July 7, 2012 10:21 pm

Algodones, Mexico: a dental boomtown

One of the things that caught my eye during my trip to Algodones was how much the town continues to expand. There is so much business that clinics like Sani Dental are looking to open a beautiful new clinic by the name of Platinum dental.

Platinum Dental, Los Alogodones front door

The impressive blue-tinted glass door

Even under construction, I was able to see how extraordinary this clinic is going to be. Stainless steel tile and blue tinted glass ensconce the facade. The floor coated in a rich white granite or marble (I’m no expert on flooring).

Platinum Dental Skylight

The cool skylights in the circular ceiling

Once inside you are greeted with a circular cut out in the ceiling that leads to a second floor. Above, the light from the sky comes down to light the entire floorspace. Victor, the owner of Sani, tells me that he plans to create custom seating that fits against the wall and curves somewhat organically around the room. He also mentions that around the molding of the room, there will be blue LED lights that would cast up against the ceiling to cast a cool blue hue about the room.

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

It was incredible to see such modern, almost futuristic architecture go into this clinic. It is a testament to the loads of business now entering Los Algodones and competition has made the dentists take note by creating clinics with flair and style to attract new patients. This is real; people now know that you can save a lot of money on dental care just by taking a short trip down to Mexico.

We’re looking forward to adding Platinum Dental to our list of qualified dentists here at Dental Departures.

Inside view of the front door

Inside view of the front door

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