Nuevo Progreso Dentist Recommendations

Nuevo Progreso Dentist Recommendations

If you live in southern Texas or visit yearly in the Winter, Nuevo Progreso can offer you excellent dental care at outstanding savings.  Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find a pre-screened, quality checked dental clinic in Progreso that can attend to any of  your dental needs.  Our dentists in Nuevo Progreso are the best in town; there are dozens to choose from, and we only work with clinics that provide top notch quality of care that you would expect at home.

Modern sterilization equipment and procedures are followed, just as in the US.

Our service is free, and we guarantee low prices for your dental care with all our clinics.  Each clinic page has extensive information, full price lists, dentist credentials, real reviews from our patients, clinic photos, etc.  You can get a free quote, contact us about each office, and even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day for free.

You can even see US trained dentists.  For example, Dr. Aguirre at Dental Progreso has trained at the University of Texas for implants, and is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist and oral implantologist.  He is certified with the American Dental Association and is a member of other professional groups, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Among “Winter Texans” (American and Canadian retirees who winter in southern Texas), the popularity of receiving dental care in Progreso has exploded.  Thousands upon thousands of patients visit this small town in Mexico every year to save money on their dental care, and we are happy to recommend an excellent clinic for your care!  Located just south of Weslaco, Texas, our dentists in Progreso are easily accessed.  The clinics are all within a 3 block radius of the border in a tourist area that is safe for walking.  (Progreso is a safe small town that does not have any crime of the crime problems other areas in Mexico experience).  Simply park your car on the US side of the border and walk a few short blocks to the clinics.

How much can you save on your dental care in Progreso?  Savings are typically 50-70% off the same work at home, and examples of dental costs and savings in Progreso are below:

Average cost of crowns in Progreso: $300

Average cost in the US or Canada: $1,200    Save $900!

Average cost of dental implants in Progreso: $1,500

Average cost in the US or Canada: $4,000    Save $2,500!

Average cost of full upper/lower dentures in Progreso: $750

Average cost in the US or Canada: $3,000    Save $2,250!


Need to know how much time to plan for your care?  Have questions?  Our experience patient care specialists will be happy to speak with you!

US/CA toll free: 1-888-504-2671

Email: (Please reference ‘Progreso’ in your email subject)

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Nuevo Progreso dentists are bringing smiles to Americans

Neuvo Progress Dentist -Gallegos Dental ClinicNuevo Progreso dentists are seeing an increasing amount of Americans visit their clinics.  American dental patients are visiting the over 300 dental clinics in Nuevo Progreso Mexico to get a better value for their dental care vs. the United States.

Nuevo Progreso dentists are remodeling their clinics to support the increase in American dental patients.  Dental clinics in Nuevo Progress are starting to mirror their American counterparts north of the border by adding modern dental equipment and posting everything in English from the magazines to patient education.

The Brownsville Herald‘s investigative reporter Martha Hernandez conducted a detailed investigation on the increasing trend for American patients to visit Nuevo Progresso, Mexico for dental care.  Ms. Hernandez’s investigation uncovered a March 31, 2012 Journal of Medical Anthropology report by Assistant anthropology professor Dr. Matthew Dalstrom.  Dr. Dalstrom’s report details the extent of Americans visiting Nuevo Progreso for dental care.

The major concerns of patients considering visiting Nuevo Progreso for dental care are:  1) Nuevo Progreso dentists do not speak English 2) Mexican drug violence  3) Travelling to Mexico is an unknown travel experience.  The report goes on to find that dental patients visiting Nuevo Progreso are surprised by the level of English spoken by the dental clinics and have found Nuevo Progreso to be extremely safe from any violence.

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico dentists street view

One interesting fact uncovered by the Brownsville Herald investigation was that a large majority of patients visiting Nuevo Progreso dentists claim their Mexican dental treatment with their  US dental insurance.  In fact, almost 30% of patients come to Nuevo Progreso dental clinics with their dental insurance claim forms which are then completed by the clinic’s staff.

American dental patients have been visiting Nuevo Progreso dentists for 20+ years to get a better value for their dental dollar.  Nuevo Progreso has transformed itself from a sleepy town with dusty roads to a town that brings new smiles to happy American visitors.



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