Traveling the world to find the best Los Algodones dentists

 Los Algodones border entry

Los Algodones is like no other place I have visited on the planet:  within five square blocks there are 300+ Los Algodones dentists.  Finding the best dentists in Los Algodones is a challenge even for someone like me who has been there 10 times over 3 years.  It is pretty amazing to walk down the street and see dental clinic after dental clinic with a smattering of drug stores & optometrists in between.  It is pretty normal to see 1 out of 20 people dressed in dental scrubs or uniforms on their way to/from their dental clinic.

Sani Dental Group - Los Algodones, Mexico

One of the outstanding Los Algodones dentists I found amongst the 300+ dentists is Sani Dental Group.  Sani Dental Group has probably the most popular and modern dental clinics in Algodones.  Sani Dental Group prides itself on its 28 years of  quality dental care:  modern dental equipment, they operate their own lab with CAD-Cam technology and their staff are professional, fast & friendly.  When you step into their two clinics:  Sani Dental Group, Sani Dental Group-Platinum  you would never guess that you are in Mexico.  My entire family received their dental care at Sani Dental (my two daughters, my wife and me) and we were happy with the quality oral exam and cleanings.

Los Algodones Shopping

I am not a huge shopper but another popular activity for American and Canadian snowbirds visiting Los Algodones is shopping.  Shopping for Mexican souvenirs:  hats, purses, belts, blankets, cigars, dolls, pottery, stained glass, ironwork, sculptures, paintings…Algodones has pretty much everything anyone would come to expect for authentic Mexico products.

Bernal Dental Group - Los Algodones, Mexico

One new trend that I noticed with Los Algodones dentists was the increasing number of dental clinics registered with the American Dental Association.  One great example of the trend for Los Algodones dentists to be registered with the ADA is Bernal Dental Group.  Bernal Dental Group proudly displays its ADA membership in the patient waiting room-a patient waiting room that could be anywhere in the United States or Canada.  Bernal Dental Group’s waiting room has American pop music playing, the latest english magazines and an ultra-modern decor.  The whole office is outfitted with modern dental equipment and I particularly liked the wood flooring throughout the clinic.  Once you step inside Bernal Dental’s door you are offered an ice cold water, coffee or tea which sets the tone for the excellent service you will receive at their Los Algodones dental clinic.

Los Algodones Street Food

I almost forgot the food!  The street food in Los Algodones is just plain awesome:  hands-down simple food made with love.  Check out the photo above of my favorite taco stand – Manolo’s Tacos – a favorite of the dentists in Los Algodones (check out the dentist in the brown dental scrubs).  Try the carne asada (beef) tacos with the spicy guacamole…yum, yum.

Hacienda Los Algodones

I stayed at the Hacienda Los Algodones several times when I visited Los Algodones dentists.  It was right in the middle of Algodones and it was a quintesential Mexican hacienda complete with a courtyard that just begs for you to drink a nice cold cerveza.  Another hotel I stayed at just 2 minutes drive north of Los Algodones (on the US side of the border) was the Quechan Casino and Resort:  I was able to get a deluxe room for only $69 per night and the pool was perfect to unwind after a long day visiting Los Algodones dental clinics.

Over the past three years I have noticed Los Algodones dentists really improve the quality of their dental care & their dental facilities.  It is exciting to visit all the new construction & renovation of dental clinics & dental labs in Algodones.  I have no hesitation to recommend any one of my family or friends to visit any of Dental Departure’s dental clinics in Los Algodones.


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Algodones dentist reviews

Algodones Dentist Reviews

Algodones dentist reviews are a great way to find the best dentist in Algodones, Mexico.  There is no better way compare dentists in Algodones than hearing from past patients in their own words.

We have 127+ Algodones dentist reviews from eight top clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico.  Every patient that schedules their appointment through Dental Departures is asked to review their dental experience.  We also receive Algodones dentist reviews from past patients who did not book through our site:  they were so happy/unhappy that they wanted to post a review of their dental treatment.Algodones dentist reviews five star rating

A great example of Algodones dentist reviews is from Sani Dental Group.  Sani Dental Group has a 4.5 star rating from 52 past dental patients.  When you read through the reviews for Sani Dental you will find candid feed-back both good & bad on their experience with the clinic & their staff.

We recently added a new review feature which allows the dental clinic to reply back to their patient reviews.  Algodones dentists love the ability to have a dialogue with their past patients and new/past patients enjoy reading how the clinics respond to both positive & negative reviews.  Dental Departures publishes all reviews so you can rest assured that you are reading candid unfiltered reviews of Algodones dentists.

Algodones dentist reviews are based on a 5 star review system.  The dental reviews are based on six review criteria:  quality, service, cleanliness, comfort, communication, value.  Past patients score each criteria out of 5 stars:  1 star being bad and 5 stars being excellent.   An average is taken of these six review criteria to create the overall review score.

Algodones dentist reviews are a wonderful way to narrow down and finalize selecting a dentist in Algodones, Mexico.  Rather than reading through what the dentists or marketers want you to hear:  you get people’s honest opinions in their own words.




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Algodones, Mexico: a dental boomtown

One of the things that caught my eye during my trip to Algodones was how much the town continues to expand. There is so much business that clinics like Sani Dental are looking to open a beautiful new clinic by the name of Platinum dental.

Platinum Dental, Los Alogodones front door

The impressive blue-tinted glass door

Even under construction, I was able to see how extraordinary this clinic is going to be. Stainless steel tile and blue tinted glass ensconce the facade. The floor coated in a rich white granite or marble (I’m no expert on flooring).

Platinum Dental Skylight

The cool skylights in the circular ceiling

Once inside you are greeted with a circular cut out in the ceiling that leads to a second floor. Above, the light from the sky comes down to light the entire floorspace. Victor, the owner of Sani, tells me that he plans to create custom seating that fits against the wall and curves somewhat organically around the room. He also mentions that around the molding of the room, there will be blue LED lights that would cast up against the ceiling to cast a cool blue hue about the room.

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

It was incredible to see such modern, almost futuristic architecture go into this clinic. It is a testament to the loads of business now entering Los Algodones and competition has made the dentists take note by creating clinics with flair and style to attract new patients. This is real; people now know that you can save a lot of money on dental care just by taking a short trip down to Mexico.

We’re looking forward to adding Platinum Dental to our list of qualified dentists here at Dental Departures.

Inside view of the front door

Inside view of the front door

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Amazing Algodones Dentists!

Visiting dentists in Algodones was a truly amazing experience my first time around.

At first I was a little apprehensive about my visit to Algodones:  the border crossing between Yuma/Algodones is not what I would call inviting.

Algodones, Mexico, dentist

a view from the Yuma side of the border looking towards Algodones

Once I got into downtown Algodones I was amazed by the sheer number of dental clinics within a 5 block radius!  I do not believe there is another place on the planet like Algodones, Mexico where they have a higher concentration of Algodones dentists per block.  I was told there are well over 300+ dental clinics in this small little border town.

What truly impressed me about Algodones was the quality of the dental clinics.  Every dentist in Algodones I visited was so very proud of their clinic and eagerly walked me around their clinic to show me first hand the latest dental equipment they purchased.  It seemed like every dental clinic in Algodones had either recently completed a renovation & upgrade of their dental equipment or was in the planning stages.

The three dental clinics in Algodones that stood out amongst many I visited were:  Clinica Rubio, Simply Dental & Class Dental.  The dentists at these clinics made time to show me around and explain in intricate detail how they focused on delivering quality dental care for the American & Canadian patients visiting their clinics.

I went in for what I thought was a quick teeth cleaning at Sani Dental and ended up spending 2 hours having fillings in my back two molars.  I was surprised by the intra-oral camera they used and how clearly I was able to see the cavities on my back to molars.  The dentists & hygienists at Sani Dental were friendly, professional and took time to explain the whole process to me.

Based on my experiences visiting dentists in Algodones I will highly recommend my friends & family to get their dental care in this small little town across the border from Yuma, Arizona.


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My first dental visit to an Algodones Dentist in Mexico

Last week I had a chance to make the trip down south and have my teeth cleaned an an Algodones dentist in Mexico.  It was a fantastic experience and I’m happy to say that I can now vouch for the quality of our clinics in Los Algodones.

My first stop was at Evolution Dental Implant Center.  This small, 2 chair clinic specializes in dental implants and offers the most competitive price in all of Los Alogodones.  I met Dr. Eduardo “Nick” Escandon and took a few photos of the clinic.  His mother does the reception and was extremely kind.  The doctor personally works on each of his patients, so there this is a very one-on-one, personal experience.  He does outstanding work and at about $1000 an implant, it is an unbelievable bargain.  Implants here in the states run roughly $4000!  This would be nearly impossible to afford in the US if there were several implants needed.  At Dr. Eduardo’s prices, even an entire mouthful of implants can realistically be achieved.

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