November 2, 2012 3:36 am

Overseas dentistry and dental tourism

Overseas dentistry is the only way that many people are able to afford first-rate dental treatment. Dental tourism has been growing in popularity for some years, with many leading dental tourism centers, such as Thailand and Mexico, having established clinics and dentists who have long been catering for international patients.

Overseas dentist in Cancun Mexico

Visit an overseas dentist in Cancun, Mexico

Understandably, if you are new to this, you may be wondering just where to begin to research overseas dentistry. This is where Dental Departures is able to help you find the best overseas dentist for all your dentistry needs. Working with the very best dentists and clinics throughout the world, our website contains everything you need to know about overseas dentistry.

Are you looking for prices? Do you want a comprehensive list of dentists specializing in implantology? Is there a particular destination you have in mind? Can you check out a dentist’s qualifications, training or experience? Are there any real patient reviews you can read? We say ‘yes’ to all these and are able answer many more of your questions on our website. Take a look at our comprehensive listings. For all your dental tourism needs, just ask us – we’re only to happy to help.

Dental tourism has overseen a growth in overseas dentistry procedures

We are specialists in overseas dentistry. We have been working alongside our dentists for many years, and only those dentists who meet our strict criteria for expertise and quality of care are recommended by us. We offer a no quibble guarantee.  We are certain you will be as thrilled with the dental treatment you receive as the many thousands of our patients we have already helped.

The exciting part of overseas dentistry is that you have the whole planet to choose from: you can find Mexican dentists, Thailand dentist or dentists in Costa Rica.  The western countries no longer hold a monopoly on high quality dental care and you will be amazed at the level of dental care you will receive for a fraction of what you will pay to your dentist down the street.

Overseas dentistry in San Jose, Costa Rica

Overseas dentistry in San Jose, Costa Rica

Overseas dentistry is suitable for all your dental requirements.  We have helped patients find their perfect dentist, for any aspect of dental work.  Whether you need general dental work, including teeth cleaning or fillings or your needs are much more extensive, for example, a dental implant, or even full mouth rehabilitation, our dentists cater for all aspects of dentistry.

Dental tourism has become so popular because the treatments are inexpensive, but you will also see that there is no compromise on the quality of care you will receive.  Our dentists have been treating international patients for years, and are particularly understanding of the needs of their overseas patients.

Dental Departures makes the whole process of arranging your overseas dentistry easy. To get a free quote or to book an online appointment 24/7 follow this link

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