Dental Implant Cost in Austalia

How much do Australians pay for dental Implants?

The Dental Implant cost in Australia is $4,353 AUD vs the dental implant cost in Philippines of $1,828 AUD, Singapore of $3,119 AUD and Thailand of $1,707 AUD. On average Australians can save up to 70% on their dental implants by visiting a dentist in Philippines (save 57%), Singapore (save 27%) and Thailand (save 61 %).

Dental Departures has put together an infographic on dental implants cost in Australia vs Dental Implants Cost in Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Thailand and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Dental Implant Cost In Autralia


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Everything you need to know about Phuket dentist prices!

Phuket is the most popular resort destination in Thailand – for good reason.  Gorgeous beaches, sparkling blue water, incredible food, top-notch resorts and world class dental care can be found all in one place.  Everyone knows that Thailand is an inexpensive travel destination, and the dental care is no exception.  You can pay Thai prices for the same quality of care as you would receive at home; typically at savings of 70%.  For example, the cost of a single dental crown is $1,200 in Australia, and the same exact crown will cost about $400 in Phuket.   And, we guarantee the cost of you dental care is the lowest offered.

How to find prices for dental care in Phuket?

Dental Departures makes it simple to find prices for all your dental care needs in Phuket.  Every clinic page has a complete, transparent price list for you to easily search, and all the procedures are clearly listed in standardized language.  You can see clinic photos, dentist backgrounds, read real patient reviews, see how long it takes for each procedure, and even schedule your appointment online for free.

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We just helped Leanne with her dental care in Phuket – she came home with a fanastic new smile from Sea Smile Dental Clinic:

“I have just returned from a 3 week holiday and 8 dental appointments at Sea Smile, 11 crowns, bridge, root canal, zoom whitening and deep cleaning – I couldn’t be happier, I would recommend Sea Smile to everyone, very honest, gentle and most of all professional.”

 Leanne, AUS

For the most common dental procedures, you can find prices for dental care in Phuket through the links below:

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