Top Tips for Choosing a Dental Destination and Clinic

Luxurious dental facilities in Thailand

Luxurious dental clinics in Thailand


Choosing a dental destination and clinic abroad can seem a bit like shopping on the clearance rail – the discount prices and the choices are overwhelming – and you’re not sure if it’s really for you anyway. Our simple tips will show you how to find a good dentist abroad, ensuring you always pick the cream of the crop.


1.       Know about your Dental Case

This is one of the most important things you shouldn’t overlook. How many implants or crowns do you need? If you’re having a root canal do you need a crown as well?

If you’re unsure of what needs doing, a consultation with a dentist at home can provide you with a treatment outline, as well as x-rays, and a cost estimate. The cost estimate is useful for making comparisons with dentists abroad, the treatment outline will tell you what needs to be done, and the x-rays (usually digital these days) can be sent to your choice of dental clinics in advance. They can confirm treatment options and prices (subject to an examination) before you even get there. This way, there are no surprises.

2.       Do I need a general or specialist dentist?

Not everybody needs a specialist – the majority of everyday dental work, including fillings, crowns, veneers, dentures and laser teeth whitening are performed by general dentists.

However, if you are looking at, for example, dental implants, braces or root canals, then you may want to see a dentist who has qualifications and expertise in that particular area.  This is where knowing about your case is helpful. For instance, if you have a history of gum disease then seeing a gum disease specialist (periodontist) could be a priority for you.

3.       Check out Dentist Qualifications, Experience and Professional Memberships

The obvious starting point once you have decided on what dental work you are having done is to find a dentist who can do the job competently and reliably. Assessing qualifications, experience and professional memberships is a must.

Dentist training may differ slightly from country to country, but, in general, the criteria to obtain qualifications is high. Standards are becoming homogenized as cross-border training and the speed at which information is disseminated brings best practices and new techniques to every corner of the globe.

Dentists who work with international patients tend to ensure their qualifications are recognizable to foreigners. This means they have membership of both their own country’s professional organization as well as a Western one. For example, many of our dentists in Mexico are also members of the American Dental Association. They may also be members of specialist international organizations, such as the International Congress of oral Implantologists.

As far as experience is concerned, if in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Inquire how many dental implant procedures a dentist has carried out, or how many years they have been performing root canals. It’s your health, after all – and you need to be comfortable about any decisions you make regarding it.

4.       Look for Recommendations and Testimonials

Recommendations and reviews from past patients, taken in conjunction with your other research, can certainly help build a picture of your dentist’s reliability. However, you should bear in mind that just because a dentist has rave reviews for one area of dentistry that they are any good in another. Again, this is where knowing about your particular case will help you find what you’re looking for

Reviews come from all sorts of sources, and it is worth checking as many as you can. Dental Departures publishes all patient reviews, without editing – both the good, and the bad. While none of us like to have bad reviews, sometimes things do go awry and rather than brush things under the carpet, they are an opportunity for us to try and put things right. We are committed to fantastic customer service and are proud to maintain our 5* reviews on Feefo and Review Centre.

5.       Be realistic about the time it takes

Reputable dentists will not sacrifice quality for speed, but there are unethical ones who will. You will do well to ensure you have enough time so that all your work is carried out in an unhurried manner – that way no corners will be cut, and your dental work is much more likely to stand the test of time.

6.       What about Hygiene, Safety, Equipment and Materials?

For anybody who hasn’t experienced dental tourism this is, after dentist training, one of the areas that produces most concern to patients. Despite the fact that many thousands upon thousands travel abroad and have safe, reliable dental care, the newspaper headlines always publicize the few that have a bad experience. These are also likely to emphasize inadequate or sub-standard facilities and safety protocols, leaving anyone with the impression that clinics overseas are all generally lacking in the basics.

This may have had a ring of truth in it if we’re talking about decades ago, but the picture is very different nowadays. Modern clinics are as good as any in the West, with universal hygiene and safety procedures the norm. Many clinics overseas are International Standards Organization (ISO) accredited, and the latest equipment and materials from branded manufacturers are just as likely to be used by dentists abroad as they are by dentists at home.

In fact, some dental clinics, in Thailand, for example, have facilities that are way beyond what your dentist at home provides with spa treatments, restaurants and even on-site boutique hotels offering an all-encompassing experience designed to offer the ultimate in convenience and customer-focused services.

7.       Where should I go?

The simple answer to this is anywhere that takes your fancy. We have more than 4,000 great quality dentists and clinics in 33 countries across the globe – from popular beach resorts to exciting cities and everything in between. Check out our listings and start organizing your dental trip today.


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Traveling the world to find the best Cabo San Lucas Dentist

Cabo San Lucas dentists are delivering exceptional quality dental care

Cabo San Lucas dentists and San Jose del Cabo dentists are teaming up to put Los Cabos dental clinics on the map for American and Canadians to get high quality dental care.  Los Cabos is a stunningly beautiful part of Mexico with its expansive beaches, desert like warmth and rugged coastline:  I admire Cabo San Lucas dentists work ethic and focus with such distractions about!

My first stop on my tour through Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was with the aptly named dental clinic Cabo San Lucas Dental.  I met with Dr. Jorge Arciga (the owner/operator of Cabo San Lucas Dental) and he detailed the evolution of Cabo San Lucas dentists’ focus on dental care for Canadian & American tourists, snowbirds and expats over his 30 year practice.  I had no idea how this sleepy little port turned into a tourist mecca over the last 30 years:  the transformation is absolutely amazing. After talking with Dr. Arciga you can tell he is immensely proud of two things:  his daughter (Dra. Arciga) who now practices at his clinic and the quality of dental care he provides at his clinic.

Cabo San Lucas Dental is located downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


I spirited myself away on the 25 minute car drive to San Jose del Cabo, Mexio (the sister city of Cabo San Lucas).  I have to admit I only thought there was one city at the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula…Cabo San Lucas.  I was ignorant to the fact that Los Cabos, Mexico constituted two distinct cities:  Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  Visiting San Jose del Cabo dentists allowed me to contrast the two cities:  Cabo San Lucas was more a collection of large hotels, resorts, villas and golf courses centered around Medano Beach vs. San Jose del Cabo which was a smaller traditional Mexico village centered around the town plaza with an abundance of small restaurants, art galleries and cafes.  I visited a small, friendly San Jose del Cabo dental clinic  named  ProDental.  ProDental is operated by a husband and wife team ( Dr. Sandra Ivonee de Alba & Dr. Carlos Francisco Reyes) and is a 5 minutes walk from the trendy art galleries and restaurants in San Jose del Cabo.

Prodental is one of the many dental clinics in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

I then journeyed back to towards Cabo San Lucas and stopped almost halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (at the Home Depot complex) to visit Cosmetic Smile.  Dr. Guillermo Limon (the owner of Cosmetic Smile) is the head of the Los Cabos, Mexico Dental Association and has built a world-class dental clinic that could be home in any major United States or Canadian city.  It becomes abundantly clear that Cabo San Lucas dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon has invested in the most advanced dental technology to deliver extra ordinary dental quality to their patients.  I was particularly impressed with Cosmetic Smile’s intra-oral dental lights from MagniVu.  Dr. Guillermo shows his patients real-time video of the condition of their teeth with TVs mounted conveniently on the ceiling.  I’ve never seen this technology at most of the dental clinics I have visited in Canada or the United States!

Cosmetic Smile is one of the top Cabo San Lucas dental clinics

Visiting Cabo San Lucas dentists was a real eye-opener for me.  I first thought Cabo San Lucas was a sleepy tourist town and in fact it turns out to be two distinctly separate towns:  Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo.  After visiting dozens of Cabo San Lucas dentists and several San Jose del Cabo dentists:  I come away feeling confident to recommend them to any of my friends, family or customers of Dental Departures.

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Obamacare is helping boost Costa Rica’s dental tourism industry

Obamacare is helping drive more Americans to Costa Rica for dental tourism.  Obamacare is pushing increasing numbers of Americans to Costa Rica to visit a Costa Rican dentist or doctor to receive their care.  Costa Rica has seen a 30% growth in dental tourism over the past 5 years which can be attributed in part to Obamacare.

Obamacare is helping dental tourism in Costa Rica

Obamacare is helping dental tourism in Costa Rica

Photo courtesy of: The White House

The Costa Rica Times reports that Costa Rican dentist have seen a 30% growth in traffic over the last 5 years in part to Obamacare:

The rapidly increasing costs and quagmire of rules, regulations and limitations are driving Americans to look to further countries for treatment.  There is a deluge of American patients heading abroad for surgeries and other medical and dental treatments. There’s been between a 20 percent and a 30 percent growth rate for this sort of travel in just the last five years.

Obamacare has helped drive more Americans to a Costa Rica dentist.  Americans have found that they can receive the same level of dental care (and in some cases better dental care) than they receive at home and they can save 50% on their dental care.  Ultimately,  Costa Rican dentists & doctors have benefited from Americans fleeing from Obamacare.

Costa Rica Dentist - Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dentist – Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

Patients with Dental Departures have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of dental care they have received in Costa Rica.  If Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica is any example of level of care American patients fleeing Obamacare will receive:  they will be pleasantly surprised that they will receive better dental care than in the United States for a fraction of the cost.

It will be interesting to watch and see if President Obama is voted into office next week for his second term as the US president.  If Mr. Obama is voted into office for a second term it will stand to reason that Obamacare will continue to drive more American patients to dentists in Costa Rica.


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Dentist in Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Have you thought about dental treatment with a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket? Patong Beach is not just an incredibly popular holiday destination, but is also highly regarded for its dental expertise. Many people are now traveling specifically to Patong Beach for their dental treatment, drawn by the inexpensive cost of treatment, by the quality of care and, of course, by the stunning scenery and pastimes this renowned holiday resort has to offer.

Patong Beach Dentists are near the beautiful beaches

photo courtesy of: Sugar Wawa

We can help you find the perfect dentist in Patong Beach Phuket

Dental Departures can help you find a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket, or other Phuket dentists. Our site is easy to search locations, either by country or towns and city. You can also search by procedure.

In Patong Beach we have three well-established dental clinics – Sea Smile Dental Clinic, Smile Dental Studio and Promjai Dental Clinic. Between them they offer a whole range of dental treatments. A minor dental emergency, including fillings or tooth extractions, can be carried out by our dentists.  However, they also offer extensive dental treatments including crowns, veneers, root canal treatments and implantology. They also offer a cosmetic dentistry procedures, including laser teeth whitening.

Our dentists in Patong Beach Phuket are fully trained in their areas of expertise. Many have trained at renowned dental facilities overseas.  With this experience, and their location in one of Phuket’s major tourist resorts catering to thousands of overseas visitors, their command of the English language is excellent.  You will be impressed not only by the quality of treatment our dentists offer here, but also by the ultra-modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology they use.  The World Health Organization has reported that more and more patients are coming to Thailand each year for their dental treatment, and when you see the standards offered by our Patong Beach clinics you can understand why they do.


Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Photo courtesy of:  jbremer57

You can be certain that all of the dentists represented on our website will deliver high quality dental treatment. Why is that? Because Dental Departures only recommend Patong Beach dentists we would go to ourselves. The real patient reviews on our website speak for themselves, so you can be sure you will be getting the very best treatment – at the very best prices – from our dentists in Patong Beach, Phuket. Thailand has one of the best reputations in the world for its dental facilities, and along with our help you’ll find it easy to pick the right dentist for you.

Why not take advantage of the amazing savings on treatment costs with a dentist in Patong Beach Phuket?  You can treat yourself to a fantastic holiday and really give yourself something to smile about.

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