteed low prices for the cost of your dental care with all our clinics in Pattaya.

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