November 19, 2012 4:12 pm

Costa Rica Dentists Offer You Affordable Dentistry Abroad

Costa Rica Dentists. Affordable Dentistry Abroad.

Costa Rica Waterfall (Image by: Raphaël Fauveau)

Costa Rica dentists have a great reputation for providing good-quality dental services. Dental tourism is booming here, and we are working with the best dentists in Costa Rica to bring you excellent dental services at an affordable price.

Dental Departures can help you find the expert dentist you need for your dental care and treatment.  We have rigorously vetted, background-checked and quality-inspected all of our listed dental clinics, so you can be safe in the knowledge you will be receiving professional care and excellent standards, whatever clinic you choose. Costa Rica dentists undergo extensive training, just like dentists at home. Many have trained at prestigious establishments throughout North America, and English is spoke widely. Costa Rica dentists offer the same standards of expert knowledge, and you will find that clinics are just as well-equipped, if not more so, than clinics at home.

Costa Rica Dentists Typically Save You 50-70% on Prices At Home

One of the benefits of traveling to Costa Rica for your dental treatment is that it is relatively easy to get to from North America – just a few hours away by air. Even with the cost of airfares and accommodation, it is still possible to save more than 50% on comparable dental procedures at home. Finding out which Costa Rica dentists specialize in the area of dentistry you need couldn’t be simpler. Our website makes it easy – and you can search by country, procedure and much more.

Costa Rica offers beautiful countryside with a varied landscape of mountains, rain-forests and gorgeous beaches. It also has some spectacular wildlife. The country may be small but is home to around 5% of the world’s biodiversity, and approximately 25% of Costa Rica is protected land and conservation areas. A fascinating country to explore ,with a rich cultural heritage and friendly people, Costa Rica is a great place to spend a dental vacation.

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