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Dentist in Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Have you thought about dental treatment with a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket? Patong Beach is not just an incredibly popular holiday destination, but is also highly regarded for its dental expertise. Many people are now traveling specifically to Patong Beach for their dental treatment, drawn by the inexpensive cost of treatment, by the quality of care and, of course, by the stunning scenery and pastimes this renowned holiday resort has to offer.

Patong Beach Dentists are near the beautiful beaches

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We can help you find the perfect dentist in Patong Beach Phuket

Dental Departures can help you find a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket, or other Phuket dentists. Our site is easy to search locations, either by country or towns and city. You can also search by procedure.

In Patong Beach we have three well-established dental clinics – Sea Smile Dental Clinic, Smile Dental Studio and Promjai Dental Clinic. Between them they offer a whole range of dental treatments. A minor dental emergency, including fillings or tooth extractions, can be carried out by our dentists.  However, they also offer extensive dental treatments including crowns, veneers, root canal treatments and implantology. They also offer a cosmetic dentistry procedures, including laser teeth whitening.

Our dentists in Patong Beach Phuket are fully trained in their areas of expertise. Many have trained at renowned dental facilities overseas.  With this experience, and their location in one of Phuket’s major tourist resorts catering to thousands of overseas visitors, their command of the English language is excellent.  You will be impressed not only by the quality of treatment our dentists offer here, but also by the ultra-modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology they use.  The World Health Organization has reported that more and more patients are coming to Thailand each year for their dental treatment, and when you see the standards offered by our Patong Beach clinics you can understand why they do.


Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

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You can be certain that all of the dentists represented on our website will deliver high quality dental treatment. Why is that? Because Dental Departures only recommend Patong Beach dentists we would go to ourselves. The real patient reviews on our website speak for themselves, so you can be sure you will be getting the very best treatment – at the very best prices – from our dentists in Patong Beach, Phuket. Thailand has one of the best reputations in the world for its dental facilities, and along with our help you’ll find it easy to pick the right dentist for you.

Why not take advantage of the amazing savings on treatment costs with a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket?  You can treat yourself to a fantastic holiday and really give yourself something to smile about.

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