Traveling the world to find the best Playa del Carmen dentists

Traveling the world to find the best dentists in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen dentists are small in numbers but their influence on Mexican dentistry is growing by leaps and bounds.  Playa del Carmen has established itself as the most exotic tourist destination on Riviera Maya and now Playa del Carmen dental clinics are making the presence known as a destination for first rate dental care with Americans, Canadians and European visitors, expats and locals.

My first visit to a Playa del Carmen dental clinic was CostaDental-Playa del Carmen.  Costa Dental-Playa del Carmen offers world class dental care in a hospital environment just off the main highway in & out of Playa del Carmen.  I had the pleasure to spend the day with their marketing director, Susanne Hedegaard,  and tour their dental facilities and meet with their staff.  Susan was so proud to show off their Playa del Carmen dental offices:  this location is CostaDental’s newest dental clinic and represents their third dental clinic in Riviera Maya (the other two dental clinics are located nearby on the island of Cozumel, Mexico).  I was particularly impressed by their head Playa del Carmen dentist Dr. Isabel Escalante Jimenez.  Dr. Isabel spoke about her many years of dental experience and her commitment to deliver the best dental care possible for their patients both local and international visitors.

Costa Dental in Playa del Carmen offers world class dental care in a top hospital

 My timing could not have been any better as I was able to visit Playa del Carmen’s newest dental clinic Bokanova Riviera Maya (just launched two weeks previous).   This is Dr. Esteban Barragan’s second clinic:  his first dental clinic (Bokanova Dental Center)  is located an hours drive out of Mexico City in Cuernavaca, Mexico.   Dr. Esteban Barragan’s wife & business partner operates Bokanova Riviera Maya while her husband continues to operate their clinic in Cuernavaca.  Bokanova Riviera Maya is located in the uber modern Plaza Paraiso walking distance from major hotels and the Terminal Maritima Playa del Carmen (ferry terminal to/from Cozumel).  Bokanova Riviera Maya is an outstanding example of how Playa del Carmen dentists are setting the bar even higher for quality dental care:  modern dental equipment, highly qualified dental staff, ultra-cool interior design and an focus on delivering extra ordinary customer service.

Bokanova Riviera Maya delivers high quality dental care in Playa del Carmen

 Next on my visit to Playa del Carmen dental clinics was Coral Dental Center in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  Coral Dental Center is really two separate clinics:  one to treat adults and another just across the hall to children.  Coral Dental Center is owned and operated by brothers Dr. Marco Laguna and Dr. Alejandro Laguna….I called them the ‘dynamic duo’.  Whenever I spoke with the brothers during my visit to their clinic they were always smiling and I really like that in people I meet!  Coral Dental Center is quite literally located in the heart of Playa del Carmen so any local, expat or tourist will find its location extremely convenient.

Coral Dental Center offers exceptional dental care in Playa del Carmen to their adult and children patients

The dental environment in Playa del Carmen is just in its’ infancy with regards to offering dental treatment to American, Canadian and European patients.  When I spoke with fellow travelers in Playa del Carmen they were generally surprised that I was here to meet with the dentists of Playa del Carmen.  Dental care in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was just was not something they imagined when they thought about Playa del Carmen.  People thought of beautiful beaches, warm water, amazing sunsets and the fun shopping & eating on the 5th street causeway.  After I showed them the photos of the Playa del Carmen dental clinics, talked about my experiences here and had them check out the price savings they were absolutely amazed at what they did not know about dental care in  Playa del Carmen.  I highly encourage anyone who is visiting or living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to visit a dentist while they are enjoying everything Playa del Carmen has to offer!

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Traveling the world to find the best Cancun dentist

Watch out for the crocs when you are looking for Cancun dentists!

Cancun dentists are working hard & long to put Cancun, Mexico on the map for affordable, high quality dental care.  Cancun dental clinics are focused on delivering the highest quality care to both local and international patients from the United States and Canada.  Little did I know that I would have to risk a crocodile attack to see first-hand the quality of dental care in Cancun!

The first Cancun dental clinic I had to pleasure to visit was Sunset Dental Cancun.  Sunset Dental Cancun is located at the heart of the hotel zone in Cancun:  a couple minutes drive from all the major hotels.  I had the chance to visit this ultra modern and architecturally beautiful Cancun dental clinic for two hours and came away absolutely amazed.  Sunset Dental Cancun blows away any stereotypes Americans and Canadians have of dental clinics in Mexico!  The owners of Sunset Dental, Alaine & Marisela, resonate with their passion for quality dental materials, techniques and customer service for their patients.  I was lucky enough to join them both for dinner and we talked into the wee hours of the night about their commitment to elevating the perception of dental care in Mexico. Alaine & Marisela see themselves as ambassadors for Mexican dentistry with every American and Canadian snowbird/tourist/expat they treat.

Sunset Dental has the most amazing treatment rooms in Cancun, Mexico

I headed minutes down the road in Cancun’s hotel zone to visit Dental Departure’s top clinic Ocean Dental – Cancun.  I was immediately greeted by owner & head dentist Dra. Irma Gavaldon.  Little did I know that Dra. Irma is a fellow Canadian like myself who went to school at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Dra. Irma trained at the University of Michigan and decided that she wanted to return back to Mexico to establish herself as a Cancun’s top dentist.  Ocean Dental – Cancun  is a modern dental clinic that would not be out-of-place in any of the top dental clinics in Canada.  When I was there Ocean Dental was in the midst of creating a dental lab  just down the road from their clinic.  They have reinvested their profits & energy into elevating the quality of their dental materials and decreasing the lab-turn around time to 24 hours (for dental crowns & bridges).  Dra. Irma Gavaldon personifies what the best  Cancun dentists have to offer:  comprehensive dental education, a passion for quality , a commit to customer service and a drive for continuous improvement.

Ocean Dental is reinvesting back into their Cancun dental clinic with ultra modern technology

In downtown Cancun lies our latest addition to the Dental Departures network:   Inter-Dental.  Inter-Dental is a world class dental facility with 8 dental chairs specializing in both adult and children’s dental care.  Dr. Roberto Camarena and his wife have built a relaxing environment both inside and outside their dental clinic.  As you arrive at Inter-Dental you are struck by the lush trees that surround the building and the playground that is set-up for children to work off their anxiety about visiting this Cancun dentist.  When you sit in anyone of their dental chairs you are impressed by their new & modern dental equipment and the views of their garden are absolutely beautiful. I feel proud to recommend Inter-Dental to anyone I come across when they ask me who I would recommend for dental care in Cancun.

Inter Dental is an amazing 8 chair dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico

I find it absolutely fascinating that I have now visited Mexico dentists in the northern border cities, the west coast & now the east coast of Mexico and I find  dentists & dental clinics committed to quality dental care.  There is no one Mexico city that I’ve visited that has a monopoly on quality dental facilities or dental care.  Nor is there one Mexican city which has a monopoly on poor quality dental care:  there are bad dentists in Mexico just as their are bad dentists in Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto or New York.

Cancun dentists are like dentists all over Mexico that I have met with personally:  Cancun dentists are committed to obliterating the low quality dental care stigma.  With every new smile Cancun dentists bring to American and Canadian patients, brings another advocate to prove that Mexican dentists are just as good as dentists in Canada or the United States.

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Traveling the world to find the best Cabo San Lucas Dentist

Cabo San Lucas dentists are delivering exceptional quality dental care

Cabo San Lucas dentists and San Jose del Cabo dentists are teaming up to put Los Cabos dental clinics on the map for American and Canadians to get high quality dental care.  Los Cabos is a stunningly beautiful part of Mexico with its expansive beaches, desert like warmth and rugged coastline:  I admire Cabo San Lucas dentists work ethic and focus with such distractions about!

My first stop on my tour through Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was with the aptly named dental clinic Cabo San Lucas Dental.  I met with Dr. Jorge Arciga (the owner/operator of Cabo San Lucas Dental) and he detailed the evolution of Cabo San Lucas dentists’ focus on dental care for Canadian & American tourists, snowbirds and expats over his 30 year practice.  I had no idea how this sleepy little port turned into a tourist mecca over the last 30 years:  the transformation is absolutely amazing. After talking with Dr. Arciga you can tell he is immensely proud of two things:  his daughter (Dra. Arciga) who now practices at his clinic and the quality of dental care he provides at his clinic.

Cabo San Lucas Dental is located downtown Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


I spirited myself away on the 25 minute car drive to San Jose del Cabo, Mexio (the sister city of Cabo San Lucas).  I have to admit I only thought there was one city at the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula…Cabo San Lucas.  I was ignorant to the fact that Los Cabos, Mexico constituted two distinct cities:  Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  Visiting San Jose del Cabo dentists allowed me to contrast the two cities:  Cabo San Lucas was more a collection of large hotels, resorts, villas and golf courses centered around Medano Beach vs. San Jose del Cabo which was a smaller traditional Mexico village centered around the town plaza with an abundance of small restaurants, art galleries and cafes.  I visited a small, friendly San Jose del Cabo dental clinic  named  ProDental.  ProDental is operated by a husband and wife team ( Dr. Sandra Ivonee de Alba & Dr. Carlos Francisco Reyes) and is a 5 minutes walk from the trendy art galleries and restaurants in San Jose del Cabo.

Prodental is one of the many dental clinics in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

I then journeyed back to towards Cabo San Lucas and stopped almost halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (at the Home Depot complex) to visit Cosmetic Smile.  Dr. Guillermo Limon (the owner of Cosmetic Smile) is the head of the Los Cabos, Mexico Dental Association and has built a world-class dental clinic that could be home in any major United States or Canadian city.  It becomes abundantly clear that Cabo San Lucas dentist Dr. Guillermo Limon has invested in the most advanced dental technology to deliver extra ordinary dental quality to their patients.  I was particularly impressed with Cosmetic Smile’s intra-oral dental lights from MagniVu.  Dr. Guillermo shows his patients real-time video of the condition of their teeth with TVs mounted conveniently on the ceiling.  I’ve never seen this technology at most of the dental clinics I have visited in Canada or the United States!

Cosmetic Smile is one of the top Cabo San Lucas dental clinics

Visiting Cabo San Lucas dentists was a real eye-opener for me.  I first thought Cabo San Lucas was a sleepy tourist town and in fact it turns out to be two distinctly separate towns:  Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo.  After visiting dozens of Cabo San Lucas dentists and several San Jose del Cabo dentists:  I come away feeling confident to recommend them to any of my friends, family or customers of Dental Departures.

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Traveling the world to find the best Puerto Vallarta dentist

Puerto Vallarta dentist

Puerto Vallarta dentists are establishing Puerto Vallarta as one of the premier destinations in Mexico for American and Canadians to get high quality dental care.  Every dental clinic in Puerto Vallarta I visited during my one month stay was in some form of construction from complete make-overs to upgrades to their dental equipment.

One great example of the trend of dentists in Puerto Vallarta establishing their town as a world class dental destination is DentalMed.  DentalMed is a brand new dental clinic on the third floor of the AmeriMed hospital in the Marina District area of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  DentalMed a world-class dental facility with 6 dental chairs and specialized facilities for dental surgeries and complete mouth make-overs.  When you step into DentalMed’s ultra-modern dental facility you can still smell the wet paint…that’s how new their dental office is!  Dr. Jesus Gómez Santana is the medical director and has been practicing as a dentist for more than 30 years. He came back to Puerto Vallarta after receiving his PhD in stomatology at the Central Research Institute of Stomatology in Moscow, Russia.  Dr. Gómez is a quiet man who exudes such pride as he explains how his Puerto Vallarta dental clinic has evolved from a small dental office into this world-class dental facility.

DentalMed - Puerto Vallarta dental clinic

 I visited some amazing Puerto Vallarta dentists who really took pride in the quality of dental work they were providing American and Canadian snowbirds.  Sand Dental Studio is a small dental clinic located close to Costco which offers the full range of dental treatments western patients would come to expect:  root canals, fillings, crowns, dentures, veneers and dental implants.  Dr. Benjamin Armenta takes great pride in his dental work and is especially proud to show off his before & after photos of past patients.

Grupo Odontologico Integral is located conveniently in the Plaza Marina mall.  Dr. Leticia has been transforming smiles in Puerto Vallarta for the last 24 years and their clinic has been up and running for another 8 years.  One thing that took me by surprise was that Grupo Ondontological Integral caters not to just snowbirds but also children.  They have a dedicated children’s waiting area and a dedicated pediatrics treatment room outfitted with toys and inviting colors to put children at ease for their dental care.

Grupo Odontologico Integral - pediatric dentistry

Dr. Adrian Octavio with Dental Avant Garde has an amazing dental facility with 8 dental chairs and a dental school all set on a equestrian estate.  I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Octavio at length and he took great pride in showing off his dental clinic and was especially proud of his dental school.  Dr. Octavio’s dental school helps train dentists from all over Mexico on the latest dental techniques using the most modern technologies and materials available globally.

I have been to an awful lot of dental clinics on my travels…more than I ever imagined!  One Puerto Vallarta dental clinic absolutely took my breath away:  Odontoklinik.  Walking through the doors of Odontoklinik was like stepping through the doors of an Apple retail store.  Odontoklinik was ultra-modern, minimalist and beautiful:  a dental clinic that was beautiful in its’ simplicity and attention to detail.  Every detail of this Puerto Vallarta dental clinic was extensively though out by Dr. Juan Claudio and his wife Dra. Arlette de Alba.  This dental duo graduated from one of the top dental schools in Mexico (based in Guadalajara, Mexico) and are committed to deliver premium dental care to their patients by foregoing a large dental clinic with high patient volume.  They are committed to deliver extra ordinary dental care to a small number of patients in their Puerto Vallarta dental clinic.

Odontoklinic - Puerto Vallarta dentist

 I was struck in Puerto Vallarta by how far Canadian and American’s perceptions of dental care in Mexico are from reality.  The perception of Canadian and American dental patients of dental care in Mexico is a dirty office with old dental equipment, non-English speaking staff and substandard dental care.  The reality of dental care in Puerto Vallarta is exactly the opposite:  clean and modern dental offices, English speaking staff, the latest dental equipment & materials and a quality of dental care that is on par as United States & Canadian dentists and in some cases even better.

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