Get Dental Financing for your Dental Treatments

Dental Financing

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Dental Departures has teamed up with dental financing providers in the US, Canada and Australia to offer range of products designed to cover the following aspects of global dental care:

  • Financing up to $60,000
  • No upfront fees
  • No downpayment
  • Secure, online application
  • Low monthly payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 24 hour approval

Having brought reliable global dentistry within reach of ordinary Americans, Canadians and Australians, the logical next step for Dental Departures was to secure finance packages to enable even more people to get the smiles they deserve.

If you’re American or Canadian, choosing to go to Mexico for your dental care will already reduce your bill, typically, between 50-70%. However, if you are looking at going to Mexico for major work, such as a full mouth rehabilitation, even with the substantial savings in Mexico you still might be wondering how you are going to afford the cost.

Although it’s hard to put a price on major procedures as major restorative work often involves different dentals specialties, for comparisons sake, if a patient was having ‘All on 4’ dental implants, the cost in the US is likely to be around the $28,000 mark. In Mexico, the cost may be around $10,000, but despite saving more than 60% that is still a huge pot of money for most people.

Unfortunately some of the usual lines of credit available don’t extend to Mexico dental care. Most dental clinics in Mexico do not offer financing and neither do some of the major US and Canadian dental financing providers.

And while there are a number of welcome ways to save even more off your bill, for example, Dental Departures’ exclusive discounts or medical expenses tax deductions, there is still going to be a pretty hefty amount left to find.

If you thought a new smile was out of reach then think again. Dental Departures and its finance partners will help you get the dental care you need and give you back your confidence and smile. Checkout the website or call the toll-free number for further information.

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