July 8, 2012 12:01 am

Save 70% on Dental Implants in Mexico…is it true?

Save 70% on your dental implants in Mexico!  You see Mexico dental implant savings like these bantered around the internet regarding Mexican dentistry .  Are they true:  in a word yes!  You really do get the same quality dental implants in Mexico (materials and labor) for a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

If you do a quick search for dental implants in Mexico on Dental Departures you will find a wide variety of dental implants prices some less than 70% savings and some greater than a 70% savings over visiting a dentist down the street.  When you average out the savings of all the Mexico dental implant costs you will arrive at a figure very close to a 70% savings.

We have just added a really interesting feature to determine the cost savings of global dental care:  we call it ‘What you Pay at Home’.  For dental implants in Mexico you can see that the average cost you would pay at home would be $3,900 USD.  At Sani Dental Group  you will pay $1,200 USD for your dental implant in Algodones, Mexico (a 69% savings) or $1,799 USD for your dental implants at Dental Spana in Tijuana, Mexico (a 54% savings).

dental implant mexico cost

How do we come up with the price you would pay for dental implants at home?  The dental implants cost at home looks to be a pretty simple number to calculate but there is actually quite a bit of work behind the scenes!  What we do is gather the cost of dental implants from a wide variety of sources from around the globe  (public, private, government) and create an average global price which you see here as $3,800 USD for a dental implant.  We compare this global dental implant price to the price you will pay for a dental implant in Mexico and ‘Voila!’ you have a way to see your savings immediately!

Dental Implant Mexico cost savings

We have a saying here ‘it is very easy to make something confusing but it is very hard to make something simple’.  We hope that when you search for dental implants in Mexico on Dental Departures we make it easy for you to see the savings.  There are few things in life where you can really see a 70% savings without compromising quality…dental implants in Mexico live up to this promise.

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