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Puerto Vallarta dentist

Puerto Vallarta dentists are establishing Puerto Vallarta as one of the premier destinations in Mexico for American and Canadians to get high quality dental care.  Every dental clinic in Puerto Vallarta I visited during my one month stay was in some form of construction from complete make-overs to upgrades to their dental equipment.

One great example of the trend of dentists in Puerto Vallarta establishing their town as a world class dental destination is DentalMed.  DentalMed is a brand new dental clinic on the third floor of the AmeriMed hospital in the Marina District area of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  DentalMed a world-class dental facility with 6 dental chairs and specialized facilities for dental surgeries and complete mouth make-overs.  When you step into DentalMed’s ultra-modern dental facility you can still smell the wet paint…that’s how new their dental office is!  Dr. Jesus Gómez Santana is the medical director and has been practicing as a dentist for more than 30 years. He came back to Puerto Vallarta after receiving his PhD in stomatology at the Central Research Institute of Stomatology in Moscow, Russia.  Dr. Gómez is a quiet man who exudes such pride as he explains how his Puerto Vallarta dental clinic has evolved from a small dental office into this world-class dental facility.

DentalMed - Puerto Vallarta dental clinic

 I visited some amazing Puerto Vallarta dentists who really took pride in the quality of dental work they were providing American and Canadian snowbirds.  Sand Dental Studio is a small dental clinic located close to Costco which offers the full range of dental treatments western patients would come to expect:  root canals, fillings, crowns, dentures, veneers and dental implants.  Dr. Benjamin Armenta takes great pride in his dental work and is especially proud to show off his before & after photos of past patients.

Grupo Odontologico Integral is located conveniently in the Plaza Marina mall.  Dr. Leticia has been transforming smiles in Puerto Vallarta for the last 24 years and their clinic has been up and running for another 8 years.  One thing that took me by surprise was that Grupo Ondontological Integral caters not to just snowbirds but also children.  They have a dedicated children’s waiting area and a dedicated pediatrics treatment room outfitted with toys and inviting colors to put children at ease for their dental care.

Grupo Odontologico Integral - pediatric dentistry

Dr. Adrian Octavio with Dental Avant Garde has an amazing dental facility with 8 dental chairs and a dental school all set on a equestrian estate.  I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Octavio at length and he took great pride in showing off his dental clinic and was especially proud of his dental school.  Dr. Octavio’s dental school helps train dentists from all over Mexico on the latest dental techniques using the most modern technologies and materials available globally.

I have been to an awful lot of dental clinics on my travels…more than I ever imagined!  One Puerto Vallarta dental clinic absolutely took my breath away:  Odontoklinik.  Walking through the doors of Odontoklinik was like stepping through the doors of an Apple retail store.  Odontoklinik was ultra-modern, minimalist and beautiful:  a dental clinic that was beautiful in its’ simplicity and attention to detail.  Every detail of this Puerto Vallarta dental clinic was extensively though out by Dr. Juan Claudio and his wife Dra. Arlette de Alba.  This dental duo graduated from one of the top dental schools in Mexico (based in Guadalajara, Mexico) and are committed to deliver premium dental care to their patients by foregoing a large dental clinic with high patient volume.  They are committed to deliver extra ordinary dental care to a small number of patients in their Puerto Vallarta dental clinic.

Odontoklinic - Puerto Vallarta dentist

 I was struck in Puerto Vallarta by how far Canadian and American’s perceptions of dental care in Mexico are from reality.  The perception of Canadian and American dental patients of dental care in Mexico is a dirty office with old dental equipment, non-English speaking staff and substandard dental care.  The reality of dental care in Puerto Vallarta is exactly the opposite:  clean and modern dental offices, English speaking staff, the latest dental equipment & materials and a quality of dental care that is on par as United States & Canadian dentists and in some cases even better.

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