Traveling the world to find the best Playa del Carmen dentists

Traveling the world to find the best dentists in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen dentists are small in numbers but their influence on Mexican dentistry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Playa del Carmen has established itself as the most exotic tourist destination on Riviera Maya and now Playa del Carmen dental clinics are making the presence known as a destination for first rate dental care with Americans, Canadians and European visitors, expats and locals.

My first visit to a Playa del Carmen dental clinic was CostaDental-Playa del Carmen.  Costa Dental-Playa del Carmen offers world class dental care in a hospital environment just off the main highway in & out of Playa del Carmen.  I had the pleasure to spend the day with their marketing director, Susanne Hedegaard,  and tour their dental facilities and meet with their staff.  Susan was so proud to show off their Playa del Carmen dental offices:  this location is CostaDental’s newest dental clinic and represents their third dental clinic in Riviera Maya (the other two dental clinics are located nearby on the island of Cozumel, Mexico).  I was particularly impressed by their head Playa del Carmen dentist Dr. Isabel Escalante Jimenez.  Dr. Isabel spoke about her many years of dental experience and her commitment to deliver the best dental care possible for their patients both local and international visitors.

Costa Dental in Playa del Carmen offers world class dental care in a top hospital

 My timing could not have been any better as I was able to visit Playa del Carmen’s newest dental clinic Bokanova Riviera Maya (just launched two weeks previous).   This is Dr. Esteban Barragan’s second clinic:  his first dental clinic (Bokanova Dental Center)  is located an hours drive out of Mexico City in Cuernavaca, Mexico.   Dr. Esteban Barragan’s wife & business partner operates Bokanova Riviera Maya while her husband continues to operate their clinic in Cuernavaca.  Bokanova Riviera Maya is located in the uber modern Plaza Paraiso walking distance from major hotels and the Terminal Maritima Playa del Carmen (ferry terminal to/from Cozumel).  Bokanova Riviera Maya is an outstanding example of how Playa del Carmen dentists are setting the bar even higher for quality dental care:  modern dental equipment, highly qualified dental staff, ultra-cool interior design and an focus on delivering extra ordinary customer service.

Bokanova Riviera Maya delivers high quality dental care in Playa del Carmen

 Next on my visit to Playa del Carmen dental clinics was Coral Dental Center in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Coral Dental Center is really two separate clinics:  one to treat adults and another just across the hall to children.  Coral Dental Center is owned and operated by brothers Dr. Marco Laguna and Dr. Alejandro Laguna….I called them the ‘dynamic duo’.  Whenever I spoke with the brothers during my visit to their clinic they were always smiling and I really like that in people I meet!  Coral Dental Center is quite literally located in the heart of Playa del Carmen so any local, expat or tourist will find its location extremely convenient.

Coral Dental Center offers exceptional dental care in Playa del Carmen to their adult and children patients

The dental environment in Playa del Carmen is just in its’ infancy with regards to offering dental treatment to American, Canadian and European patients.  When I spoke with fellow travelers in Playa del Carmen they were generally surprised that I was here to meet with the dentists of Playa del Carmen.  Dental care in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was just was not something they imagined when they thought about Playa del Carmen.  People thought of beautiful beaches, warm water, amazing sunsets and the fun shopping & eating on the 5th street causeway.  After I showed them the photos of the Playa del Carmen dental clinics, talked about my experiences here and had them check out the price savings they were absolutely amazed at what they did not know about dental care in  Playa del Carmen.  I highly encourage anyone who is visiting or living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to visit a dentist while they are enjoying everything Playa del Carmen has to offer!

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