June 29, 2012 9:02 pm

Amazing Algodones Dentists!

Visiting dentists in Algodones was a truly amazing experience my first time around.

At first I was a little apprehensive about my visit to Algodones:  the border crossing between Yuma/Algodones is not what I would call inviting.

Algodones, Mexico, dentist

a view from the Yuma side of the border looking towards Algodones

Once I got into downtown Algodones I was amazed by the sheer number of dental clinics within a 5 block radius!  I do not believe there is another place on the planet like Algodones, Mexico where they have a higher concentration of Algodones dentists per block.  I was told there are well over 300+ dental clinics in this small little border town.

What truly impressed me about Algodones was the quality of the dental clinics.  Every dentist in Algodones I visited was so very proud of their clinic and eagerly walked me around their clinic to show me first hand the latest dental equipment they purchased.  It seemed like every dental clinic in Algodones had either recently completed a renovation & upgrade of their dental equipment or was in the planning stages.

The three dental clinics in Algodones that stood out amongst many I visited were:  Clinica Rubio, Simply Dental & Class Dental.  The dentists at these clinics made time to show me around and explain in intricate detail how they focused on delivering quality dental care for the American & Canadian patients visiting their clinics.

I went in for what I thought was a quick teeth cleaning at Sani Dental and ended up spending 2 hours having fillings in my back two molars.  I was surprised by the intra-oral camera they used and how clearly I was able to see the cavities on my back to molars.  The dentists & hygienists at Sani Dental were friendly, professional and took time to explain the whole process to me.

Based on my experiences visiting dentists in Algodones I will highly recommend my friends & family to get their dental care in this small little town across the border from Yuma, Arizona.


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