Find the Most Affordable Teeth Replacement Options Abroad

Teeth Replacement
Unfortunately, teeth replacement options are expensive but traveling abroad can pay dividends – saving you around 70% and maybe getting a great holiday into the bargain.

Providers like Dental Departures’, whose network of quality-checked global dentists are providing great quality dental care for a fraction of the prices in the US, the UK and Australia are leading the way in showing hard-up Westerners that there is a world of great dental care out there for less.

Thankfully, the days when your only teeth replacement option was to wait for all your teeth to be gone so you could get a full denture have long gone. Tooth loss can occur at any age and may be due to a number of reasons, including trauma, but nowadays there are a number of possibilities to replace your teeth.

Whether it is one, several, most or all of your teeth, replacing them is much more preferable to having unsightly gaps, certainly from a confidence point of view. Notwithstanding the cosmetic problems, tooth loss may cause problems with speech and eating, leading to nutritional problems.

Dental Implants

These are the Rolls-Royce of teeth replacement options, and naturally, are the most expensive. This long-term solution involves placing an artificial tooth root (the implant) into the jawbone. The implant fuses with the bone and provides a stable anchor for a false tooth (crown) to be attached. It can take around a year for the implant to fully fuse with the bone, but the advantage of this treatment over other tooth replacement options is that it is permanent and looks, feels and acts exactly like your own tooth.

Unfortunately, it is not a cheap option, costing around $3,900 in the US; £2,400 in the UK and AUS$4,300 in Australia. However, if you’re prepared to travel there are great savings to be made. In India dental implants start at around US$500/UK£300/AUS$558; in Mexico US$900/UK£550/AUS$1,000 and in Thailand US$1,200/UK£800/AUS$1,300, giving you savings of between 65% and 90%.

Bridge and Crown

Essentially this is a fixed partial denture. The ‘bridge’ consists of an artificial tooth or teeth, fixed between two health teeth that act as anchors. Compared to removable dentures they look and feel much better and they are long-lasting and durable.

This is not necessarily a much cheaper tooth replacement option than dental implants as just one crown is around US$1,150/UK£700/AUS$1,283 – and this procedure requires two crowns as well as at least one false tooth.

Abroad you can save as much as 95% in India (US$48/UK£29/AUS$54); in Mexico around 90% (US$120/UK£73/AUS$134) and around 80% in Thailand (US$200/UK£120/AUS$223).


These can be full or partial. If all your teeth are missing you will need full or complete dentures. Partial dentures can be used to replace just one or multiple teeth and is the most cost-effective solution for replacing missing teeth, even if it’s not the most comfortable.

Dentures cost on average US$1,800/UK1,100/AUS$2,008. Abroad you can save more than 95% in India US$48/UK£29/AUS$54; 87% Mexico US$230/UK£140/AUS$256 and 85% in Thailand US$300/UK£180/AUS$330.

Good quality, affordable teeth replacement options are no longer as rare as hen’s teeth – you just need to know where to look. You can search on Dental Departures to find affordable teeth replacement dental clinics.

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Does it pay to get my rotten teeth fixed abroad?

Root Teeth

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It’s not something most of us want to think about – having to deal with rotten teeth – but the harsh reality is if we don’t look after our dental health we can be storing up potential problems for ourselves in the future. Neglect dental hygiene at your peril – as the consequences can be far worse than a telling off by your dentist.

Obviously, the simplest way of avoiding rotten teeth is to be precise about your dental health – from daily cleaning and flossing to visiting a dentist and/or hygienist as regularly as recommended. But what happens if you haven’t been paying attention to your oral health and you think you have a rotten tooth – can it be saved?

The answer to that very much depends on the nature and extent of the damage to your tooth, and whether it has spread down to the root. However, only a dentist will be able to determine this and you should visit them as soon as you can because your dentist will do everything they can to save your tooth, and the longer you leave it the less chance there is.

What causes rotten teeth?

Bacteria are present in our mouth which live of food particles that are trapped in between our teeth, and especially sugary food and drinks which makes them multiply extremely fast. They also turn sugar into a type of glue which enables them to stick to the surface of the tooth, making it harder for your saliva to wash them away. This is why brushing and flossing is so important. If the bacteria is not removed they grow and form colonies, producing a film called plaque, which contains acid that erodes the tooth enamel, making holes that form cavities.

The problem is that most people are unaware of any problem until the acid begins to attack the nerve fibres under the enamel – but by then you already have tooth decay.

Plaque can also irritate the gums, causing gum tissues to break down. This can spread below the gumline and damage the bone that supports the teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss. This is even more insidious than a cavity as there are likely to be no symptoms until an abscess forms – by which time it may be too late to save the tooth.

How can rotten teeth be fixed?

Fillings, crowns and root canals can be used to repair teeth, depending on the extent of the damage. While fillings are the cheapest of the lot, crowns and root canal treatments are very expensive and if you need to replace a rotten tooth altogether with bridgework, a denture or a dental implant then you could be talking about thousands of pounds.

Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad can save you a lot – as much as 85% on some treatments – you only have to look at the Dental Departures website where you can compare prices and book online. Look at these examples:

Crowns – In the US $1,150; In Mexico $160

Dental Implant – In the US $3,900; In Thailand $1,300

Fillings – In the US $155; In Costa Rica $50

If you are worried about the expense of dental care at home you can always look to incorporate your dental care costs as part of your annual holiday. Many people do, saving themselves a fortune, and ensuring their dental health remains optimal so they don’t have to worry about rotten teeth in the future.

To find the best dentists abroad with Dental Departures. Start your search here.

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Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry – How it’s possible to get a brand new smile in a holiday paradise


Beautiful Smile – Photo Credit: Mark Sebastian

You really can transform your smile on holiday with cosmetic dentistry in Cancun. This popular destination is an archetypal dream holiday location with its pristine white beaches, turquoise waters and sophisticated leisure amenities, with travelers from all over the world now realizing they can get the smile they always wanted in just a couple of weeks, and for a fraction of the price they’d pay at home.

Cosmetic dentistry usually refers to dental work that improves the esthetics (appearance) of the teeth, but not necessarily the function. Although the American Dental Association doesn’t recognize it as a formal specialist area of dentistry, there are two specialties that have been seen, traditionally, to focus on esthetics – prosthodontics (false teeth) and orthodontics (braces).

These days, depending on which dentist you go to, there are other specialties and techniques that are used in cosmetic dentistry, and many dentists see the esthetic, health and functional aspects of the teeth as equally important – if your teeth look good then it’s likely they are supported by underlying good oral health.

Of course, there are quick fix techniques which can improve your smile dramatically in one or two visits, and treatments which take a lot longer and require a commitment to regular visits. Modern dentistry is now so accomplished that there is usually more than one way to achieve the same result. Any good cosmetic dentist will be more than happy to offer you a number of options, and to discuss the pros and cons with you in detail. Take a look at some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments our dentists in Cancun offer:

Cosmetic Dental Treatments that can be done in one trip

These treatments can make a huge difference to your smile in no time at all:

  • Tooth-colored fillings are the easiest and quickest to do. Now that silver-colored amalgam fillings are out of vogue, most dentists offer tooth-colored fillings in either porcelain or composite. The process is the same as for a silver filling, and can be done in a matter of minutes. Obviously, color-matched to the shade of your own teeth, they look far more attractive than the silver colored fillings.
  • Laser teeth whitening makes a dramatic difference to your smile. If you are happy with your smile, but would like a Hollywood bright, white smile then this is for you. The process usually takes less than two hours and involves a whitening gel being applied to your teeth. The gel contains a bleaching agent which is activated by a laser to remove the years of yellowing on your teeth, bringing them back to sparkling white.
  • Dental veneers are another fantastic way of transforming your smile. They can be used to disguise individual misshapen teeth, or can be used in a row of (usually) 4, 6 or 8 to disguise a misaligned smile, creating a beautiful veneer over the offending bad-looking teeth. They can give you the same look as orthodontic treatment, but in far less time. Depending on how many veneers you want, some dental clinics with in-house laboratories may be able to create your new smile in a day, otherwise you may have to wait a week, attending the dentist on the first day to have impressions taken and the last to have the veneers fitted.
  • Crowns may be used to strengthen weak teeth, or to cover imperfections. Rather than attached to the front of the tooth, like a veneer, they cover the whole tooth. They can also be used as part of a bridge to fill the gap where a tooth is missing. Again, if your dentist has an in-house lab you may be able to get the crown in a day, otherwise you may have to wait for a week.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments that take more than one visit

Some cosmetic dentistry treatments need a commitment to regular dental visits and will need more than one trip:

  • Dental implants are the best way of replacing missing teeth. They look feel and act like your own tooth, and no-one will ever be able to tell the difference. Although some implants can be placed in one day, for the majority of us it is not advisable. For a dental implant to be effective it needs to be stable, and this usually involved a process called osseointegration. This is when the implant fuses with the jaw bone causing a strong, stable anchor for a crown (false tooth) to be attached. Osseointegration takes a number of months, which means that once the implant has been placed you will need to return in 6-12 months for the crown to be fitted.
  • Orthodontic treatment is used for straightening teeth, usually with braces. While there are a number of different methods used, the process takes between 1 and 3 years to achieve the desired result, and is not usually suitable for a holiday dental treatment.

Find out more about Cancun cosmetic dentistry, and how you can save as much as 70% on many treatments with our quality-checked dentists. Book your brand new smile with confidence, and return home from your holiday with a dazzling smile you always dreamed of.

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