Low Cost Dentistry – Two popular, but very different cities to visit for low cost dentistry

Low Cost but High Quality Dentistry

Low Cost but High Quality Dentistry

Low-cost dentistry abroad is not just confined to a two-week dental vacation in a luxurious beach resort. It is within the realms of possibility to regularly travel abroad for your dental care . Low cost, frequent flights to destinations around the globe make taking a city break combined with dental care a reality, and for business travelers who regularly visit cities abroad it is also a way of maintaining their dental health without the hassle of taking time off work, or trying to schedule an appointment in their home country.

For some patients, traveling to popular dental tourism destinations doesn’t even necessitate a flight as cross-border travel can be done by car, or on foot.

The phenomenon of traveling abroad to neighboring countries for affordable dental care is not a new one, but nowadays good transport links have made it a growing reality with whole industries to support the influx of visitors springing up in the frequently-traveled-to destinations. Two of our most popular city destinations are very different in terms of tourist attractions, but both offer their patients the same experience of affordable, high-quality dental care.

Why is low-cost medical and dental tourism growing?

The money brought into the healthcare system from medical and dental tourists is reinvested to produce better facilities, which in turn drives more patients with more money, which in turn is reinvested and so on and so forth. The resulting infrastructure is self-perpetuating, but there are additional benefits to the local economy – patients need somewhere to stay, to eat and to be entertained and so these additional sectors also grow.

A report on medical tourism by KPMG estimating some 1.5 million patients visited Thailand in 2009. Tourism figures for Thailand in 2009 are quoted as being around 14 million, so medical and dental tourism represents a significant value.

What cities are the most popular for low-cost dental care?

Bangkok, Thailand

While Bangkok has attracted tourists on its own merits for many years, there is no doubt that low cost medical and dental tourism has contributed to its economy, simultaneously fuelling the rise of world-class healthcare facilities which put many of its Western counterparts to shame.

Healthcare providers are increasingly competitive, offering patients not just low-cost care but care that is of the highest standards. Modern, state-of-the-art facilities complete with on-site hotels, highly-skilled specialists and international accreditation are just some of the ways that demonstrate a clinic’s excellence. Thailand was the first country in Asia to receive a prestigious Joint Commission International accreditation, and now there are dozens located throughout the country.

Bangkok is not only one of the world’s most fascinating cities, but it also offers dental patients excellent facilities, clinical expertise and astounding savings on their dental care.

Los Algodones, Mexico

At the other end of the spectrum for low cost dentistry is Algodones – but only from outward appearances. Bangkok is a glamorous capital city, attracting serious investment from both the government and the corporate sector. Algodones is a colorful, dusty Mexican border town which has nonetheless managed to capitalize on its geographical location handsomely to establish itself as a Capital City of Dentistry.

For visitors from Southern Arizona in particular, it is a convenient location to travel to in the car. However, Algodones has attracted visitors from all over North America, particularly snowbirds and retirees from the North, who have sought some winter sun in its temperate climate, as well as savings on an array of goods and services, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

The population of Algodones is only around 5000 but there are around 900 dentists located here – testatment to the fact that it is a very popular place to come to for low cost dental care. While there may not be JCI accredited clinics lining the streets here (it is an expensive, time-consuming process which all but the largest hospitals can afford) there are many skilled and highly-qualified dentists who go the extra mile to ensure they provide affordable, but above all, good quality services to their patients.

Dental Departures has traveled the world finding high quality dental providers to create the number one resource for low cost dental care. Whether you visit one of our small sole practitioner clinics or one of our multi-disciplinary hospitals, or anything in between, you can be certain that you will be visiting a quality-checked dentist and with our best price guarantee will be receiving the lowest cost available for your dental care.

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How to Save Money on Your Dentistry in Mexico

Save up to 70% on your Dental Care

Save up to 70% on your Dental Care – Photo Credit: 401kcalculator.org

Nearly everyone knows you can save plenty of money by having your dentistry in Mexico, but if you plan it right there are a few simple ways of leaving even more cash in your pocket. Here’s how:

1: Compare prices with Dental Departures. We have hundreds of dentists listed throughout Mexico so you can search by procedure and/or by location to find the most favourable costs. Of course, it is not only the cost you might want to take into consideration, but also dentist qualifications, clinic facilities and patient reviews. Our verified clinics have all this information freely available, equipping you with everything you need in order to get the best dental care in Mexico.

2: Save yourself from any nasty surprises with your bill and get a free quote for your dental care with Dental Departures. Our website gives prices from each dental clinic, but if you want more than one procedure done we can arrange a free quote for you at the clinic of your choice.

3: Mexico is a popular holiday destination, not just for North Americans but for travellers from all over the world. Avoiding peak season and holiday times will usually mean you can find better deals on accommodation and travel, saving you more on the overall cost of your dental care. Peak times may vary nationally, although Christmas, New Year and Easter are generally busy wherever you go. You should also look out for local festivals or events which may mean it is busier than usual when local prices for accommodation may be at a premium.

4: If you do have insurance check with your provider to see if they cover for ‘out-of-network’ expenses. If they do you will be able to have your dental care in Mexico, which means your insurance cover will go a lot further than it would at home. For example, a root canal procedure including crown at home will cost upwards of $2,000, but in Mexico you can get it done for less than $300. The only downside is that dentists in Mexico cannot bill your insurance company directly, so you will have to pay them directly, and reclaim from your insurance company when you return home.

5: If your medical and dental expenses are greater than 10% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) you may be eligible to claim tax relief on tax deductions for medical (and dental) expenses. Qualifying expenses also include your spouse and dependents – and other deductibles, such as travel or accommodation.

6: Book with Dental Departures and you will find many exclusive discounts, such as money-off your dental treatment or free and discounted hotel accommodation. Furthermore, we will always give you the best prices when you book with us – guaranteed.

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Get Dental Financing for your Dental Treatments

Dental Financing

Dental Financing – Photo Credit: 401kcalculator.org

Dental Departures has teamed up with dental financing providers in the US, Canada and Australia to offer range of products designed to cover the following aspects of global dental care:

  • Financing up to $60,000
  • No upfront fees
  • No downpayment
  • Secure, online application
  • Low monthly payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • 24 hour approval

Having brought reliable global dentistry within reach of ordinary Americans, Canadians and Australians, the logical next step for Dental Departures was to secure finance packages to enable even more people to get the smiles they deserve.

If you’re American or Canadian, choosing to go to Mexico for your dental care will already reduce your bill, typically, between 50-70%. However, if you are looking at going to Mexico for major work, such as a full mouth rehabilitation, even with the substantial savings in Mexico you still might be wondering how you are going to afford the cost.

Although it’s hard to put a price on major procedures as major restorative work often involves different dentals specialties, for comparisons sake, if a patient was having ‘All on 4’ dental implants, the cost in the US is likely to be around the $28,000 mark. In Mexico, the cost may be around $10,000, but despite saving more than 60% that is still a huge pot of money for most people.

Unfortunately some of the usual lines of credit available don’t extend to Mexico dental care. Most dental clinics in Mexico do not offer financing and neither do some of the major US and Canadian dental financing providers.

And while there are a number of welcome ways to save even more off your bill, for example, Dental Departures’ exclusive discounts or medical expenses tax deductions, there is still going to be a pretty hefty amount left to find.

If you thought a new smile was out of reach then think again. Dental Departures and its finance partners will help you get the dental care you need and give you back your confidence and smile. Checkout the website or call the toll-free number for further information.

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