October 1, 2012 3:00 am

Mexicali Dentist

Looking for a Mexicali dentist?  Look no further!

People just like you in Arizona and Southern California have discovered amazing dental savings to be had by visiting a dentist in Mexicali.  Patients are visiting Mexicali with increasing regularity for their dental care from all over the United States and Canada.  Many people know about the top-notch medical services available in Mexicali, and the dental care is equally outstanding and professional.  Whether you live within driving distance or will travel from farther away, the quality of dental care and the costs savings are unbeatable.

Dental Departures offers you a free service for information, dental quotes, consultations, and appointment scheduling, all at a guaranteed low price.

Modern offices, digital x-rays, and professional dental care at savings of 50-70%.

Dental Departures make it easy for you to find the best dentists in Mexicali.   There are dozens of dental clinics in Mexicali who attend to patients from the US and Canada.  In fact, many of our clinics have 70-90% of their clients who from the US or Canada.   The reason is simple: you can receive the same, or better quality dental care as you would receive at home for savings of 70% or more.  In fact, many patients who could never afford implants, or could only afford cheap crowns materials or cheap veneers in the US can receive top quality materials they would be unable to afford at home while still saving money.  This can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in dental savings to you, even including the cost of travel.

We understand that it is difficult to find a trusted dentist anywhere.  That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you.  All our dentists in Mexicali have been background checked and quality screened for licensing, credentials and inspected in-person.   Further, we have thousands of patients who book their dental care with Dental Departures every year and all our patient reviews are listed on each clinic page.  Alongside our patient reviews, you can find complete (and fully transparent) price lists, office photos, dentist credentials and individual office information.

Mrs. Castillo visited RamLanz Dental to restore her smile, something she could not afford to do in the US:

Every time I smiled I tried to cover my mouth with my hand I was ashamed of the great space between my front teeth, besides one of this teeth was moving all the time. I was terrified when I arrived at RamLanz Dental Office, but they treated me with care and so well that now I am very happy with my new teeth.

Dr. Lanz & Dr. Ramirez at RamLanz Dental are a husband & wife team who have over 40 years combined experience in dentistry.  They have their own onsite dental laboratory and take great pride in providing their patients with personal service and outstanding cosmetic dental restorations.  They use world class materials; the same as your dentists at home – at a price you can afford.

We are always happy to help answer any questions!  Check out our clinics and website to get a free quote, to request any information, ask questions, or even schedule your appointment  24 hours a day with our online appointment system.

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