Dental Departures CEO interview with Medical Travel Show

Paul McTaggart, CEO and founder of Dental Departures had an interview with Medical Travel Show.

In this interview McTaggart explains the personal experience that led to foundation of this business. “I had been frustrated that my father was unable to find affordable, accessible dental care in Canada, and I couldn’t understand why in the modern age of Internet, there weren’t better options available for him.” This led Paul on a quest that resulted in the creation of Dental Departures.

You can listen to the full interview here

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What if dentistry abroad goes wrong – how can I make sure my teeth are looked after?

Worried about dental treatments going wrong abroad

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A common question for anybody that is going abroad for dental care, and one that is all too frequently overlooked. However, the question should be the same regardless of whether you have your treatment by your local dentist, or a global dentist.

Unfortunately, the internet and the media is filled with horror stories of people whose teeth are ruined at the hands of unscrupulous dentists abroad. While this is not to denigrate the less than satisfactory experiences that some people have obviously suffered, the stories may not necessarily reflect the experiences that many satisfied patients have received from their dentist abroad.

Similarly, you may also find a considerable amount of people who are not at all happy with the care they have received from their local dentist, although these don’t tend to be splashed across the news or the internet, unless there is an element of fraud or other criminal practices, for example, unqualified people posing as dentists and carrying out treatments. While rare, these scenarios do happen in the West and so you should always take the same approach to finding a dentist no matter where you decide to go – do your homework and find out as much as you can before you place your mouth in their hands!

Here’s some simple tips to make sure you have a happy and carefree experience with your dentist:

1: Find out about your condition or the procedure you want so you can ask the right questions

For example, if your local dentist has informed you that your tooth is loose because of gum disease which has led to bone loss and that they recommend you have a dental implant then you have a number of things to consider, and it may not be just down to cost.

Do you want an implant or dentures or a bridge? How long does each procedure take? Do you want to wait – in the case of an implant it may take up to a year to complete, or even longer if you need a bone graft? Will you need to see a periodontist (gum disease specialist) or an implant specialist – is there a difference?

2: Find out as much as you can about your dentist

Dig around on the internet – search for online reviews from previous patients – are they overwhelmingly positive? What qualifications and experience do they have? Do they specialize in a particular field of dentistry? How long has their clinic been established?

It may be a daunting and time-consuming task trying to find out all this information but you can always try Dental Departures, who have a global network of around 2,500 dentists in 29 countries, who have been background-checked and where you can find clinic photos, prices and real patient reviews freely available.

3: Medical Procedures Cannot Be Guaranteed

It is worth bearing in mind that any medical or dental procedure cannot ever be guaranteed 100%. The human body is varied and individual and many different things can influence healing rates, including genetics, lifestyle and even your age.

However, with this in mind you should consider what you should do if something did go wrong. Many good dentists abroad do have warranties and guarantees on their work, but they do vary in length so you will need to check them out.

Patients who book through Dental Departures also have the additional support of Dental Departures, as well as their dentist guarantee, who will ensure that any problem will be put right.

You should also factor in that if you have travelled far you will need to pay accommodation and air-fares if you have to go back. However, there is an easy remedy to this, and that is to take out a low-cost insurance plan to cover your expenses if this eventuality arises – again this is something Dental Departures can help with.

Just remember that there is a risk with any medical or dental procedure, but you can minimize your risks of dental care abroad by doing a little homework.

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Find the Most Affordable Teeth Replacement Options Abroad

Teeth Replacement
Unfortunately, teeth replacement options are expensive but traveling abroad can pay dividends – saving you around 70% and maybe getting a great holiday into the bargain.

Providers like Dental Departures’, whose network of quality-checked global dentists are providing great quality dental care for a fraction of the prices in the US, the UK and Australia are leading the way in showing hard-up Westerners that there is a world of great dental care out there for less.

Thankfully, the days when your only teeth replacement option was to wait for all your teeth to be gone so you could get a full denture have long gone. Tooth loss can occur at any age and may be due to a number of reasons, including trauma, but nowadays there are a number of possibilities to replace your teeth.

Whether it is one, several, most or all of your teeth, replacing them is much more preferable to having unsightly gaps, certainly from a confidence point of view. Notwithstanding the cosmetic problems, tooth loss may cause problems with speech and eating, leading to nutritional problems.

Dental Implants

These are the Rolls-Royce of teeth replacement options, and naturally, are the most expensive. This long-term solution involves placing an artificial tooth root (the implant) into the jawbone. The implant fuses with the bone and provides a stable anchor for a false tooth (crown) to be attached. It can take around a year for the implant to fully fuse with the bone, but the advantage of this treatment over other tooth replacement options is that it is permanent and looks, feels and acts exactly like your own tooth.

Unfortunately, it is not a cheap option, costing around $3,900 in the US; £2,400 in the UK and AUS$4,300 in Australia. However, if you’re prepared to travel there are great savings to be made. In India dental implants start at around US$500/UK£300/AUS$558; in Mexico US$900/UK£550/AUS$1,000 and in Thailand US$1,200/UK£800/AUS$1,300, giving you savings of between 65% and 90%.

Bridge and Crown

Essentially this is a fixed partial denture. The ‘bridge’ consists of an artificial tooth or teeth, fixed between two health teeth that act as anchors. Compared to removable dentures they look and feel much better and they are long-lasting and durable.

This is not necessarily a much cheaper tooth replacement option than dental implants as just one crown is around US$1,150/UK£700/AUS$1,283 – and this procedure requires two crowns as well as at least one false tooth.

Abroad you can save as much as 95% in India (US$48/UK£29/AUS$54); in Mexico around 90% (US$120/UK£73/AUS$134) and around 80% in Thailand (US$200/UK£120/AUS$223).


These can be full or partial. If all your teeth are missing you will need full or complete dentures. Partial dentures can be used to replace just one or multiple teeth and is the most cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth, even if it’s not the most comfortable.

Dentures cost on average US$1,800/UK1,100/AUS$2,008. Abroad you can save more than 95% in India US$48/UK£29/AUS$54; 87% Mexico US$230/UK£140/AUS$256 and 85% in Thailand US$300/UK£180/AUS$330.

Good quality, affordable teeth replacement options are no longer as rare as hen’s teeth – you just need to know where to look. You can search on Dental Departures to find affordable teeth replacement dental clinics.

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Dental Implant Cost in Canada

How much do Canadians pay for their dental Implants?

The Dental Implant cost in Canada is $4,266 CAD vs the dental implant cost in Mexico of $1,313 CAD, Thailand of $1,898 CAD and Costa Rica of $1,523 CAD. On average American patients can save up to 70% on their dental implants by visiting a dentist in Mexico (save 69%), Costa Rica (save 64%) and Thailand (save 56 %).

Dental Departures has put together an infographic on dental implants cost in Canada vs Dental Implants Cost in Mexico, Thailand and Costa Rica. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Mexico and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Dental Implant Cost in Canada

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How much did Australians pay for their porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers cost in Australia is $1,375 AUD vs porcelain veneers cost in Philippines of $330 AUD, Singapore of $412 AUD and Thailand of $304 AUD. On average Australians can save up to 78 % on their porcelain veneers by visiting a dentist in Thailand  (save 78%), Hungary (save 70%) and Philippines (save 76%). Dental Departures has put together an infographic on porcelain veneers cost in Australia vs. porcelain veneers Cost in Thailand, Philippines and Hungary. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Thailand and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Veneer Cost - Australia

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Infographic: Dental Crown cost in Autralia

How much do Autralians pay for their dental Crowns?

The Dental Crown cost in Australia is $1,281 AUD vs the dental crowns cost in Thailand of $256 AUD, Philippines of $154 AUD and Singapore of $849 AUD. On average Austalian patients can save up to 88% on their dental crowns by visiting a dentist in Thailand (save 80%), Phillippines (save 88%) and Singapore (save 40 %).

Dental Departures has put together an infographic on dental crowns cost in Australia vs Dental Crowns Cost Thailand and Singapore and Philippines. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Thailand and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Dental Crown Cost In Australia

Dental Crown Cost In Australia

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Dental Implant Cost in Austalia

How much do Australians pay for dental Implants?

The Dental Implant cost in Australia is $4,353 AUD vs the dental implant cost in Philippines of $1,828 AUD, Singapore of $3,119 AUD and Thailand of $1,707 AUD. On average Australians can save up to 70% on their dental implants by visiting a dentist in Philippines (save 57%), Singapore (save 27%) and Thailand (save 61 %).

Dental Departures has put together an infographic on dental implants cost in Australia vs Dental Implants Cost in Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. The research  was compiled from information gathered from public & private dental sources in Thailand and prices from Dental Departure’s global clinics.

Dental Implant Cost In Autralia


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Traveling the world to find the best global dentist


Paul McTaggart is traveling the globe to find the best dentists

Paul McTaggart is traveling the globe to find the best dentists

What does it take to find the best global dentist?  The short answer – one piece of luggage and love of discovery!

I am now 7 months into traveling the globe to find world-class global dentists for Dental Departures.  So far it has been a harrowing experience of extreme highs and lonesome lows for both myself and my family.

Let’s start at the beginning.  I lived & worked in Seattle, Washington and had the idealic lifestyle:  I had my health, amazing family, wonderful friends, beautiful home and a challenging, high paying corporate job.  It was bliss and 95% of the planet aspires for this western lifestyle.  In brief movements of truth on our deck with a drink in my hand it would hit me:  ‘what was I doing to put a dent in the universe?’, ‘was life’s adventures now relegated to annual 3 week vacations & weekend trips for the next 30 years?’.  These questions first started out as a whisper in the back of my mind and then gradually built into an ever-present companion pushing me to answer.

How could I find adventure & put a dent in the universe from my basement office in Seattle?

My answer:  quit my job, create a start-up to help people find more affordable dental care, rent out the house, sell off all our stuff and travel the globe to find world class dentists.

I took a leap of faith and like all leaps of faith the first step is the hardest.  One bag for me, one bag for my amazing wife Autumn, one bag each for my two daughters Isabella (3 years) and Sophia (2 years).  That first day driving down the west coast of the United States (to Mexico) was raw like never before: fleeting moments of pumping adrenaline from the adventures we knew lay ahead and then gut wrenching terror of what we just did.

There was a lot of detractors:  people who thought taking 2 kids under 3 traveling the globe was crazy, people who thought quitting my safe/high paying corporate job was plain dumb, people who thought cashing in our savings to fund a start-up was foolish, people who thought global medical or dental care just cannot be as good as in Canada or the United States.  The voices of these caring & smart family members, friends, colleagues played through my mind and fought battle with the voices of adventure & purposefulness on our drive down the west coast.

Over the past seven months I have found world class dentists and dental clinics in:  Tijuana, Mexicali, Los Algodones, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun.  I have met over a thousand Mexican dentists and their team and toured hundreds of dental clinics in Mexico.  I can say with 100% confidence that the level of dental care I received is the same and even better than the dental treatment I received in Canada and the United States.  I had no hesitation when I, my wife or my children received our dental care in Mexico.  There were also dentists in Mexico that I chose not to do business with:  there are bad dentists in Mexico just as there are bad dentists in Canada and the United States.  Luckily, Dental Departures has put together systems & processes to promote high quality global dentists to our customers and quickly decline & remove bad dentists.

Along the way our family has experienced the highs & lows of global travel:


  • Missing family, friends & pets
  • Being a ‘constant stranger’ in each city
  • Flight delays & airport security screenings with 4 bags, 2 car seats, 2 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 iPod, 1 Nespresso coffee maker
  • Unmarked street names & one way roads
  • Keeping kids occupied without toys (they don’t fit in 1 bag)
  • Taxi cab drivers that lie and try to rip you off
  • Everything is new: getting home, finding a grocery store, getting nails done, finding a barber shop
  • The weather:  we have seen & felt the sun for 7 months straight
  • The food:  nothing beats local, quality ingredients made with love
  • The people:  the Mexican people are friendly, family oriented and eager to help a lost gringo
  • Getting to experience the city as a local (not a tourist)
  • Less stuff:  less stuff to buy, less stuff to fix, less space need to store it
  • Spending more time with each other

Autumn McTaggart and Isabella McTaggart shopping in Mexico


I am ‘all in’ to find a global dentist.  With one bag in hand, I have taken a leap of faith off the precipice.  If the past 7 months serves as a guide:  this path less travelled has indeed made the difference!







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Tax Deductions for Medical Expenses – Save More on Dental Care Abroad

Claim medical expenses tax deductions on overseas dental care

Tax deductions for medical expenses allow patients to claim tax relief on expenses for medical and dental costs providing they meet a minimum threshold.

The good news is that tax relief for dental care costs is also included. For dental patients choosing to visit a dentist in Costa Rica, Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, tax free allowances could reduce the costs of their dental treatment still further.

With tax returns due imminently,  here’s a few pointers when calculating and claiming your tax deductions.

Claim Tax Deductions for Medical Expenses on expenditure above 7.5% of your AGI

Ultimately, for the 2012 tax year you are eligible to deduct any health care expenses which are equivalent to, or greater than, 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). If your expenditure is less than this you will not be able to claim it as tax deductible. However, there are a few perfectly legitimate ways in which to maximize your expenditure.

Qualifying expenses include your spouses and your dependents, as well as your own health care costs. It is not hard to see how these aggregated expenses can soon mount up. Furthermore, although it is generally advised to spread the cost of major treatments over a number of years, it may be more prudent from a tax relief perspective to do it all in one year. For patients having major dental work this is something to bear in mind.

Dental patients who go abroad for their treatment save even more

The IRS lists a comprehensive range of qualifying dental and medical conditions where tax deductions for medical expenses are allowable. These are updated regularly, but eligible claims may also include the costs of diagnosing, preventing disease, and prescription drug as well as the actual treatment costs.

However, more surprising and less well known is that travel and accommodation charges may be included as a qualifying expense – provided they are incurred primarily as a result of essential dental care. For patients traveling to other countries for dental treatment this could amount to a huge reduction on overall expenditure.

So, visiting a dentist in Costa Rica could not only save you up to 70% on comparable costs at home, but also reduce your tax bill. Now that is something to smile about.

Further information and advice regarding tax reductions for medical expenses is available from the IRS, or from your accountant.

by Dennis Jarvis

GetTax Relief on Dental Treatment Abroad (Image by: Dennis Jarvis)

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Costa Rica Dentists Reviews – Find Reliable Reviews the Easy Way

Costa Rica dentists reviews

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (Image by: Quim)

Find reliable Costa Rica dentists reviews you can trust with Dental Departures. Your search for an overseas dentist is so much easier with us. Written by patients who have experienced a particular dentist you can now find hundreds of reviews all in one place.

We know it is time-consuming trawling the internet trying to piece information together. Our reviews, along with masses of other useful information, are all freely available on our website, saving you the time and stress of trying to gather the information yourself.

Over the years we have been researching dental clinics across the globe, including dentists in Costa Rica. Our background-checks on their qualifications and experience has resulted in us only having the very best dentists listed on our site. In fact, we are so certain of our dentists’ capabilities that we offer a no-quibble guarantee.

Read Our Costa Rica Dentists Reviews for Yourself

Check out our Costa Rica dentists reviews for yourself. Here is a typical one from Joaquin Ives, Miami, USA on his experience at DDS Dental:

“This is a top caliber clinic with outstanding experienced caring dentists who are specialists. They are US trained, their English is perfect, their clinic is state of the art. You can spend 200% more in the US and still get a lesser result.”

We have many more reviews like this from ordinary people, who took the plunge and had their dentistry overseas. Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of them are overjoyed with the dental treatment they received, and make plans to return.

Costa Rica dentists reviews

Old banana barge, Black Beach, Costa Rica (Image by: Joi Ito)

Our website makes it easy for you to check our dentists, their facilities, reviews and prices.  Clinic photos, price comparisons, and maps will give you a good feel for each clinic.  We have dentists located throughout Costa Rica, including San Jose and Heredia. We also have loads more Costa Rica dentists reviews.

To book an appointment or get a free quote visit our website. Alternatively, we are only too happy to help if you have any specific questions, so please get in touch.

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