November 3, 2012 10:14 pm

Obamacare is helping boost Costa Rica’s dental tourism industry

Obamacare is helping drive more Americans to Costa Rica for dental tourism.  Obamacare is pushing increasing numbers of Americans to Costa Rica to visit a Costa Rican dentist or doctor to receive their care.  Costa Rica has seen a 30% growth in dental tourism over the past 5 years which can be attributed in part to Obamacare.

Obamacare is helping dental tourism in Costa Rica

Obamacare is helping dental tourism in Costa Rica

Photo courtesy of: The White House

The Costa Rica Times reports that Costa Rican dentist have seen a 30% growth in traffic over the last 5 years in part to Obamacare:

The rapidly increasing costs and quagmire of rules, regulations and limitations are driving Americans to look to further countries for treatment.  There is a deluge of American patients heading abroad for surgeries and other medical and dental treatments. There’s been between a 20 percent and a 30 percent growth rate for this sort of travel in just the last five years.

Obamacare has helped drive more Americans to a Costa Rica dentist.  Americans have found that they can receive the same level of dental care (and in some cases better dental care) than they receive at home and they can save 50% on their dental care.  Ultimately,  Costa Rican dentists & doctors have benefited from Americans fleeing from Obamacare.

Costa Rica Dentist - Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dentist – Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

Patients with Dental Departures have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of dental care they have received in Costa Rica.  If Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is any example of level of care American patients fleeing Obamacare will receive:  they will be pleasantly surprised that they will receive better dental care than in the United States for a fraction of the cost.

It will be interesting to watch and see if President Obama is voted into office next week for his second term as the US president.  If Mr. Obama is voted into office for a second term it will stand to reason that Obamacare will continue to drive more American patients to dentists in Costa Rica.


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