Thailand Dentistry Prices

Thailand Dentistry Prices: find out how so many others have saved thousands on dental care!

If you are looking for great prices for dental care in Thailand, look no further than Dental Departures. We have lots of free information available regarding dental treatment costs in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket & Chiang Mai.   We guarantee that the prices at our clinics if the lowest offered, and you will receive top notch care.

Prices in Thailand for dental care are typically 50-70% less expensive than at home.  However, the standards of care are every bit as good. We have helped many patients achieve affordable dental treatment, giving them back a smile they can be proud of. For example, you can save over 60% on titanium dental implants at Dental 4 You in Chiang Mai and, incredibly, over 80% on fillings at the Bangkok International Dental Center.

Our website enables you to find and compare the best prices available throughout all our clinics in Thailand. We also have lots of other useful information online, so you can make an informed decision on your choice of treatment and dentist.

Thailand is a major center for dental tourism and one of the top destinations in the world for dental patients who need top quality care at an affordable price. The clinics we feature have been extensively checked by us, and many of them have been treating overseas patients for over 30 years. Many of our patients opt to combine a holiday with their treatment and still experience substantial savings.

We offer free quotes and 24 hour online appointment scheduling. To see just how much you can save click on the link below to view full price lists, patient reviews, clinic photos, locations, maps and other invaluable information

Thailand Dentistry Prices and Clinic Information Here!

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Algodones Mexico Dentist

Algodones Mexico Dentist

If you are looking for the absolute best dentists in Algodones, Dental Departures has done the homework for you.  Algodones is one of the most popular destinations for North Americans to have their dental treatment.  Its warm, dry climate, inexpensive shopping and restaurants, coupled with its proximity to the US borders of Arizona and California, make it the ideal destination for many people.  The prices are unbeatable and quality of care at a reputable clinic outstanding.  Our service is free, and we guarantee you low prices with established clinics you can trust for your care.  Find out how you can save 70% on the cost of your care for the same or better quality of care compared to at home!


Castle Dental offers modern and expert dental treatment with personal service in a sparkling new office. Dr. Beltran provides outstanding care and attention!

Algodones has established itself as the go-to destination for high-quality, affordable dental care in North America.  In fact, it has one of the highest concentrations of dentists anywhere in the world, so finding a clinic you can trust can be overwhelming.  Thousands of our patients visit Algondones every year and we are very proud to have helped so many people achieve the confident smiles they deserve at a price they can afford.  Further, if you ever have any issue with your care, Dental Departures acts as your advocate to ensure you are completely taken care of.

We work with thousands of the best dentists in the world, including the best in Algodones.   We have only chosen the top notch providers to include on our site after careful background checks and quality inspections.  Our dentists are all highly trained, employ modern dentistry techniques and use the same equipment as dentists at home.   Many thousands of patients have visited our dentists for all sorts of dental treatments and are uniformly impressed by the standards of care in Algodones.

Our dental specialists in Algodones are expertly trained – just as they are at home, and you can expect to find the equipment and materials of an equally high standard.  Whether in need of routine dentistry for your fillings, extractions or teeth cleaning: many patients from the US come here regularly for their annual check-ups and minor dental care.  Why pay $300 for x-rays and a cleaning when you can have it done for $60-$100 in Algodones?

Many more patients visit for specialized treatments, such as extensive cosmetic reconstructions or dental implants.  Whether you need simple dental care, full mouth reconstruction, or treatment to transform stained, crooked or damaged teeth into a straight, white, dazzling smile – our specialists can address all your needs!  Our dentists can assess your situation and give you a quote for your treatment before you even arrive.  Just email photos of your mouth and any digital x-rays you have to your preferred dentist, and they will email back to you their treatment recommendations and competitive quote.

Algodones is conveniently located for patients traveling over the borders from California and Arizona.  Just 9 miles west of Yuma, Arizona, Algodones is easily accessed off Interstate 8.  The clinics are located within 2 blocks of the border, so you can park your car in a secure parking lot and walk to the offices.

Check out our patient reviews and find the best dentist in Algodones for your care on our site!  We include full transparent prices, maps and clinic photos, and you can get a full quote or book an appointment online for free.

Compare price and view all our established clinics in Algodones here!

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Cosmetic Dentistry Patong Beach

Cosmetic Dentistry Patong Beach – Welcome to the Land of Smiles!

If you want to finally have a dazzlingly confident smile, consider taking a trip for your cosmetic dentistry to Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.   One of the word’s most popular tourist destinations, you can enjoy a holiday here while you have cosmetic dental treatment for a fraction of the cost at home.

Whether you want a Hollywood makeover with veneers, laser teeth whitening, or need crowns to restore your smile, the quality of dental care in Patong Beach is outstanding and the prices unbeatable.  For example, porcelain veneers typically cost $1,200-$1,400 each in Australia.  In Phuket, you can have the latest IPS Empress porcelain veneers for about $350 each.

Patong Beach is located on the stunning island of Phuket, just off the South-West coast of Thailand.   A renowned tourist paradise, Patong Beach has plenty of resorts, bars, restaurants, spas, shopping, and clubs to entertain you 24 hours a day.  For those quieter moments there are miles of sandy white beaches, a breathtaking coastline which includes the limestone cliffs of Phang Nga Bay and tropical rain forests – all located nearby.

Dental Departures can help answer any of your questions, get you a free quote, and assist with making arrangements for your cosmetic dentistry in Patong Beach.  We work with the three best clinics in Patong Beach – Smile Studio Dental Clinic, Promjai Dental Clinic and Sea Smile Dental Clinic – all of whom have outstanding cosmetic dental specialists available for your dental care!

Further, we have negotiated guaranteed low prices for your dental care, and our service is free to you.

Want to get rid of those yellow and stained teeth and treat yourself to a dazzling new smile?  Our cosmetic dental specialists in Patong Beach can offer you numerous ways to improve your smile.   Laser teeth whitening can give you a sparkling new smile in about an hour.  All you have to do is lie back, relax in the chair listening to your iPod – and let the laser do the work.  Our dentists also offer home-whitening gel kits, allowing you to touch-up those pearly whites whenever you feel the need.

If you are in need of more extensive cosmetic dental restorations, such as dental implants or full mouth rehabilitation, and we can also assist you in finding the most qualified dentist in Patong Beach to provide you with a healthy confident smile.

Thousands of our patients visit Patong Beach every year to have their cosmetic dental needs attended to.   To get started just have a look at our website which has tons of useful information about the procedures available, transparent pricing, and time required.  We also list details of our dentists, their qualifications, years in practice and photographs of their clinics.   Check out patient reviews from others like you who had the same questions and concerns about dental care in Patong Beach!

See all our offices in Patong Beach & Phuket here!



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Smile Dentist Patong Beach

Looking for for the best dental care in Phuket for your ideal smile?

Thailand is known as the land of smiles, so why not visit a ‘Smile Dentist’ in Patong Beach to make the most of yours?  Travelers have been coming to Patong Beach for years, and it is now well and truly on the tourist map.  At Smile Studio Dental Clinic Phuket and Sea Smile Dental Clinic Phuket our dentists have been treating international patients for some years and thousands of our patients have had successful care and attention provided by the specialists.   Both clinics are centrally located in the heart of Patong Beach – the most popular place to stay in all of Phuket.   Whether in need of dental implants, crowns, a smile makeover with veneers, or just a laser teeth whitening or cleaning, see why so many people take advantage of the affordable dental prices on their holiday in Phuket!

Patong Beach’s location in Phuket, just off the South-West coast of Thailand makes it the ideal year-round destination for your vacation and dental care.  A tropical paradise, the weather is always hot, but in the low season from May to October it is a lot quieter.  This is the Monsoon season, but even with intermittent tropical downpours you are just as likely to get hot and sunny days too.  There are plenty of good deals around this time, not just on flights, but at hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions, so it is well worth considering coming at this time to take advantage of the great offers.

It’s easy to see what you can save on treatment costs by looking through the Dental Departures website and all our clinic listings in Phuket.  We also list other valuable information about our clinics, including dentist qualifications, clinic photos and real patient reviews.   To get a free quote or to book an appointment with your very own smile dentist in Patong Beach 24 hours a day online, contact us at any time or check out clinics!

You can see all our dental clinics in Phuket here!

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Tijuana dentist close to the border

Find and excellent Tijuana dentist close to the border!

Traveling to Tijuana for your dental treatment is convenient as well as cost-effective. Many thousands of US and Canadian citizens regularly make the trip, and most clinics are within 5 minutes of the border.  Further, several of our clinics offer free shuttles to and from the border.  Or, if you choose to drive in, a Medical Fast Pass can be provided to you at the clinic that will provide you access to a special lane at the border crossing for your return; no long waits in line!

Tijuana Dental Spa offers free border shuttles!

Tijuana’s position on the US border with San Diego has made it one of the major centers of dental tourism. Because many people travel over the San Ysidro border by foot, many Tijuana dental clinics have opened close to the border for their patients’ convenience.

Dental Departures works with many dentists in Tijuana and our website offers information on quality screened and background checked clinics with full information on each page with procedures, transparent pricing, and locations. We also provide maps, and so if you are looking for a Tijuana dentist close to the border it is easy to find out exactly where your dentist is located.

We know that it may be a daunting prospect knowing who to select, but all the dentists we include on our website have been thoroughly screened and background-checked by us. You can rest-assured that our dentists are highly-trained and that the standards and quality of care you receive will be as good as it is at home. Our website also includes real patient reviews, which will give you a good idea of the excellent standards our patients are accustomed to.

Feel free to browse our website for the latest prices, get a free quote, book an appointment or find your own Tijuana dentist close to the border.  We’re here to help so please contact us anytime for assistance or a clinic recommendation!

You can see all our clinics in Tijuana here!

US Toll Free: 1-888-504-2671

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Thailand Dentist Phuket

Thailand Dentist Phuket

Are you searching for a good Thailand dentist? Phuket is one of Thailand’s major dental centers and Dental Departures is on-hand to help you choose the right specialist for your treatment.

Our website is packed with information to guide and assist you, listing not just clinics, but also dentists’ specialties, their qualifications, experience and prices. We have been meticulous in our approach and have carefully chosen only the very best dentists to be represented by us. Our adherence to strict quality criteria means you can be certain to receive careful, considerate and expert treatment from your Thailand dentist.

Phuket is a picturesque holiday resort and has a thriving tourist industry. Completely geared to receiving international travelers, it has all the amenities you would expect from a world-renowned destination. From top-class hotels, first-rate restaurants, vibrant nightlife and tranquil beaches you will find Phuket to be the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. Above all, you will also find the dentists here are exceptionally good, offering a full range of dental treatments and conveniently situated in the heart of Phuket. Many of them offer free additional services, including airport and hotel transfers and some are even open at weekends.

Dental Departures is equipped with information regarding prices, locations, maps and patient reviews to help you decide on your perfect Thailand Dentist. Phuket is the perfect place for all your dental needs, just click on the link to see all our Phuket clinics, arrange an appointment 24/7, or to get a free quote.

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Pattaya Dentist Reviews

Pattaya Dentist Reviews: See what other people have to say!

From Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest beachfront resort destination in Thailand.  If you’re considering visiting a dentist in Pattaya, come check out what our patients have to say about their experiences!   The dental clinics in Pattaya are modern, professional, and offer outstanding dental services for much less than you will pay in Bangkok.   You can expect to pay about 70% less for the cost of your dental care in Pattaya compared to what you would pay at home – all for the same or even better quality care and materials.

OrthoSmile Dental Clinic in Pattaya

We have thousands of patients who visit Thailand every year for their dental care – people just like you who had the same questions and reservations as you might.  We ask each patient to write a review of their experience and rate the office on factors such as quality, value, cleaniness, comfort, and communication.  The star rating provided by our patients is then used to determine each clinic’s score on a scale of one to five stars.

Dr. Ken Kasidis at OrthoSmile Dental Clinic in Pattaya has training from prestigious universities in Australia, Canada, and Germany, and offers top-notch dental services just a block from Pattaya Beach.  Check out what Maureen Turner had to say about her treatment with Dr. Ken:

“I have just completed a complex treatment of extractions, immediate prosthesis, implants and the final placing of the entire dentition in my upper jaw. All my upper teeth had to be removed and replaced with an immediate prosthesis. Thereafter, Dr. Kasidis fitted me with an immediate upper denture whilst he fitted several implants. Since then, he has fitted an entired fixed upper jaw crown and bridgework.

I am bound to say that the final effect is quite incredible: I now have a complete, fixed set of upper teeth which are utterly brilliant, and which have given me a realistically magnificent smile. My self-confidence in my appearance has been completely restored and I am entirely satisfied. I look and feel good — and I eat well.” 

We are always happy to help you, whether you would like a free quote, email consultation, help with basic questions, or need to schedule an appointment.  Our service is free, and we have negotiated guaranteed low prices for the cost of your dental care with all our clinics in Pattaya.

See all our dental clinics in Pattaya here!

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Mexicali Dentist

Looking for a Mexicali dentist?  Look no further!

People just like you in Arizona and Southern California have discovered amazing dental savings to be had by visiting a dentist in Mexicali.  Patients are visiting Mexicali with increasing regularity for their dental care from all over the United States and Canada.  Many people know about the top-notch medical services available in Mexicali, and the dental care is equally outstanding and professional.  Whether you live within driving distance or will travel from farther away, the quality of dental care and the costs savings are unbeatable.

Dental Departures offers you a free service for information, dental quotes, consultations, and appointment scheduling, all at a guaranteed low price.

Modern offices, digital x-rays, and professional dental care at savings of 50-70%.

Dental Departures make it easy for you to find the best dentists in Mexicali.   There are dozens of dental clinics in Mexicali who attend to patients from the US and Canada.  In fact, many of our clinics have 70-90% of their clients who from the US or Canada.   The reason is simple: you can receive the same, or better quality dental care as you would receive at home for savings of 70% or more.  In fact, many patients who could never afford implants, or could only afford cheap crowns materials or cheap veneers in the US can receive top quality materials they would be unable to afford at home while still saving money.  This can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in dental savings to you, even including the cost of travel.

We understand that it is difficult to find a trusted dentist anywhere.  That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you.  All our dentists in Mexicali have been background checked and quality screened for licensing, credentials and inspected in-person.   Further, we have thousands of patients who book their dental care with Dental Departures every year and all our patient reviews are listed on each clinic page.  Alongside our patient reviews, you can find complete (and fully transparent) price lists, office photos, dentist credentials and individual office information.

Mrs. Castillo visited RamLanz Dental to restore her smile, something she could not afford to do in the US:

Every time I smiled I tried to cover my mouth with my hand I was ashamed of the great space between my front teeth, besides one of this teeth was moving all the time. I was terrified when I arrived at RamLanz Dental Office, but they treated me with care and so well that now I am very happy with my new teeth.

Dr. Lanz & Dr. Ramirez at RamLanz Dental are a husband & wife team who have over 40 years combined experience in dentistry.  They have their own onsite dental laboratory and take great pride in providing their patients with personal service and outstanding cosmetic dental restorations.  They use world class materials; the same as your dentists at home – at a price you can afford.

We are always happy to help answer any questions!  Check out our clinics and website to get a free quote, to request any information, ask questions, or even schedule your appointment  24 hours a day with our online appointment system.

See all our recommended Mexicali dentists here!


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