LEARN: Bus to Los Algodones, Mexico

Taking a bus to Los Algodones, Mexico is a great option for those who either don’t have a car or don’t want the hassle of driving several hours.  Why not sit back in an air conditioned bus and leave the driving up to a trained professional to take you to Los Algodones.

When you take a bus back from Los Algodones Mexico to visit a Los Algodones dental clinic, pharmacy or optician you can relax after a long day in the dentists chair, shopping or sampling the wonderful local Mexican food.

There are three excellent options for bus transportation to Los Algodones.

1. Cardiff Limousine

Cardiff Limousine takes passengers from Palm Springs area to Los Algodones, Mexico once a month.

Departure Dates:

  1. Thursday, December 19, 2013
  2. Thursday, January 23, 2014
  3. Thursday, February 13, 2014
  4. Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cost:  $35 per passenger

Reservations:  Call 760-404-1594

Cardiff Limousine

Cardiff Limousine

Photo courtesy of:  Cardiff Limousine

2. Especially 4 U Tours

Especially 4 U Tours takes passengers from Mesa/Apache Junction and the Metro Phoenix areas to Los Algodones, Mexico once a month.

Departure Dates:

  1. Friday, December 13, 2013
  2. Friday, January 24, 2014
  3. Friday, February 21, 2014
  4. Friday, March 21, 2014
  5. Friday, April 11, 2014
  6. Friday, May 9, 2014

Cost: $79 per passenger

Reservations:  Call 480-985-4200 or book online

Especially 4 U Tours

Especially 4 U Tours

Photo Courtesy of:  Especially 4 U Tours

You can sit back and relax with either of these  bus transportations to Los Algodones, Mexico.  Why spend several hours behind the wheel when you can sit back, read a novel and enjoy the ride in air conditioned comfort on your bus ride to Los Algodones.

If you need any help scheduling your bus transportation please reach out to the customer care team at Dental Departures anytime at 1 888 504-2671.

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Costa Rica Dentists Reviews – Find Reliable Reviews the Easy Way

Costa Rica dentists reviews

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica (Image by: Quim)

Find reliable Costa Rica dentists reviews you can trust with Dental Departures. Your search for an overseas dentist is so much easier with us. Written by patients who have experienced a particular dentist you can now find hundreds of reviews all in one place.

We know it is time-consuming trawling the internet trying to piece information together. Our reviews, along with masses of other useful information, are all freely available on our website, saving you the time and stress of trying to gather the information yourself.

Over the years we have been researching dental clinics across the globe, including dentists in Costa Rica. Our background-checks on their qualifications and experience has resulted in us only having the very best dentists listed on our site. In fact, we are so certain of our dentists’ capabilities that we offer a no-quibble guarantee.

Read Our Costa Rica Dentists Reviews for Yourself

Check out our Costa Rica dentists reviews for yourself. Here is a typical one from Joaquin Ives, Miami, USA on his experience at DDS Dental:

“This is a top caliber clinic with outstanding experienced caring dentists who are specialists. They are US trained, their English is perfect, their clinic is state of the art. You can spend 200% more in the US and still get a lesser result.”

We have many more reviews like this from ordinary people, who took the plunge and had their dentistry overseas. Overwhelmingly, the vast majority of them are overjoyed with the dental treatment they received, and make plans to return.

Costa Rica dentists reviews

Old banana barge, Black Beach, Costa Rica (Image by: Joi Ito)

Our website makes it easy for you to check our dentists, their facilities, reviews and prices.  Clinic photos, price comparisons, and maps will give you a good feel for each clinic.  We have dentists located throughout Costa Rica, including San Jose and Heredia. We also have loads more Costa Rica dentists reviews.

To book an appointment or get a free quote visit our website. Alternatively, we are only too happy to help if you have any specific questions, so please get in touch.

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Phuket Dentist Reviews – Get the real lowdown on your overseas dentist

Phuket dentist reviews

Phuket sunset (Image by: Jean-Marie Hullot)

Dental Departures offers you trustworthy Phuket dentist reviews. Reviews from real patients on their dental experiences abroad are featured on our website, helping you get the real lowdown on your dentist.

Finding a good dentist at home is hard enough, but just how do you find a good dentist in Phuket? Checking out clinic reviews is one way of sorting the wheat from the chaff, but how do you know if they are authentic, or trustworthy? We can verify that all our reviews are from real patients about their experiences at our recommended dental clinics.

Our Phuket Dentist Reviews confirm the High Standards of Our Dentists

Although we have diligently checked and vetted our listed dental clinics for high standards and quality of care, a good patient review is proof that we are doing it right. We are proud to be able to recommend to you only those clinics that have passed our stringent background checks, and even prouder that our patients have received outstanding dental care. Many thousands of patients have received their exceptional dental care through our recommendations and are happy to relate their experiences.

Phuket dentist reviews

Thai Statue (Image by: Arvind Grover)

We have received plenty of Phuket dentist reviews, as it is a particularly popular destination.  Here is what Faye, a happy patient from Geelong, Australia said about her experience at the Sea Smile Dental Clinic, Patong Beach, Phuket:

‘I was very impressed with everything about Sea Smile and have already recommended you to my friends.  I will definitely be back in the future if need be. Thank you for a great experience. Before having work done at Sea Smile I was very worried having work done because of previous bad work in Australia. Thanks for helping me.’

Visit the Dental Departures website for further information about our dentists, including costs, procedures undertaken and, of course, real Phuket dentist reviews. Our website gives you everything you need, so that you can find out about your dentist overseas before you visit them.

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Costa Rica Dentists Offer You Affordable Dentistry Abroad

Costa Rica Dentists. Affordable Dentistry Abroad.

Costa Rica Waterfall (Image by: Raphaël Fauveau)

Costa Rica dentists have a great reputation for providing good-quality dental services. Dental tourism is booming here, and we are working with the best dentists in Costa Rica to bring you excellent dental services at an affordable price.

Dental Departures can help you find the expert dentist you need for your dental care and treatment.  We have rigorously vetted, background-checked and quality-inspected all of our listed dental clinics, so you can be safe in the knowledge you will be receiving professional care and excellent standards, whatever clinic you choose. Costa Rica dentists undergo extensive training, just like dentists at home. Many have trained at prestigious establishments throughout North America, and English is spoke widely. Costa Rica dentists offer the same standards of expert knowledge, and you will find that clinics are just as well-equipped, if not more so, than clinics at home.

Costa Rica Dentists Typically Save You 50-70% on Prices At Home

One of the benefits of traveling to Costa Rica for your dental treatment is that it is relatively easy to get to from North America – just a few hours away by air. Even with the cost of airfares and accommodation, it is still possible to save more than 50% on comparable dental procedures at home. Finding out which Costa Rica dentists specialize in the area of dentistry you need couldn’t be simpler. Our website makes it easy – and you can search by country, procedure and much more.

Costa Rica offers beautiful countryside with a varied landscape of mountains, rain-forests and gorgeous beaches. It also has some spectacular wildlife. The country may be small but is home to around 5% of the world’s biodiversity, and approximately 25% of Costa Rica is protected land and conservation areas. A fascinating country to explore ,with a rich cultural heritage and friendly people, Costa Rica is a great place to spend a dental vacation.

Visit our website for more information, including our best price guarantee. You can also get a free quote, or book an appointment online, 24 hours a day.



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Thailand Dentist Prices – High Quality Dentistry for a Low Cost Price

Thailand Dentist Prices

Royal barge procession (Image by: Sippakorn Yamkasikorn)

Thailand dentist prices combine high quality dentistry with prices up to 70% cheaper than at home. For overseas dentistry Thailand is still one of the best places to visit. We have dentists located in some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, and with prices so low you will be surprised just how affordable your dental treatment is.

If you have been put-off from having dental treatment at home because the prices are just too much, then our Thailand dentist prices will help you afford the dental treatment you need. Look at this:-

Avg. cost of a single dental crown in Australia: $1,200 AUD
At a dentist in Thailand: $280 AUD
Avg. cost, root canal, post, and crown in Australia: $2,375 AUD
At a dentist in Thailand: $900 AUD
Avg. cost of dental implant and crown in Australia: $5,000 AUD
At a dentist in Thailand: $2,000 AUD

We Guarantee our Thailand Dentist Prices are the Lowest

At Dental Departures we have made the process of comparing dental treatment prices easy.  Our user-friendly site allows you to look-up all of our featured dental clinics and compare our Thailand dentist prices and procedures at a glance.  We are so confident our prices are the best you will find, that we guarantee you will be offered the lowest prices for your treatment.  Not only will you receive outstanding dental treatment for a fraction of the price back home, but even with flights and accommodation you will still make enormous savings.

Thailand dentist prices

Grand Palace Trees, Bangkok (Image by: Olga Oslina)

Thailand is an amazing country to visit.  Why not take advantage of the cheap dentist prices and enjoy a holiday at the same time? Experience beautiful beaches in Phuket or Pattaya, and city life in Bangkok and Chiangmai.

We work with dozens of Thailand dentists who offer outstanding dental care, and who undertake every conceivable dental procedure.  Our website makes it easy to compare Thailand Dentist Prices, locations, maps, clinic photos, patient reviews and much more.  You can also get free quotes and schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day.

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Los Algodones Welcome Party December 8th 2012-Free Food, Free Beer, Free Margaritas!

The town of Los Algodones, Mexico wants to welcome Canadian & American snow birds back to their town by throwing a massive party on December 8th, 2012.  The Los Algodones festival starts at 9am and goes to 2pm (Arizona time).  The welcome party will have mariachi and traditional folk dancing to entertain the audience.  Even better the merchants of Los Algodones will provide FREE food, FREE beer* and FREE Margaritas* for all (*for adults only)!

Los Algodones Welcome Party - December 8th 2012

Los Algodones Welcome Party – December 8th 2012

The merchants of Los Algodones Mexico (which consist of Algodones dentists, Algodones pharmacies, Algodones optometries) and local the local Mexican tourism authorities have partnered to host this wonderful celebration event.  In addition, Corona Extra has also signed on as a major contributor to the funding of Algodones’ Welcome Party.

Los Algodones, Mexico dancers

Los Algodones, Mexico dancers

Los Algodone’s Welcome Party is open to all ages:  adults and families are all welcome to participate in the party.  There are very few things in life that are free:  especially the offer of FREE Food, Free Beer and Free Margaritas.  Please be sure to drink responsibly.

This event is in Los Algodones, Mexico so you will need a valid US or Canadian passport to return back to the United States through the Algodones/Yuma border crossing.  Note that the Algodones border crossing opens at 6am PST and closes at 10pm PST (not Arizona time).

Make sure you arrive early to enjoy all of Los Algodones’s welcome party’s events & free activities!


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Mexico Dentists Recommendations You Can Rely On

Mexico dentists recommendations

Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico (Image by: Esparta)

Our Mexico dentists recommendations will help you make the right decision for your overseas dental treatment. Seeing real patients’ reviews, and looking through the extensive information on our website, will make the job of finding a suitable dentist so much easier.

Dental Departures confidently recommends all our dentists because we have performed meticulous background checks on their qualifications and expertise. We only list them on our site if we know them to be reputable.  So, we can guarantee the dental clinics we work with offer incredible prices and exceptional quality dental care. Our dentists  have been visited by thousands of patients for a whole variety of dental treatments, from tooth fillings to dental implants.  You can be sure of being in safe hands, as all our dentists guarantee both their work and any lab work that you might have.

Mexico dentist recommendations

Cancun beach (Image by: Montana)

We have years of experience working with the best dentists in Mexico and it is one of our most popular destinations. For North-American patients, in particular, it is easily accessible. We have clinics located close to the US borders in Algodones and Tijuana. Many patients choose to take advantage of these convenient locations by taking a day trip for their dental treatment. If you want a vacation too there are plenty of dentists located in holiday resorts such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

If you have never traveled abroad for dental care, we know you may be worried.  As well as the prices, you probably have lots of questions regarding the quality of the dental care in another country.  From your experiences at home you will be aware that quality of dental care differs widely. We aim to take the uncertainty out of the process of finding your overseas dentist, providing you with trustworthy Mexico dentists recommendations.

Mexico Dentists Recommendations from the People who Know Best – Real Patients

Our real patient reviews give you the real low-down on dental care in Mexico. Check out  Mexico dentists recommendations from patients such as Sue from Maryville, USA:-

‘I am so pleased with the care and quality of service I received at Sani Dental.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.’

Visit our website for much more information on all of our dentists.  We provide useful maps, clinic photos and, of course, real patient reviews.  You may also find our useful guides to popular treatments interesting, as this details what to expect during your dental treatment, and how long it will take to complete.  We also offer free quotes and you can book an appointment online with us at your chosen dentist 24 hours a day.  For the complete lowdown on Mexico dentists recommendations we have it covered.

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Costa Rica Dentistry Reviews by Real Patients

If you are searching for Costa Rica Dentistry Reviews by real patients look no further than Dental Departures. Experts in overseas dentistry, we have helped thousands of patients get the best quality dental treatment in Costa Rica and beyond.

Costa Rica Dentistry Reviews

Costa Rica Sunset (Image by: dibaer)

Costa Rica is becoming one of our most popular dental tourism destinations. Its varied landscapes, unspoilt beaches and diverse wildlife make it a fascinating place to visit. It is also the ultimate place to relax and recuperate after dental treatment. With dental clinics throughout Costa Rica, including San Jose, we can help you find the best dentist in Costa Rica

We are aware that Costa Rica dentistry reviews may be difficult to come by. So, we have painstakingly researched all of our listed dental clinics thoroughly.  We pre-screen and undertake rigorous background checks as to quality and expertise.  Working closely with all our dentists, we are confident the dental treatment you receive in Costa Rica will meet all of your expectations.

Costa Rica Dentistry Reviews

Costa Rica Beach (Image by:  Raphaël Fauveau)

Costa Rica Dentistry Reviews You Can Trust

For added peace of mind our website includes real reviews from patients who have obtained high-quality, competitively-priced dental care. Understandably, even after you have made a decision to have dentistry overseas you may still feel a little apprehensive. However, we are certain you will be delighted with your treatment.  For example, Andrew Schneider of South Carolina’s review of his experience in Costa Rica:

‘After hearing for years about people from California going to Costa Rica for dental work, I finally decided to give it a try. After some research, I chose Dr. Delfin Barquero based on his being a member of the ADA. I was still a bit apprehensive, but that quickly melted away after a few minutes in his dental chair.’

For full details of Costa Rica dentistry reviews, prices, maps and clinic photos visit our website. We also have articles on popular dentistry procedures. You can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, or get a free quote. If there is anything else you want to know, contact us and we will be ready to help.

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Patong Beach News – Clinics Specializing in Dental Tourism

Patong Beach News from Dental Departures

Longboats Phi Phi Island (Image by: Svetlana Grechkina)

For all the latest Patong Beach news on our dental tourism clinics visit the Dental Departures website.  Our site is regularly updated with new information, articles and features so that you can get the most from your dental treatment abroad.

Have you heard the news that Patong Beach is not only one of Thailand’s most visited tourist locations, but that it is also increasingly popular as a destination for overseas dentistry? It is not hard to see why people are flocking here for their dental needs. Dental treatment is considerably cheaper than the prices at home, and many patients are impressed by the expertise and facilities offered here, which are often better than at home.

Patong Beach News by Dental Departures

Golden Buddha (Image by: Fisher)

Don’t Miss Out on the Latest Patong Beach News

Dental Departures works closely with three dental clinics in Patong Beach – Smile Studio Dental Clinic, Promjai Dental Clinic and Sea Smile Dental Clinic – who have been established for more than 30 years between them. Together, they treat thousands of satisfied overseas patients from all walks of life throughout the year.

Although the peak tourist season in Patong Beach is between November and March, it is very much a year-round destination with temperatures hot and steamy throughout. The Monsoon season, between May and October, is a particularly good time to visit as it is the least busy time. Although it is the rainy season, there are dry days too, and you can often take advantage of fantastic deals on international flights, hotels and meals that you wouldn’t get during the peak season.

Patong Beach is the most popular place to stay in Phuket, and you will find no shortage of hotels to suit every budget situated here. There’s also every holiday activity you can conceivably imagine. Exquisite restaurants, vibrant nightlife and the most incredible beaches make this an ideal destination.

Of course, it goes without saying that the dental care you receive in Patong Beach is of excellent quality.  We ensure our dentists meet extremely high standards in terms of care and expertise. Our rigorous background checks on their facilities and qualifications make certain of this. The dentists we include on our site are among the very best and are able to meet all your dental needs, from general dentistrys such as fillings, to specialist requirements such as implants or root canal treatment.  Cosmetic dentistry procedures are also well-catered for. So, for that dazzling white smile you’ve always wanted, our Patong Beach dentists can help you achieve it.

Get Our Patong Beach News Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Don’t miss out on the latest dentistry Patong Beach news. Bookmark our site, or better still sign up for our mailing list. We will send you regular updates, special offers and up-to-the-minute Patong Beach news – straight to your inbox.


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Thailand Dentist Holiday – A Smile Makeover and Holiday All-In-One

Choose a Thailand dentist holiday for a combined holiday and smile makeover. The concept of traveling abroad for dental treatment is now very popular. With soaring costs of dental treatment at home, the advantages of overseas dentistry is plain to see. Many patients are finding they can have the same treatment in Thailand, pay for flights and accommodation, and still make substantial savings on the prices back home.

Thailand dentist holiday

Snorkelling Phi Phi (Image by:  René Ehrhardt)

The Advantages of a Thailand dentist holiday are not just the low prices

The advantages of a Thailand dentist holiday are not just limited to low costs. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. It is steeped in history. Landscapes are varied and offers so much to tourists. Bustling, modern cities, rugged cliffs, tropical rainforests, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and rural retreats  – it is easy to see why so many visitors come here every year. The highly trained dentists and state-of-the-art clinics offer the best in dentistry. And with savings of up to 75% – a Thailand dentist holiday offers the perfect solution for many patients.

At Dental Departures our clinics are established in major tourist areas, including Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai and Pattaya. This means that transport links are easily accessible, with the amenities of a thriving tourist destination on the doorstep. Visits to the dentist are not usually considered to be relaxing affairs. So a trip to a dentist in a holiday destination can be just that. There is nothing like a little sun, sea and sand to calm the nerves and help you unwind.

Take a Thailand dentist holiday to experience another culture

Thai People (Image by: Sippakorn Yamkasikorn)

Our website is full of information regarding prices and treatments. There are also articles on what is entailed for popular dental procedures, and how long the treatments take. We also have photos of our clinics with tourist information on specific locations. If you are interested in a Thailand dentist holiday check out our website.  You can get a free quote and book an appointment online 24/7.

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