May 31, 2013 7:22 am

Can I get braces in Mexico or abroad?

Braces in Mexico or abroad?  How does that work?
Can you save money on braces in Mexico or abroad? Absolutely, but it will only save you money if you live nearby.  Braces & orthodontic treatment usually requires between 1-2 years to complete, depending on the severity of the case. During that time, you would need to visit for monthly adjustments and check ups to the complete the treatment. If you can visit regularly, you can save thousands. The high cost of braces is not really due to materials Рeven the most advanced braces systems have low materials costs. The cost involved is directly due to the hourly cost of having an orthodontist make monthly adjustments, which takes time. An experienced orthodontist outside your country simply will charge less money for the same materials and expertise. If you live nearby and can visit monthly, why not save 70% on the cost of your care?
Bottom line? If it will be difficult for you to visit a dentist outside your country monthly, pursuing orthodontic care will likely not make sense financially for you – although almost any other type of dental treatment can be considered at significant cost savings (Braces are typically not able to be started by one dentist and finished by another back home).
However, for anyone within close driving distance of the Mexican border, for business travelers, airline employees, or expatriates who live or work abroad often, braces can certainly be pursued with significant cost savings. However, keep in mind that the greatest cost of braces is not associated with the initial installation, and that each orthodontist can have differing opinions on treatment strategies and materials. As such, your orthodontic treatment will need to be commenced and completed with the same orthodontist.
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