Dental Implant Cost in United States

How much do Americans pay for their dental Implants?

The Dental Implant cost in the United States is $3,900 USD vs the dental implant cost in Mexico of $1,700 USD, Thailand $1900 and Costa Rica $1800. On average American patients can save up to 70% on their dental implants by visiting a dentist in Mexico (save 57%), Thailand (save 51 %) and  Costa Rica (save 54%).

Dental Departures has put together an infographic on dental implants cost in the Unite States vs. Dental Implants Cost in Mexico, Thailand and Costa Rica. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Mexico  and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Dental Implant Cost in United States


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Traveling the world to find the best Cabo San Lucas Dentist

Cabo San Lucas dentists are delivering exceptional quality dental care

Cabo San Lucas dentists and San Jose del Cabo dentists are teaming up to put Los Cabos dental clinics on the map for American and Canadians to get high quality dental care.  Los Cabos is a stunningly beautiful part of Mexico with its expansive beaches, desert like warmth and rugged coastline:  I admire Cabo San Lucas dentists work ethic and focus with such distractions about!

My first stop on my tour through Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was with the aptly named dental clinic Cabo San Lucas Dental.  I met with Dr. Jorge Arciga (the owner/operator of Cabo San Lucas Dental) and he detailed the evolution of Cabo San Lucas dentists’ focus on dental care for Canadian & American tourists, snowbirds and expats over his 30 year practice.  I had no idea how this sleepy little port turned into a tourist mecca over the last 30 years:  the transformation is absolutely amazing. After talking with Dr. Arciga you can tell he is immensely proud of two things:  his daughter (Dra. Arciga) who now practices at his clinic and the quality of dental care he provides at his clinic.

Cabo San Lucas Dental is located downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


I spirited myself away on the 25 minute car drive to San Jose del Cabo, Mexio (the sister city of Cabo San Lucas).  I have to admit I only thought there was one city at the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula…Cabo San Lucas.  I was ignorant to the fact that Los Cabos, Mexico constituted two distinct cities:  Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  Visiting San Jose del Cabo dentists allowed me to contrast the two cities:  Cabo San Lucas was more a collection of large hotels, resorts, villas and golf courses centered around Medano Beach vs. San Jose del Cabo which was a smaller traditional Mexico village centered around the town plaza with an abundance of small restaurants, art galleries and cafes.  I visited a small, friendly San Jose del Cabo dental clinic  named  ProDental.  ProDental is operated by a husband and wife team ( Dr. Sandra Ivonee de Alba & Dr. Carlos Francisco Reyes) and is a 5 minutes walk from the trendy art galleries and restaurants in San Jose del Cabo.

Prodental is one of the many dental clinics in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

I then journeyed back to towards Cabo San Lucas and stopped almost halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (at the Home Depot complex) to visit Cosmetic Smile.  Dr. Guillermo Limon (the owner of Cosmetic Smile) is the head of the Los Cabos, Mexico Dental Association and has built a world-class dental clinic that could be home in any major United States or Canadian city.  It becomes abundantly clear that Cabo San Lucas dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon has invested in the most advanced dental technology to deliver extra ordinary dental quality to their patients.  I was particularly impressed with Cosmetic Smile’s intra-oral dental lights from MagniVu.  Dr. Guillermo shows his patients real-time video of the condition of their teeth with TVs mounted conveniently on the ceiling.  I’ve never seen this technology at most of the dental clinics I have visited in Canada or the United States!

Cosmetic Smile is one of the top Cabo San Lucas dental clinics

Visiting Cabo San Lucas dentists was a real eye-opener for me.  I first thought Cabo San Lucas was a sleepy tourist town and in fact it turns out to be two distinctly separate towns:  Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo.  After visiting dozens of Cabo San Lucas dentists and several San Jose del Cabo dentists:  I come away feeling confident to recommend them to any of my friends, family or customers of Dental Departures.

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