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 Bangkok Dentist Reviews: see what our real patients have to say!

Are you thinking about traveling to Bangkok for your dental care and want to read about other patient’s experiences?  Dental Departures has hundreds of reviews from our patients on all of our dental clinics in Bangkok.  We work with the absolute best clinics in Bangkok with highly trained specialists who can attend to all your dental care needs.  Many of our specialists have trained in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, and other western countries.  The quality of care is outstanding,  and the cost typically 50-70% less than what you can expect to pay at home, for the same or  even better quality materials.  See for yourself what other patients have to see and read their Bangkok dentist reviews:

Thousands of our patients visit Thailand every year for their dental care, and following their return home, each patients is asked provide a review of the clinic they visited.  All of these reviews are published on Dental Departures and you can see what all our patients have to say on our site.

We ask our patients to rate their experience on five factors: quality, service, cleanliness, comfort, communication, and value.  Each factor is reviewed on a 5 star system and the aggregate score of each review is weighted to determine the overall star rating for the clinic.  The reviews are from real patients – people like you who had the same questions you have about what it’s like to have their dental care in Thailand.

See what Robert from Australia had to day about his experience at Bangkok International Dental Center:

This was my second trip to BIDC and once again the treatment and results have been excellent. Including the first trip, I have had an implant, root canal retreatment, several crowns and fillings. 

For each treatment you get the right specialist for the job. They take the time to explain the treatment and to make sure it’s done right and to YOUR satisfaction. Everybody speaks good English and communication is not a problem. 

You are given exact cost for each treatment, which seems to be about 25-30% of Australian cost. 

Everybody, including admin staff are happy, caring and helpful.

Thank you BIDC.

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find a dentist in Bangkok, and each clinic page includes patient reviews, clinic photos, complete transparent pricing, information on the dental specialists, and complete clinic information.   You can get free quotes from our clinics, request information or evaluations, and even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day.  Our service is free, and we have negotiated guaranteed low prices for your dental care at each of our clinics in Bangkok.

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