November 9, 2012 3:14 pm

Overseas Dentists – How Dental Tourism Can Restore Your Smile

We can find you overseas dentists for your affordable dental treatment. Dental tourism offers huge savings of up to 80% – enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you are one of those people who find dental costs at home too high, read on to see all the benefits of booking your dental treatment with a dentist abroad.

Overseas dentists

Dawn Temple Bangkok (Image by: Dennis Jarvis)

Many people initially start looking for overseas dentists if they have to have expensive major dental work done. Even with accommodation and flights, patients are taking the opportunity to have a holiday at the same time as their treatment, and are still finding they have saved huge amounts.

Having taken the plunge and undergone their treatment abroad, many are so pleased with the results they continue to go abroad for all their dental needs, and usually recommend their overseas dentists to their friends and family. So just what are the benefits of traveling overseas for your dental treatment?

– Typically, dental treatments cost between 50-80% less but you can save even more with your insurance
– Overseas dentists are highly-skilled and trained
– Clinics are modern and up-to-date utilizing state-of-the-art equipment
– Many clinics are established in popular tourist destinations, so you can have a holiday at the same time
– Dental Departures makes the whole process easy

Thousands of our patients have visited overseas dentists

Join our many thousands of happy patients who have visited overseas dentists for their dental treatments.  No matter what your dental needs are, our dentists are fully trained in all areas of dentistry.  From everyday dental requirements such as fillings, or teeth cleaning to specialist dentistry requirements, including root canal treatment and dental implantology, there is every reason to have your dental treatment abroad.  Although it may seem a little unnerving to arrange, once you have taken the plunge, you will discover the process to be plain-sailing.

We are specialists in dental tourism.  Our years of experience will help you find the best dentists, and we are always on hand to guide you or answer any questions you may have.  Our dentists are located in some of the most amazing vacation destinations in the world, including Phuket in Thailand and Cancun in Mexico. Where better to enjoy a well-earned break?  For our North American patients, we also have many clinics conveniently situated just over the border in Mexico. A lot of patients choose to visit our dental clinics in Tijuana and Algodones so they can have their treatment and be back home in a matter of hours.

Overseas Dentistry

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Evening Promenade (Image by: Paul Hamilton)

Our website is packed full of information about overseas dentists, their qualifications, treatments offered and clinic facilities. We also have details of prices, destinations, treatment guides and real patient reviews giving you a proper taste of the kind of treatment you can expect.

Find a dentist, get a quote or book an appointment online today – it’s totally free.

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