Tijuana Dentist Reviews

Tijuana Dentist Reviews

Thinking about visiting a dentist in Tijuana?  See what other people have to say!

Thousands of patients from San Diego and Southern California visit Tijuana for dental care every month, and patients from around the country are starting to take notice.  Find out what people in San Diego have known for years and check out our Tijuana dentist reviews!  It is common for people in San Diego to have their family dentist actually be located in Tijuana; for routine cleanings, fillings, braces for the kids – everything you visit your local dentist for.   The dental clinics in Tijuana can attend to every dental concern, and we can help you find a great specialist for your crowns, or root canal, veneers, dentures, or dental implants as well.

The clean & modern offices at Tijuana Dental Spa

Dental Departures has hundreds of reviews from our real patients all accessible on our site.  We are proud to work with the best dental clinics in Tijuana, and know you’ll want to see what other patients just like you have to say about their experience at a Tijuana dentist.

On average, savings of 50-70% are typical compared to what you would pay your dentist at home, for the same materials and quality of care.  In fact, many patients can afford to get better quality materials for their crowns and dental materials than they could back home.

Thousands of patients book their dental care through Dental Departures every year, and we ask every patients to rate the clinic they visited and write a review.  These reviews – from our real patients – are published on each clinic page on our site.

The ratings are an average score of the patient’s feedback on criteria such as quality, cleanliness, communication, value, and comfort.   They can add comments and further details about their visit to the office in Tijuana as well.

See what Corinne from Santa Monica had to say about her visit to Tijuana Dental Spa:

I had done a lot of research to find a dentist in Mexico. I was very skeptical at first, not only for the trip to TJ but also the quality of work I would get. I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t pain free but the end result is great. Dr Baker was amazing, very caring and gentle above everything else. Her team of dentists as well. I recommend her 100%. She is wonderful.

We want to make it simple for you to find everything you need to know as you consider a visit to a dentist in Tijuana.  All our clinics have full price lists, patient reviews, office pictures, dentists’ information, maps, and more.  You can get free quotes and free email consultation and even schedule your appointment with a dentist in Tijuana online, 24 hours a day.  If you have any questions, just call or write anytime, we’re happy to help!

Check out all our dentists in Tijuana here!

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