Tijuana Dentist Reviews

Tijuana Dentist Reviews

Thinking about visiting a dentist in Tijuana?  See what other people have to say!

Thousands of patients from San Diego and Southern California visit Tijuana for dental care every month, and patients from around the country are starting to take notice.  Find out what people in San Diego have known for years and check out our Tijuana dentist reviews!  It is common for people in San Diego to have their family dentist actually be located in Tijuana; for routine cleanings, fillings, braces for the kids – everything you visit your local dentist for.   The dental clinics in Tijuana can attend to every dental concern, and we can help you find a great specialist for your crowns, or root canal, veneers, dentures, or dental implants as well.

The clean & modern offices at Tijuana Dental Spa

Dental Departures has hundreds of reviews from our real patients all accessible on our site.  We are proud to work with the best dental clinics in Tijuana, and know you’ll want to see what other patients just like you have to say about their experience at a Tijuana dentist.

On average, savings of 50-70% are typical compared to what you would pay your dentist at home, for the same materials and quality of care.  In fact, many patients can afford to get better quality materials for their crowns and dental materials than they could back home.

Thousands of patients book their dental care through Dental Departures every year, and we ask every patients to rate the clinic they visited and write a review.  These reviews – from our real patients – are published on each clinic page on our site.

The ratings are an average score of the patient’s feedback on criteria such as quality, cleanliness, communication, value, and comfort.   They can add comments and further details about their visit to the office in Tijuana as well.

See what Corinne from Santa Monica had to say about her visit to Tijuana Dental Spa:

I had done a lot of research to find a dentist in Mexico. I was very skeptical at first, not only for the trip to TJ but also the quality of work I would get. I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t pain free but the end result is great. Dr Baker was amazing, very caring and gentle above everything else. Her team of dentists as well. I recommend her 100%. She is wonderful.

We want to make it simple for you to find everything you need to know as you consider a visit to a dentist in Tijuana.  All our clinics have full price lists, patient reviews, office pictures, dentists’ information, maps, and more.  You can get free quotes and free email consultation and even schedule your appointment with a dentist in Tijuana online, 24 hours a day.  If you have any questions, just call or write anytime, we’re happy to help!

Check out all our dentists in Tijuana here!

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Costa Rica Dentist Reviews

Costa Rica Dentist Reviews: find out what you need to know from other patients!

Have you considered visiting Costa Rica to save money on your dental needs but want to see reviews from other dental patients?

Hundreds of real patients reviews are available on Dental Departures for you to see.  The very best dentists in Costa Rica are represented on our site, and have highly trained specialists available to care for all your dental concerns. Many of our specialists have trained in the US, and whether you need an implantologist, prosthodontist, endodontist, or any other dental specialist, you can find them all on Dental Departures.

Patients visiting Costa Rica can expect to save, on average, 60% on the cost of dental treatment when compared to prices in the US or Canada.

Check out all our Costa Rica dentist reviews on Dental Departures!

The modern facilities at Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica

Hundreds of people like you have used Dental Departures to find dental clinics in Costa Rica and book their care. Each patient is asked to review their entire experience upon their return home, and we make those reviews available to you on our site. The reviews are real: from actual patients who have gone through the same discovery process as you and had many of the same questions you do about what to expect.

Each patients reviews the clinic they visited and provide a star rating based on the following criteria: value, communication, quality, cleanliness, and comfort. They are also able to provide a written explanation of their rating and further details about their trip. The average star rating is then averaged for each office to provide a star rating for the clinic.

Check out Grady from Burbank, CA had to say about his experience at Dental Cosmetics Costa Rica:

“I am extremely happy with Dr. Mora and his staff with the work that was done and the friendly atmoshere that was provided. They are very professional and the facility is top notch. My biggest fear before going there was the language barrier but Dr. Mora & Dr. Fernandez speak English better than me.”

We have structured our site in order to make it easy for your to find the best dental care for your needs in Costa Rica. Every clinic page has complete price lists, procedure times, real patient reviews, clinic information and more. Dental Departures is a free service to you, and we guarantee low prices with each of our dental clinics in Costa Rica. Want a free quote? We are glad to help! Need to book an appointment? Contact us anytime or schedule online 24 hours a day. Just want some information or an email consultation? Sure thing!

See all our dental clinics in Costa Rica here!

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Algodones Dentist Recommendations

Algodones Dentist Recommendations

There are over 900 dentists and 300 dental clinics in Algodones.  With so many dentists to choose from, how do you know who to trust?  We’ve made it easy for you by doing the research.  We only work with clinics that meet our strict quality standards, and all our clinics in Algodones have been background checked and inspected on-site.  We have records of clinic licenses, check for complaints with dental & consumer boards, interview the staff, check sterilization techniques, speak with current patients, and ask for clinic records.

Clinica Integral Rubio

As anywhere, there are excellent clinics in Algodones, and some that are very basic and our clinics are the best.  Thousands of our patients have visited one of our offices, and you can read reviews about their experiences on each clinic page on Dental Departures.  Many of our patients have had some life-changing experiences; they were never able to afford the quality of dental care they needed at home, but were able to afford a healthy, confident smile by visiting one of our offices in Algodones.

The quality of care at our clinics is very good, and just as good or better than what you would receive at home.  The savings are outstanding as well, and you can expect to pay about 70% less than you would for your dental care at home.  Since there are so many clinics, the price competition is strong with clinics competing for patients, so the cost of dental care in Algodones is even less than it would be in places such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, or Tijuana.

For example, a standard dental crown costs about $1,200 in the US or Canada, and average about $200 in Algodones.

If you have any questions about your dental care in Algodones, we are always happy to help!  Our experienced patient care staff is available to answer questions, provide you with travel information, and help with anything you need as you consider a visit.  Our service is free, and we guarantee you low prices at all of our offices.

You can see clinic photos, read our patients reviews, seee dentist information, get a free quote, and schedule an appointment online – all for free.

Check out all our clinics in Algodones here!

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Bangkok Dentist Reviews

 Bangkok Dentist Reviews: see what our real patients have to say!

Are you thinking about traveling to Bangkok for your dental care and want to read about other patient’s experiences?  Dental Departures has hundreds of reviews from our patients on all of our dental clinics in Bangkok.  We work with the absolute best clinics in Bangkok with highly trained specialists who can attend to all your dental care needs.  Many of our specialists have trained in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, and other western countries.  The quality of care is outstanding,  and the cost typically 50-70% less than what you can expect to pay at home, for the same or  even better quality materials.  See for yourself what other patients have to see and read their Bangkok dentist reviews:

Thousands of our patients visit Thailand every year for their dental care, and following their return home, each patients is asked provide a review of the clinic they visited.  All of these reviews are published on Dental Departures and you can see what all our patients have to say on our site.

We ask our patients to rate their experience on five factors: quality, service, cleanliness, comfort, communication, and value.  Each factor is reviewed on a 5 star system and the aggregate score of each review is weighted to determine the overall star rating for the clinic.  The reviews are from real patients – people like you who had the same questions you have about what it’s like to have their dental care in Thailand.

See what Robert from Australia had to day about his experience at Bangkok International Dental Center:

This was my second trip to BIDC and once again the treatment and results have been excellent. Including the first trip, I have had an implant, root canal retreatment, several crowns and fillings. 

For each treatment you get the right specialist for the job. They take the time to explain the treatment and to make sure it’s done right and to YOUR satisfaction. Everybody speaks good English and communication is not a problem. 

You are given exact cost for each treatment, which seems to be about 25-30% of Australian cost. 

Everybody, including admin staff are happy, caring and helpful.

Thank you BIDC.

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find a dentist in Bangkok, and each clinic page includes patient reviews, clinic photos, complete transparent pricing, information on the dental specialists, and complete clinic information.   You can get free quotes from our clinics, request information or evaluations, and even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day.  Our service is free, and we have negotiated guaranteed low prices for your dental care at each of our clinics in Bangkok.

See all our clinics in Bangkok here!



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Nuevo Progreso Dentist Recommendations

Nuevo Progreso Dentist Recommendations

If you live in southern Texas or visit yearly in the Winter, Nuevo Progreso can offer you excellent dental care at outstanding savings.  Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find a pre-screened, quality checked dental clinic in Progreso that can attend to any of  your dental needs.  Our dentists in Nuevo Progreso are the best in town; there are dozens to choose from, and we only work with clinics that provide top notch quality of care that you would expect at home.

Modern sterilization equipment and procedures are followed, just as in the US.

Our service is free, and we guarantee low prices for your dental care with all our clinics.  Each clinic page has extensive information, full price lists, dentist credentials, real reviews from our patients, clinic photos, etc.  You can get a free quote, contact us about each office, and even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day for free.

You can even see US trained dentists.  For example, Dr. Aguirre at Dental Progreso has trained at the University of Texas for implants, and is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist and oral implantologist.  He is certified with the American Dental Association and is a member of other professional groups, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Among “Winter Texans” (American and Canadian retirees who winter in southern Texas), the popularity of receiving dental care in Progreso has exploded.  Thousands upon thousands of patients visit this small town in Mexico every year to save money on their dental care, and we are happy to recommend an excellent clinic for your care!  Located just south of Weslaco, Texas, our dentists in Progreso are easily accessed.  The clinics are all within a 3 block radius of the border in a tourist area that is safe for walking.  (Progreso is a safe small town that does not have any crime of the crime problems other areas in Mexico experience).  Simply park your car on the US side of the border and walk a few short blocks to the clinics.

How much can you save on your dental care in Progreso?  Savings are typically 50-70% off the same work at home, and examples of dental costs and savings in Progreso are below:

Average cost of crowns in Progreso: $300

Average cost in the US or Canada: $1,200    Save $900!

Average cost of dental implants in Progreso: $1,500

Average cost in the US or Canada: $4,000    Save $2,500!

Average cost of full upper/lower dentures in Progreso: $750

Average cost in the US or Canada: $3,000    Save $2,250!


Need to know how much time to plan for your care?  Have questions?  Our experience patient care specialists will be happy to speak with you!

US/CA toll free: 1-888-504-2671

Email: info@dentaldepartures.com (Please reference ‘Progreso’ in your email subject)

View all Nuevo Progreso Dentist Recommendations Here!

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Thailand Dentist Prices

Thailand Dentist Prices: Get a free quote for your dental savings!

Dentistry in Thailand is highly regarded worldwide for the quality of care and thousands of our patients have chosen to visit Thailand to save on their dental care.  How much can you save?  Typically, dental care in Thailand is 50-70% less expensive than care at home, and you will receive the same quality of treatment or better as you would with a local dentist.

OrthoSmile Dental Clinic in Pattaya

The materials for crowns, implants, veneers, dentures, etc. are near universal, and all the top brands that your local specialists use are available in Thailand for steep savings.  For example, IPS e.Max porcelain veneers are considered the best full porcelain veneer currently available worldwide.  They have outstanding cosmetic appearance and exhibit the natural translucence and shine of ideal healthy teeth.   In Thailand, these veneers cost about $375 each, compared to about $1,350 in Australia.  Most patient who need about 12 veneers for a smile makeover, and would save about $12,000 on the same dental care in Thailand.

Each of our clinics in Thailand is carefully screened and background checked, and we only work with the best clinics in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang  Mai and Pattaya.  Our service is free, and we guarantee you low prices with all of our clinics!

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find the best dentists in Thailand, compare prices, view all relevant clinic information, get free quotes, and even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day.

Whether you are in need of dental implants, crowns, veneers, teeth, whitening, fillings, a cleaning, or any kind of dental procedure, our specialists can certainly attend to you with professional, expert care.

Examples of savings can be found below:

Dental fillings in Thailand: $50                        In Australia: $150      Save $100 each!

Full porcelain crowns in Thailand: $400         In Australia: $1,200  Save $800 each!

Porcelain veneers in Thailand: $325               In Australia: $1,200  Save $875 each!

Dental implants in Thailand: $2,000                In Australia: $5,000  Save $3,000 each!


Do you need help finding a dentist?  Contact us anytime for help with any questions or assistance in planning your trip.  Our customer care professionals are experts in planning dental travel, and have helped thousands of patients to afford a healthy, confident smile!

View all our clinics in Thailand here!

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Thailand Dentist Holiday

What is a Thailand Dentist Holiday?

One of the best way to save money on your dental care and enjoy the wonders of Amazing Thailand!  Have you heard about the amazing saving to be had for dental care in Thailand?  Find out why so many other people are choosing to have their dental care while on holiday in Thailand!

The quality of care in Thailand is outstanding – just as good or better than what you will find at home, all for savings of 50-70%.   Thailand is one of the top tourism destinations worldwide for good reason; the country offers amazing and diverse natural beauty, a rich and ancient culture, outstanding cuisine, and cost of good and services in Thailand are incredibly affordable.  Coupled with outstanding dental care, Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world to visit for a dental holiday.

Whether you have a holiday planned already, or are considering a trip for the express purpose of dental care, Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find the best clinics in Thailand.  We help thousands of patients find arrange their dental care in Thailand yearly.  We have background checked and quality screened our clinics, done on-site visits and inspections, and have done the work for you to find the best dentists in Thailand for all your dental care needs.  Our service is free and we guarantee low prices at our clinics all in the goal of helping you save money and afford a healthy, confident smile!

Are there all inclusive packages?

Dental care is a medical concern, and we don’t package airfare and hotels with medical care .  (We don’t believe it’s ethical to sacrifice on the quality of material or treatment to cover travel costs).  Booking airfare and hotels would be up to you, but we can certainly provide guidance and recommendations.  Your savings can still be quite significant and many of our patients save thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars on a Thailand dentist holiday.

Have a short visit planned?  Save hundreds of dollars on fillings, or get that dental cleaning you have been putting off.  Or, consider a laser teeth whitening at 1/3 the cost of what you would pay at home.  Come home relaxed, tan, and with a new whiter smile!

Have a longer trip planned, or do you need more significant dental needs?  The cost savings can add up to thousands of dollars.  We are happy to help you find information, get a free quote, compare clinics, and arrange for your appointments and care.

We have outstanding clinics in all the most popular destinations in Thailand that are large enough to have the infrasturcture necessary to support modern, high tech equipped offices.  Our clinics are in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya.

Thailand is called the Land of Smiles… come see why!

See all our clinics in Thailand here.

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Looking for a Cancun Dentist? Find the best!

Cancun Dentist (s), only the best.

Are you thinking of visiting a Cancun dentist for your dental treatment?  Do you know how to find accurate and carefully researched information regarding Cancun dentists? The Dental Departures website will save you hours of painstaking research and trawling the internet by giving you a wealth of clear and concise information that you can rely on. We want to enable you to choose the best dentist in Cancun for your requirements.

Get a free quote, read our real patient testimonials, and book online for free – all at a guaranteed low price.

Cancun is not only a popular vacation resort, but also offers expert, cost-effective dental care. Combine this with its easy accessibility, and it is not hard to see why thousands of North American patients are choosing a Cancun dentist for all their dental needs. Our dentists are more than used to seeing international patients. You can be certain that they are highly skilled in their areas of expertise.

Take a look at Sunset Dental Cancun for a flavor of the international expertise available at your fingertips.

We have made it easy to view specific clinic details, including details of the treatments on offer by our dentists in Cancun, in one easy-to-navigate place. We have meticulously vetted all the dentists we list on our site for expertise, quality and facilities, and we are certain that our dentists represent superior standards and incredible value in patient care.

Our dental clinics in Cancun are equipped with the very best in state-of the-art dentistry, including digital panoramic x-rays with some, such as Cancun Top Dental, even having their own on-site labs. Rest assured that the Cancun dentists we represent have been chosen because they meet our high standards. If they do not we do not list them on our website. We only work with the very best dentists, so you can be sure that the dentist you choose will be well qualified to take care of you.

Our website is full of useful information on every conceivable dental specialty in Cancun. The information is free and includes guidelines on procedures, as well as everything you need to know about pricing. We also include maps, clinic photos and real patients’ reviews, which are all designed to give you a clear picture to enable you to be comfortable and happy with the Cancun dentist you ultimately choose. When you are ready, our website allows you to make an appointment with a Cancun dentist using our 24 hour online appointment system, or you can get a free quote from us.

See all the best clinics in Cancun here!

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Costa Rica Dentist Prices

Costa Rica Dentist Prices: Find your savings!

Are you considering a trip abroad for your dental care but want to find out what Costa Rica dentist prices are? Our straightforward site has streamlined the process so you can look-up all our dentists in Costa Rica, and check out their procedures and prices in one easy place. We guarantee you will be offered the lowest prices available in Costa Rica for your dental care.

Costa Rica is easily accessible from the United States, and is ideal to visit for your dental treatment. You can relax on glorious beaches, explore rainforests or experience the hustle and bustle of city life. You are also assured of excellent dental care and the knowledge that our Costa Rica dentist prices are the best you will find.

Dental Departures lists dozens of dentists in Costa Rica who undertake the full range of dental procedures that you would expect at home, but at around half the price. Each clinic listed on Dental Departures gives you costs for your dental treatment at the clinic, and also the comparative costs at home. We also give you guidelines on the time required to complete the procedure. For instance, you can make incredible savings on all sorts of dental treatments, whether it is traditional dental care, cosmetic procedures or specialist dentistry.

Take a look at some of these Costa Rica dentist prices:

Fillings at the Adult Dentistry of Costa Rica start at $50 ($155 in the US)

Tooth whitening at Advanced Dentistry Costa Rica starts at $250 ($600 in the US)

Dental implants at Prisma Dental start from $1200 ($3900 in the US)

We have taken all the hard work out of finding the best dentists in Costa Rica with the best prices. Good prices do not mean a compromise on the quality of dental care you will receive. We have fully vetted all our dentists and ensured that their training and facilities are on a par with modern dentistry practices. In fact, many of our patients find that the quality of care they receive in Costa Rica actually surpasses the standards they get at home.

For full details of our Costa Rica dentist prices, including maps, clinic photos and guides on popular dental treatments please click on the link below. You will also be able to get a free quote, find real patient reviews, book an appointment online 24 hours a day and much, much more.

 See all our clinics in Costa Rica here!

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Phuket Dentists

Phuket Dentists: Find the best!

Are you looking for dental clinics in Phuket, Thailand, but don’t know the first place to start looking? If you find a suitable dentist how can you be sure they are reputable and able to meet your needs?  This is where Dental Departures can help you.  We have compiled an easy-to-read website, containing the sort of information that you need to know if you are thinking about dental care in Thailand.  Our service is free, and we guarantee low prices at our quality screened and background checked professional dental facilites.

See why do many other patients are making the choice to save on the dental care with our Phuket dentists!

We have years of experience in working with dental clinics all over the world, including Phuket, and our site is packed with all the information you will require in order to make an informed decision on choosing the right dentist. Phuket is one of the most popular choices for our dental patients. You can be certain that the Phuket dentists listed on our website are carefully and meticulously inspected and checked by us for quality and standards of care. We are true believers in providing outstanding dental care – just check out the recommendations from the many happy patients we have been able to help

Phuket offers not only the incredible scenery and first-class facilities of a modern holiday resort, but also state-of-the-art dentistry, undertaken by highly-trained specialists. Phuket dentists offer all manner of dental treatments, from fillings to tooth whitening to dental implantology. You will find that dental care here is equivalent, if not better, than dental treatment back home, at prices that are a fraction of the cost. Many of our patients can save up to 50% by visiting Phuket dentists for their treatment.

Some of our clinics, such as the Phuket International Dental Center have been successfully treating international patients for nearly 30 years, so you can be safe in the knowledge you are receiving the very best in expert care.

Have a look at our website to find the best dentists who can carry out your treatment. The free information we have compiled lists dental clinics and the procedures they perform, as well as a comparison of the costs in Phuket and at home. There is also plenty of other helpful information, such as maps, clinic photos, guides to popular dental treatment and, of course, real patient reviews.

Our 24-hour online appointment system allows you to make an appointment whenever you choose, or you can also get a free quote, quickly and simply.

See all our Phuket dentists and further information here!


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