The Ultimate Guide to Dental Care Prices in Algodones, Mexico

Everything you need to know about dental care costs in Los Algodones, Mexico

For such a small town, Algodones boasts over 300 dental clinics; knowing who to select can be difficult.  We work with only the best quality clinics that have been pre-screened and background checked so you know you can find Algodones dentist prices you can trust.

But what about the cost?

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find all the answers you have about dental prices in Los Algodones.  Each one of our dental providers have standard price lists that are easily searchable and indexed for you to compare.  Not only can you find the costs for dental care, you can view clinic photos, read reviews from our patients, see background information on doctor and more on each clinic page.

Regardless of which place you select, you will receive excellent quality dental care, all at savings of about 70% less than you will pay in the United States.

I was happy to help Patricia from Palm Springs with selecting a doctor, and she was kind enough to share her experience at Sani Dental Group:

I rushed there, after finding them on the internet because I just got a local dentist’s estimate for $9000 for 4 implants. But I was given some unexpected bad news that 2 crowns (about 2 years old) HAD to be replaced, FIRST. Price? +/- $1000. Went for consultation only. Full head x-rays…guess what? There is nothing wrong with my caps. I got an honest professional opinion from Sani. They weren’t looking for ‘extra money’ in my mouth!  I’m going back next month for (other) implants since I can afford them, now!

We love being able to help people find a great quality dentist and afford a healthy, confident smile!  It has been our goal to provide accurate information, superior customer service, and the most reliable information for anyone who is considering seeing a doctor overseas for dental care.  Our dentists have been hand picked to be a part of our network of practitioners to make sure you received the best possible dental care available, at an affordable cost.

Take a look at the fees for these dental procedures

Whether it is Mexico, or even Thailand, everyone wants to know the general cost for various procedures.  For your convenience we have supplied answers for the most common procedures, find the most commonly searched for dentist fees through the links below:

Dental Implants

Loosing a tooth can be one of the worst things that can happen to a persons smiler. The great news is that dental implants just became affordable, and the results are almost instant. The procedure can now be accomplished faster and more affordable than ever, just check out the associated costs below.

Dental Veneers

Veneers can be one of the fastest and effective ways to make your smile look like a movie stars. We have looked at the fees charged for dental veneers throughout the world, and they just became affordable, just follow the link below for more information.

Dental Crowns

Whether you are attempting to save a tooth or need a new one following a root canal, the cost no longer has to be thousands of dollars. The dentists in Algodones give options that allow you to receive the same, or superior quality dental crowns at a cost that seems unbelievable.


There is no longer a reason to fear the cost of quality dentures. You can expect a serious return for a minimum investment for your next denture purchase, replacement, or reconstruction. Buying dentures does not have to break the bank.

Root Canal

Let’s face it, root canals are a necessary evil. We need them in emergency situations to save our natural tooth, but the cost can really add insult to injury. When you factor in the root canal procedure and dental crown you can end up in the range of $1200-2500 per tooth, and that’s if you find an affordable North American dentist. This financial fear disappears, and opens up many other options when receiving care from one of our selected dentists. See what we are talking about below.

Have a question about dental care costs or just want to talk to an EXPERT on about what to expect?  Call us anytime or email for a free quote!

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Dental Fees for Los Algodones, Mexico

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