10 Things You Should Know About Dentistry in Algodones

10 Things You Should Know About Algodones

1. Los Algodones is on The US-Mexico Border

Los Algodones is on the US-Mexico border near Arizona and California and is the northernmost town in Mexico. Only 7 miles from Yuma, it is a popular destination for North Americans seeking some winter sun, and looking for bargains on Mexican handicrafts, pharmaceuticals and medical and dental care.

2. The Dental Capital of The World

Los Algodones is known as the dental capital of the world, with over 900 dentists in more than 300 clinics established in a few blocks. Notably, these are nearest to the border, displacing some of the shops and restaurants which served the tourist trade. Algodones is still popular with tourists, but it is now equally a destination to go to for dental care.

3. We Would Not Recommend Using The Referral Agents

As you can imagine, competition for patients is fierce in Algodones, and near the border especially you will be accosted by hustlers who work on commission to get you to a dentist. We wouldn’t recommend this approach in finding a dentist. Reliable and trustworthy dentists prefer to let their work speak for them and rely on word-of-mouth to get patients. Satisfied patients return to them again and again, and will often recommend good dentists to their friends, family or on dental clinic review platforms.

4. Specialists

Dentistry in Algodones covers the whole spectrum of dental care, not just general dentistry such as fillings and teeth cleaning. There are plenty of specialists about who have expertise in root canals, orthodontics, dental implants, oral surgery and every other type of dental care imaginable.

5. As Reliable as US Dentists

Reliable dentists in Algodones receive training that is on a par with their colleagues in the United States. All dentists receive general dental training. However, the difference between Mexico dentists and dentists in the US is with regard to specialist training. In the US dentists have to take further training in their appropriate area of specialization. In Mexico they don’t. However, it is now commonplace for dentists in Mexico (especially those who treat international patients) to undertake additional specialist qualifications – and many do so in the United States.

6. American Dental Association

Many dentists in Mexico have obtained professional membership of the American Dental Association and are subject to the same rules of professional conduct and standards as their American counterparts.

7. State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology

Dental clinics in Algodones may not look up to much from the outside, but inside they are just as well-equipped as your dentist’s at home. Nowadays, you are just as likely to find state-of-the-art, high-tech clinics with multi-disciplinary teams as you are single-dentist practices.

8. Same Brands and Quality as The United States

Materials used by dentists in Algodones are not inferior brands, as the exact same brands and quality found at home are available here.

9. Save Around 70% On Dental Treatments

The cost savings are enormous. Most dental patients easily save around 70% on their dental care in Algodones compared to the costs at home – and some substantially more. Patients having big procedures save thousands.

10. Verified Clinic Checks For Your Safety

Dental Departures background checks all its verified clinics, so patients can be certain of receiving a high-standard of care when booking their dentistry in Algodones with Dental Departures.

Start your search for the best dental clinics in Los Algodones by clicking here or listen to patient interview with Medial Travel Show for experiencing dental care in Los Algodones here

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Low Cost Dentistry – Two popular, but very different cities to visit for low cost dentistry

Low Cost but High Quality Dentistry

Low Cost but High Quality Dentistry

Low-cost dentistry abroad is not just confined to a two-week dental vacation in a luxurious beach resort. It is within the realms of possibility to regularly travel abroad for your dental care . Low cost, frequent flights to destinations around the globe make taking a city break combined with dental care a reality, and for business travelers who regularly visit cities abroad it is also a way of maintaining their dental health without the hassle of taking time off work, or trying to schedule an appointment in their home country.

For some patients, traveling to popular dental tourism destinations doesn’t even necessitate a flight as cross-border travel can be done by car, or on foot.

The phenomenon of traveling abroad to neighboring countries for affordable dental care is not a new one, but nowadays good transport links have made it a growing reality with whole industries to support the influx of visitors springing up in the frequently-traveled-to destinations. Two of our most popular city destinations are very different in terms of tourist attractions, but both offer their patients the same experience of affordable, high-quality dental care.

Why is low-cost medical and dental tourism growing?

The money brought into the healthcare system from medical and dental tourists is reinvested to produce better facilities, which in turn drives more patients with more money, which in turn is reinvested and so on and so forth. The resulting infrastructure is self-perpetuating, but there are additional benefits to the local economy – patients need somewhere to stay, to eat and to be entertained and so these additional sectors also grow.

A report on medical tourism by KPMG estimating some 1.5 million patients visited Thailand in 2009. Tourism figures for Thailand in 2009 are quoted as being around 14 million, so medical and dental tourism represents a significant value.

What cities are the most popular for low-cost dental care?

Bangkok, Thailand

While Bangkok has attracted tourists on its own merits for many years, there is no doubt that low cost medical and dental tourism has contributed to its economy, simultaneously fuelling the rise of world-class healthcare facilities which put many of its Western counterparts to shame.

Healthcare providers are increasingly competitive, offering patients not just low-cost care but care that is of the highest standards. Modern, state-of-the-art facilities complete with on-site hotels, highly-skilled specialists and international accreditation are just some of the ways that demonstrate a clinic’s excellence. Thailand was the first country in Asia to receive a prestigious Joint Commission International accreditation, and now there are dozens located throughout the country.

Bangkok is not only one of the world’s most fascinating cities, but it also offers dental patients excellent facilities, clinical expertise and astounding savings on their dental care.

Los Algodones, Mexico

At the other end of the spectrum for low cost dentistry is Algodones – but only from outward appearances. Bangkok is a glamorous capital city, attracting serious investment from both the government and the corporate sector. Algodones is a colorful, dusty Mexican border town which has nonetheless managed to capitalize on its geographical location handsomely to establish itself as a Capital City of Dentistry.

For visitors from Southern Arizona in particular, it is a convenient location to travel to in the car. However, Algodones has attracted visitors from all over North America, particularly snowbirds and retirees from the North, who have sought some winter sun in its temperate climate, as well as savings on an array of goods and services, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

The population of Algodones is only around 5000 but there are around 900 dentists located here – testatment to the fact that it is a very popular place to come to for low cost dental care. While there may not be JCI accredited clinics lining the streets here (it is an expensive, time-consuming process which all but the largest hospitals can afford) there are many skilled and highly-qualified dentists who go the extra mile to ensure they provide affordable, but above all, good quality services to their patients.

Dental Departures has traveled the world finding high quality dental providers to create the number one resource for low cost dental care. Whether you visit one of our small sole practitioner clinics or one of our multi-disciplinary hospitals, or anything in between, you can be certain that you will be visiting a quality-checked dentist and with our best price guarantee will be receiving the lowest cost available for your dental care.

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Escape to the desert at Quechan Casino and Resort


Instead of rushing back home after your dental treatment in Algodones, why not stay and relax for a while and enjoy the desert sunsets, as well as all the entertainment possibilities at the Quechan Casino and Resort?

This is a large, Vegas-style resort with something for everybody, and perfect for recharging your batteries.


Lose yourself in the expansive casino featuring more than 1,000 slot machines, table games, live poker and the area’s only high-limit room.


Enjoy great flavors at four distinctive restaurants:

  • Sidewinders Sports Bar and Grill
  • Ironwood Steakhouse
  • Ocotillo Café
  • Ocotillo Bar


Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of great entertainers:

  • Live music and shows by top local talent and national headline artistes
  • Dance the night away to the latest music videos and DJs at Sidewinders nightclub


166 luxurious guest rooms include flat-screen HDTV, on-demand movies, coffee-makers and a free internet service.


Soak up the sun by the pool; drift around the lazy river; burn some calories in the fitness center or buy some gifts in the shop – the Q has everything you need for a well-earned break.


Only 3 miles from Los Algodones, Quechan Casino and Resort is an oasis that many of our dental patients take advantage of.

The resort is convenient and easy to reach if you’re driving, located just 8 miles west of Yuma, on the south side of Interstate 8 at CA, exit 166 – and it’s only a short hop over the Border into Mexico, and a great base for exploring Yuma’s tribal and historic attractions.


Dental Departures often has great promotions with the Quechan, giving our patients the best discounts during their stays here.

But, you can get even more concessions if you apply for membership to the Quechan’s rewards club, earning a further 10% discount on food, the gift shop and gambling packages (but you don’t have to gamble to get the food discount).

What better way to finish off your affordable dental care in Algodones than to kick-back and relax in the sun without dashing home?


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How do Americans afford dental care? They visit dentists in Algodones.

Algodones Mexico

Algodones, Mexico street view

Los Algodones is in an enviable position on the US-Mexico border, with hundreds of dentists in Algodones taking advantage of this fact, setting up their clinics within walking distance of the border crossing.

Only 7 miles south of Yuma, this convenient location has always been a draw for US residents looking for a bargain, but now they don’t just come to drink margaritas and buy Mexican handicrafts, but come because of the savings they make on their dental care.

Back home, it’s reported affordable dental care doesn’t exist for 1 in 3 Americans, so many are looking for alternatives elsewhere with Algodones being the destination of choice.

Why Algodones?

Algodones has a lot going for it. Friendly locals, a sunny climate, great for bargaining and it’s very easy to reach. There’s plenty of air-conditioned restaurants, or places to dine al fresco if you prefer – and the water is fine to drink! Like anywhere else in Mexico, Algodones loves to celebrate and festivals including The Day of the Dead are always entertaining. This dusty, colorful, typical Mexican border town is FUN, safe, and has been a favorite of retirees, snowbirds and RVers for years.

Clinica Integral Rubio

Clinica Integral Rubio

Why Algodones Dentists?

A good dentist in Algodones will provide you with excellent dental care – and the facilities, technology and hygiene standards these days are as likely to be just as good as your dentist at home. Take a look at the sleek, modern décor and ambient lighting of Sani Dental’s Platinum clinic and compare it to the drab, dreary, functional office of your dentist at home – which one looks as though it is state-of-the-art?

Dentists here are as well versed in new technologies and techniques as any other dental experts in the world. International training is now fairly commonplace, with clinics such as the Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Center also having membership of the American Dental Association, which means their professional standards are exactly the same as any dentist in the United States.

From fillings to full mouth rehabilitation, all your dental needs can be met in Algodones by experienced, caring professionals who provide a high-quality service. The only difference you will notice compared to your dentist at home is the price.

Algodones Dentists Prices

You’d have to be living on another planet not to know about the low prices for dental care in Algodones – on average around 70% less than in the United States or Canada. The potential savings on big procedures can amount to thousands of dollars – which could make all the difference on whether you can afford life-changing dental care or not.

There is no doubt that good dental care is life-changing – ask anyone that hides their smile because they are embarrassed by the state of their teeth, or someone who is in pain or discomfort because of dental problems.

Don’t suffer needlessly. Join the thousands of other savvy Americans who have found they can afford good quality dental care at one of our dentists in Algodones.

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Free food and margaritas at the Day of the Dead celebration in Los Algodones

El Día de los Muertos

Day of the dead Festival

The city of Los Algodones, México hosts its second annual Day of the Dead Celebration on Saturday November 9th 2013.

This little town known as the dental capital of the world, with over 400 Los Algodones dentists, is hosting a Day of the Dead Celebration with free bread of the dead, sugar skulls, music, beer & margaritas to celebrate this Mexican Holiday.

Date: November 9th 2013

Place: B Avenue Los Algodones B.C

Hour: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM MST

Attendees:  4000 Souls estimated

The Day of the Dead is a time honored celebration and remembrance of loved ones who have passed away, much like Memorial Day in the United States.

To the indigenous peoples of México, death was considered the passage to a new life and so the deceased were buried with many of their personal objects, which they would need in the hereafter. Many times even their pets were sacrificed so they would accompany their masters on their long journey.

Is a tradition for Mexican people to visit cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed and build private altars containing the favorite foods and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia, of the departed. The intent is to encourage visits by the souls, so the souls will hear the prayers and the comments of the living directed to them.

Algodones is growing larger and stronger in popularity with American & Canadian tourists. This free festival is meant give something back to snowbirds that come to Los Algodones to shop, eat and get a new smile.

Photo: Day of the death - Altar in honor to the dead

Day of the death – Altar in honor to the dead

The day of the dead takes a humorous tone, as celebrants remember funny events and anecdotes about the departed.

On this festival organized by “ Consejo Turistico Medico de Los Algodones” and Jesus Gaspar who owns Simply Dental  Expect to have a wonderful time watching the dancing shows, enjoy great food and learn more about this mystical holiday.

Photo: Day of the Dead Celebration – Los Algodones, México 2012

Day of the Dead Celebration – Los Algodones, México 2012

You will be surprised by all the altars, dance choreography, food and myths Mexicans create for the dead ones. It is absolutely wonderful to see the residents of Los Algodones, México celebrate Day of the Dead with such passion, vibrancy and joy.

Photo:  Altar in honor to “The King”  Elvis Aaron Presley

Altar in honor to “The King” Elvis Aaron Presley

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Traveling the world to find the best Los Algodones dentists

 Los Algodones border entry

Los Algodones is like no other place I have visited on the planet:  within five square blocks there are 300+ Los Algodones dentists.  Finding the best dentists in Los Algodones is a challenge even for someone like me who has been there 10 times over 3 years.  It is pretty amazing to walk down the street and see dental clinic after dental clinic with a smattering of drug stores & optometrists in between.  It is pretty normal to see 1 out of 20 people dressed in dental scrubs or uniforms on their way to/from their dental clinic.

Sani Dental Group - Los Algodones, Mexico

One of the outstanding Los Algodones dentists I found amongst the 300+ dentists is Sani Dental Group.  Sani Dental Group has probably the most popular and modern dental clinics in Algodones.  Sani Dental Group prides itself on its 28 years of  quality dental care:  modern dental equipment, they operate their own lab with CAD-Cam technology and their staff are professional, fast & friendly.  When you step into their two clinics:  Sani Dental Group, Sani Dental Group-Platinum  you would never guess that you are in Mexico.  My entire family received their dental care at Sani Dental (my two daughters, my wife and me) and we were happy with the quality oral exam and cleanings.

Los Algodones Shopping

I am not a huge shopper but another popular activity for American and Canadian snowbirds visiting Los Algodones is shopping.  Shopping for Mexican souvenirs:  hats, purses, belts, blankets, cigars, dolls, pottery, stained glass, ironwork, sculptures, paintings…Algodones has pretty much everything anyone would come to expect for authentic Mexico products.

Bernal Dental Group - Los Algodones, Mexico

One new trend that I noticed with Los Algodones dentists was the increasing number of dental clinics registered with the American Dental Association.  One great example of the trend for Los Algodones dentists to be registered with the ADA is Bernal Dental Group.  Bernal Dental Group proudly displays its ADA membership in the patient waiting room-a patient waiting room that could be anywhere in the United States or Canada.  Bernal Dental Group’s waiting room has American pop music playing, the latest english magazines and an ultra-modern decor.  The whole office is outfitted with modern dental equipment and I particularly liked the wood flooring throughout the clinic.  Once you step inside Bernal Dental’s door you are offered an ice cold water, coffee or tea which sets the tone for the excellent service you will receive at their Los Algodones dental clinic.

Los Algodones Street Food

I almost forgot the food!  The street food in Los Algodones is just plain awesome:  hands-down simple food made with love.  Check out the photo above of my favorite taco stand – Manolo’s Tacos – a favorite of the dentists in Los Algodones (check out the dentist in the brown dental scrubs).  Try the carne asada (beef) tacos with the spicy guacamole…yum, yum.

Hacienda Los Algodones

I stayed at the Hacienda Los Algodones several times when I visited Los Algodones dentists.  It was right in the middle of Algodones and it was a quintesential Mexican hacienda complete with a courtyard that just begs for you to drink a nice cold cerveza.  Another hotel I stayed at just 2 minutes drive north of Los Algodones (on the US side of the border) was the Quechan Casino and Resort:  I was able to get a deluxe room for only $69 per night and the pool was perfect to unwind after a long day visiting Los Algodones dental clinics.

Over the past three years I have noticed Los Algodones dentists really improve the quality of their dental care & their dental facilities.  It is exciting to visit all the new construction & renovation of dental clinics & dental labs in Algodones.  I have no hesitation to recommend any one of my family or friends to visit any of Dental Departure’s dental clinics in Los Algodones.


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Free RV Parking at Quechan Casino and Resort

Free RV Parking

(Image by: JPC24M)

Free RV parking is a welcome bonus for our budget-conscious dental patients (and who isn’t these days?) who are trying to make those dollars stretch a little further. The Quechan Casino and Resort welcomes travelers in all vehicles – including 18 wheelers, RVs and trailers – and offers free parking to all.

The Advantages of Free RV Parking at the Quechan Casino and Resort

Snowbirds, retirees and other travelers heading south on the open roads for some warmer weather will find the Quechan Casino and Resort a convenient place to stop. Yuma is only 8 miles away and Los Algodones a mere two miles away. The Quechan can’t be beaten for its location to Los Algodones – which may be an important consideration if you need to be at a dentist in Los Algodones early in the morning.

Although there are plenty of opportunities for free camping and parking – or dispersed recreation camping – on public lands sometimes you need a few more facilities than just the stars and scenery.

While there aren’t the hook-ups available at Quechan Casino and Resort that would be at a campsite, travelers should be able to get around this somewhat by using the facilities at the resort. There are plenty of bars, dining facilities and an enormous pool. Cool off with a leisurely swim, drift around a lazy river or just relax on one of the poolside beds with a long, cool drink. All seem like a reasonable exchange for the lack of hook-ups. There is also late-night entertainment with bands and other artistes playing and, of course, the casino.

Free RV parking can reduce your daily costs substantially by not paying campsite fees. To ensure the continued provision of free RV parking please be considerate and remember to leave the area clean and tidy

Continental Dental Care - Mexicali dental clinic

Modern Dental Clinics

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Boondocking in Quartzsite, AZ – Dental Tourism Budget Accommodation

Boondocking in Arizona - Near the US-Mexico border for overseas dental treatment

Image by: David O

Boondocking is the freedom of traveling on the open roads in an RV, and setting up camp on any public land that takes your fancy. Savvy dental patients are finding they can save even more on their dental care in Mexico by reducing their flight and accommodation costs through boondocking in Quartzsite and other areas in Arizona.

The term technically means a rural, remote area of countryside filled with dense brush. The word was adopted by the RV community to describe camping in remote areas with no water or electric hook-ups. In particular, boondocking refers to camping on public lands (also known as dispersed or dispersed recreation camping). More recently, the term has also come to include camping in the car parks of shops or malls. However, the purists will argue that this is not the case – true boondocking is not just about free or cheap parking, but about parking out in the wilds.

Boondocking – The Fun and Economical Way to See the Country

A fun and economical way of seeing some remarkable countryside and meeting new people, the beauty of it is the relative lack of restrictions on where to stay (although there are some). The convenience of having your own sleeping, dining and bathroom facilities so you can enjoy the great outdoors with all the creature comforts of home can’t be under-estimated.

For some, boondocking is a lifestyle choice and outside of the city there are plenty of cheap, if not free places to park and set up camp in. Arizona has more than its fair share of terrific scenery with opportunities for state parks camping in the National Parks, as well as dispersed recreation camping on public lands.

Arizona boondocking - cheap accommodation for dental tourists visiting Mexico

Image by: Moyan Brenn

Towns such as Quartzsite located at the cross roads of Highway 10 and Highway 95, have been welcoming travelers since the Gold Rush pioneers first came. Now over one million visitors, mainly snowbirds looking for some winter sun, descend here from November to March and set up camp. Famous for its swap meets there are tons of other activities to get involved in. Golf, bingo, dances, jam sessions, and other special events in the town means there is always something happening. January and February are particularly busy with the famous Pow Wow Gemstone Meet toward the end of January.

Be Part of the Boondocking Community

Quartzsite offers novice boondockers a chance to get to know people in this welcoming community and old-hands a chance to catch-up. At around 90 miles from Mexico’s Algodones, the Dental Capital of the World, Quartzsite is a great spot in which to pitch camp – either before or after visiting a dentist over the border.

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LEARN: Bus to Los Algodones, Mexico

Taking a bus to Los Algodones, Mexico is a great option for those who either don’t have a car or don’t want the hassle of driving several hours.  Why not sit back in an air conditioned bus and leave the driving up to a trained professional to take you to Los Algodones.

When you take a bus back from Los Algodones Mexico to visit a Los Algodones dental clinic, pharmacy or optician you can relax after a long day in the dentists chair, shopping or sampling the wonderful local Mexican food.

There are three excellent options for bus transportation to Los Algodones.

1. Cardiff Limousine

Cardiff Limousine takes passengers from Palm Springs area to Los Algodones, Mexico once a month.

Departure Dates:

  1. Thursday, December 19, 2013
  2. Thursday, January 23, 2014
  3. Thursday, February 13, 2014
  4. Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cost:  $35 per passenger

Reservations:  Call 760-404-1594

Cardiff Limousine

Cardiff Limousine

Photo courtesy of:  Cardiff Limousine

2. Especially 4 U Tours

Especially 4 U Tours takes passengers from Mesa/Apache Junction and the Metro Phoenix areas to Los Algodones, Mexico once a month.

Departure Dates:

  1. Friday, December 13, 2013
  2. Friday, January 24, 2014
  3. Friday, February 21, 2014
  4. Friday, March 21, 2014
  5. Friday, April 11, 2014
  6. Friday, May 9, 2014

Cost: $79 per passenger

Reservations:  Call 480-985-4200 or book online

Especially 4 U Tours

Especially 4 U Tours

Photo Courtesy of:  Especially 4 U Tours

You can sit back and relax with either of these  bus transportations to Los Algodones, Mexico.  Why spend several hours behind the wheel when you can sit back, read a novel and enjoy the ride in air conditioned comfort on your bus ride to Los Algodones.

If you need any help scheduling your bus transportation please reach out to the customer care team at Dental Departures anytime at 1 888 504-2671.

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Los Algodones Welcome Party December 8th 2012-Free Food, Free Beer, Free Margaritas!

The town of Los Algodones, Mexico wants to welcome Canadian & American snow birds back to their town by throwing a massive party on December 8th, 2012.  The Los Algodones festival starts at 9am and goes to 2pm (Arizona time).  The welcome party will have mariachi and traditional folk dancing to entertain the audience.  Even better the merchants of Los Algodones will provide FREE food, FREE beer* and FREE Margaritas* for all (*for adults only)!

Los Algodones Welcome Party - December 8th 2012

Los Algodones Welcome Party – December 8th 2012

The merchants of Los Algodones Mexico (which consist of Algodones dentists, Algodones pharmacies, Algodones optometries) and local the local Mexican tourism authorities have partnered to host this wonderful celebration event.  In addition, Corona Extra has also signed on as a major contributor to the funding of Algodones’ Welcome Party.

Los Algodones, Mexico dancers

Los Algodones, Mexico dancers

Los Algodone’s Welcome Party is open to all ages:  adults and families are all welcome to participate in the party.  There are very few things in life that are free:  especially the offer of FREE Food, Free Beer and Free Margaritas.  Please be sure to drink responsibly.

This event is in Los Algodones, Mexico so you will need a valid US or Canadian passport to return back to the United States through the Algodones/Yuma border crossing.  Note that the Algodones border crossing opens at 6am PST and closes at 10pm PST (not Arizona time).

Make sure you arrive early to enjoy all of Los Algodones’s welcome party’s events & free activities!


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