Cancun Dentist Prices

 Cancun Dentist Prices – find out what you need to know!

Have you considered planning to a trip to Cancun for your dental care and want to know what the cost would be for your dental care?  We make it easy for you to find transparent prices for dental care at our clinics in Cancun, and guarantee low prices.   Cancun is renowned for it’s incredible beaches, world-class resorts, and even for dental care.  Find out why so many other patients choose to visit sunny Cancun for amazing dental savings and phenomenal care!

Savings on your dental care in Cancun are typically 50-70% less than in the United States and Canada, for the same quality of work.  You can see the prices on each clinic page, alongside the cost average cost of the same procedure at home, with guidlines on average time needed to complete the procedure.  For example, costs of crowns and veneers are Ocean Dental in Cancun:

You can see all of our clinics in Cancun through the link below, with full pricing, real patients reviews, clinic photos, maps, etc.  You can get a free quote or even schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day!

Dental Departure’s Clinics and Cancun Dentist Prices

Need help or a free quote?

Andrew, our Cancun coordinator will be happy to speak with you!  You can always reach him at:

US/CA toll free: 1-888-504-2671


Veneers Costs Cancun

Dental Implants Costs Cancun

Crowns Costs Cancun

Laser Teeth Whitening Cost Cancun

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Looking for recommended Phuket dentists?

We work with the very best dental clinics in Phuket.

The prices are unbeatable and the quality of dental care in Phuket is outstanding.  Of course, as anywhere, there are outstanding clinics and some of middling quality.  If you’ve never traveled to another country for dental care, how do you know who to trust?  How do you find recommended Phuket dentists?

Not to worry.  Dental Departures has done the homework for you.   Each of our clinics is carefully selected, background checked, quality inspected, and thoroughly vetted.  Phuket is our most popular destination in Thailand and we have years of experience working with the best dental specialists.  Thousands of our patients have visited our recommended Phuket dentists for every conceivable dental procedure.

We helped Karen from Sydney find a clinic for her veneers and whitening:

“Smile Studio was amazing , I had 6 veneers on my top teeth and zoom whitening on the bottom, I was very well looked after and staff were exceptional, especially reception staff, you dont get service like this in Australia.  Thank you Smile Studio!”  –Smile Studio Dental Clinic in Patong Beach

Kaved saved about $4,000 compared to the cost of the same care back home in Australia – she came come from holiday with a great tan and a brand new smile!

Are you looking to come home with a professionally laser-whitened smile?  Do you want a Hollywood makeover with veneers?  Can’t afford dental implants, root canals or crowns back home?  We guarantee low prices: let us help you find the best dentist in Phuket for your care!

You can see full, transparent prices, read real reviews from our patients, get a free quote, or even schedule an appointment online with all our clinics in Phuket here:

Dental Departures’ Recommended Phuket Dentists- Guaranteed Low Prices!


Need help?

Andrew, our Phuket coordinator will be happy to speak with you!  You can always reach him at:

AUS toll free: 1-800-236-358

NZ toll free: 0800-451-656

US toll free: 1-888-504-2671


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Mexicali Dentist Reviews

Mexicali dentist reviews – read what other patients have to say about their experience with a dentist in Mexicali.

Do you live in Southern California or Arizona and have heard about the savings to be had on dental care in Mexicali?   What about the quality of the clinics?  Where to find real patient reviews?

See reviews on all our background checked and quality screened clinics on Dental Departures!


Each of our dental clinics in Mexicali is hand selected and screened.   Tens of thousands of patients from around the US visit a dentists in Mexicali, and we want to make it easy for you to find information about our offices.

Every one of our patients is asked to review their experience following their dental visit, and we publish every review – whether the review is glowing, or not.   Each of the Mexicali dentist reviews on Dental Departures are from real, verified patients who have considered the same things you have when considering dental care in Mexico; safety, quality of care, experience of the dentists, transportation accessibility, etc.

Our review system is based on the following factors:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Communication
  • Value

Every patient is asked to rate their dentist in Mexicali based on that criteria, and an aggregate score is assigned to each clinic based on a five star rating system.

For example, see what Amanda had to say about her experience with Dr. Suarez from BC Dental Care:

See all our dentists, read Mexicali dentist reviews, check price list, clinic information, get a free quote, or schedule your appointment online here:

Mexicali Dentist Reviews & Clinics


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Best Costa Rica dentists? Find them on Dental Departures!

The quality of dental care in Costa Rica is outstanding, and usually half the price of the same care in the US or Canada.  There are dozens of dentists in Costa Rica that cater to patients from all over North America and know who to choose can be difficult.

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find the top dentists in Costa Rica that are pre-screened for quality and thoroughly background checked.  We work with only the best dentists in Costa Rica, so you can be sure to find a highly trained dentist for your needs.

Many of our dentists in Costa Rica have trained in the US, and our clinics are all staffed by dental specialists, not general dentists.  Whether you need a prosthodontist for your crowns or veneers, an implantologist for dental implants, an endodontist for a root canal, or any of type of care – we are happy to help find you a specialist to attend to your needs.

For example, Dr. Prada at DDS Dental Costa Rica is one of our most recommended prosthodontists; he has over 22 years experience and received his postgraduate specialty training in prosthodontics at Louisana State University in the US.

See what Dr. Gerardo Montero from Jacksonville, FL had to say about his experience with Dr. Prada:

“Dr. Prada is a competent and compassionate dentist who strives for excellence. The moment you walk into his office, you feel you are in good hands. He speaks English fluently and the ambiance in his office is no different than some of the best dental offices in the USA, except that you are on vacation mode in a beautiful country. And last but not least, the cost is much more reasonable there than here.”

Dr. Prada & the team at DDS Dental


The clinics in Costa Rica are modern, clean, and equipped with the latest equipment.  Let us help you find the best Costa Rica dentists!  You can view clinic information, full transparent pricing, check out real patient reviews, schedule an appointment online or get a free quote with all our dentists in Costa Rica through the link below:

See all our clinics in Costa Rica here!

Need help?  Have questions? Call or email for your free quote or information.

Call or email us anytime!  We are always happy to speak with you.  US/CA toll free: 1-888-504-2671 or by email to our coordinator at:



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Search Dental Departures for the best Phuket dentist prices!

Everything you need to know about Phuket dentist prices!

Phuket is the most popular resort destination in Thailand – for good reason.  Gorgeous beaches, sparkling blue water, incredible food, top-notch resorts and world class dental care can be found all in one place.  Everyone knows that Thailand is an inexpensive travel destination, and the dental care is no exception.  You can pay Thai prices for the same quality of care as you would receive at home; typically at savings of 70%.  For example, the cost of a single dental crown is $1,200 in Australia, and the same exact crown will cost about $400 in Phuket.   And, we guarantee the cost of you dental care is the lowest offered.

How to find prices for dental care in Phuket?

Dental Departures makes it simple to find prices for all your dental care needs in Phuket.  Every clinic page has a complete, transparent price list for you to easily search, and all the procedures are clearly listed in standardized language.  You can see clinic photos, dentist backgrounds, read real patient reviews, see how long it takes for each procedure, and even schedule your appointment online for free.

Need help? Have questions?

Just write us for a free email consultation! You can always reach our Phuket coordinator at:

Or call us toll free!  We are happy to speak with you at any time:

1-800-236-358 (AUS)

0800-451-656 (NZ)

1-888-504-2671 (US)

We just helped Leanne with her dental care in Phuket – she came home with a fanastic new smile from Sea Smile Dental Clinic:

“I have just returned from a 3 week holiday and 8 dental appointments at Sea Smile, 11 crowns, bridge, root canal, zoom whitening and deep cleaning – I couldn’t be happier, I would recommend Sea Smile to everyone, very honest, gentle and most of all professional.”

 Leanne, AUS

For the most common dental procedures, you can find prices for dental care in Phuket through the links below:

Crowns prices Phuket

Veneers prices Phuket

Laser Teeth Whitening prices Phuket

Dental implant prices Phuket

Root canal prices Phuket (including crown)

 See all our clinics in Phuket here


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Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants aren’t as scary as you might think!

Surprisingly, placement of dental implants is rarely as painful as most people believe.   The process is generally quick, straightforward, and can be done without major pain or discomfort.  Most patients have no need of anything more than the local anesthetic and over the counter pain medications for handling discomfort.  The placement of the implant itself can be a very fast operation, and can be completed in as little as 15-20 minutes.

We have even had patients who reported they were taking tours the same afternoon as their implant surgery!

By far, dental implants are the best option for replacement of missing teeth, and the process can be easier than you believe.

Dental implants are comprised of three parts:

  • the dental implant itself, which is the replacement for the root of the tooth
  • an abutment, which screws into the implant
  • the crown, which is cast onto the abutment and provides the visible tooth replacement

Dental implants are completed in two stages, the first stage is placement of the implant itself.   A small incision is made in the gum, and a small drill is used to quickly tap into the jawbone.  The implant is then screwed into the bone and the incision in the gum is stitched closed.  The implant is then left in the jawbone to heal, while the bone grows around and solidifies the implant in place.

Since there are no nerves in the area of the jawbone the implant is placed into, any discomfort from the procedure is mostly due to the small incision in the gums: this process is often less uncomfortable or painful than a simple tooth extraction.  For most patients, they can expect some minor swelling and perhaps some cheek bruising or soreness for a few days following the procedure.  Most patients are surprised at how easy the process can be.

When the implant has healed to the bone, the gum is reopened, the implant uncovered, and the abutment screwed into the implant.  Impressions are taken of the abutment and surrounding teeth, and the crown is then fabricated and cast onto the abutment.

Of course, some people require extensive bone replacement and/or sinus lifting prior to placement of implants, and this can change the dynamic of the treatment, but for the majority of patients, placement of implants is quite uncomplicated and not overly uncomfortable.

Naturally, every patient reacts differently to treatment, but you could be happily surprised how easy having a dental implant fitted can be!

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Do you need crowns for your implants?

Have you had your dental implants placed and need to finish them with crowns?

If you need to complete your dental implants treatment, it is possible for you to do with a different dentist than who placed your implants.  You can save about 70% on the cost of your implant crowns by having them done abroad!

To complete a dental implant treatment, a component called an abutment is screwed into the implant, and the crown is cast onto the abutment.  There are many different brands, sizes and models of implants, and the abutment (the piece that attached the crown to the implant itself) needs to match your current implants in order to fit.   Since many clinics use different materials, it may be that abutments for your implants will have to be ordered in specially for your case.  In order for one of our dentists to fit crowns for your implants, you will need to gather the following information:

  • tooth numbers of the implant(s)
  • date of the implant placement(s)
  • implant brand name
  • implant model number
  • size of the implant(s) (in millimeters)

With the information above, we can easily get you a price for your implant crowns and let you know how much you can save!

You can see prices for implants crowns, including the cost of abutments here.


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The Ultimate Guide to Dental Care Prices in Algodones, Mexico

Everything you need to know about dental care costs in Los Algodones, Mexico

For such a small town, Algodones boasts over 300 dental clinics; knowing who to select can be difficult.  We work with only the best quality clinics that have been pre-screened and background checked so you know you can find Algodones dentist prices you can trust.

But what about the cost?

Dental Departures makes it easy for you to find all the answers you have about dental prices in Los Algodones.  Each one of our dental providers have standard price lists that are easily searchable and indexed for you to compare.  Not only can you find the costs for dental care, you can view clinic photos, read reviews from our patients, see background information on doctor and more on each clinic page.

Regardless of which place you select, you will receive excellent quality dental care, all at savings of about 70% less than you will pay in the United States.

I was happy to help Patricia from Palm Springs with selecting a doctor, and she was kind enough to share her experience at Sani Dental Group:

I rushed there, after finding them on the internet because I just got a local dentist’s estimate for $9000 for 4 implants. But I was given some unexpected bad news that 2 crowns (about 2 years old) HAD to be replaced, FIRST. Price? +/- $1000. Went for consultation only. Full head x-rays…guess what? There is nothing wrong with my caps. I got an honest professional opinion from Sani. They weren’t looking for ‘extra money’ in my mouth!  I’m going back next month for (other) implants since I can afford them, now!

We love being able to help people find a great quality dentist and afford a healthy, confident smile!  It has been our goal to provide accurate information, superior customer service, and the most reliable information for anyone who is considering seeing a doctor overseas for dental care.  Our dentists have been hand picked to be a part of our network of practitioners to make sure you received the best possible dental care available, at an affordable cost.

Take a look at the fees for these dental procedures

Whether it is Mexico, or even Thailand, everyone wants to know the general cost for various procedures.  For your convenience we have supplied answers for the most common procedures, find the most commonly searched for dentist fees through the links below:

Dental Implants

Loosing a tooth can be one of the worst things that can happen to a persons smiler. The great news is that dental implants just became affordable, and the results are almost instant. The procedure can now be accomplished faster and more affordable than ever, just check out the associated costs below.

Dental Veneers

Veneers can be one of the fastest and effective ways to make your smile look like a movie stars. We have looked at the fees charged for dental veneers throughout the world, and they just became affordable, just follow the link below for more information.

Dental Crowns

Whether you are attempting to save a tooth or need a new one following a root canal, the cost no longer has to be thousands of dollars. The dentists in Algodones give options that allow you to receive the same, or superior quality dental crowns at a cost that seems unbelievable.


There is no longer a reason to fear the cost of quality dentures. You can expect a serious return for a minimum investment for your next denture purchase, replacement, or reconstruction. Buying dentures does not have to break the bank.

Root Canal

Let’s face it, root canals are a necessary evil. We need them in emergency situations to save our natural tooth, but the cost can really add insult to injury. When you factor in the root canal procedure and dental crown you can end up in the range of $1200-2500 per tooth, and that’s if you find an affordable North American dentist. This financial fear disappears, and opens up many other options when receiving care from one of our selected dentists. See what we are talking about below.

Have a question about dental care costs or just want to talk to an EXPERT on about what to expect?  Call us anytime or email for a free quote!

You can reach our director of care (Andrew) at this number: 1-888-504-2671 or by email at:


Dental Fees for Los Algodones, Mexico

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Algodones dentist reviews

Algodones Dentist Reviews

Algodones dentist reviews are a great way to find the best dentist in Algodones, Mexico.  There is no better way compare dentists in Algodones than hearing from past patients in their own words.

We have 127+ Algodones dentist reviews from eight top clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico.  Every patient that schedules their appointment through Dental Departures is asked to review their dental experience.  We also receive Algodones dentist reviews from past patients who did not book through our site:  they were so happy/unhappy that they wanted to post a review of their dental treatment.Algodones dentist reviews five star rating

A great example of Algodones dentist reviews is from Sani Dental Group.  Sani Dental Group has a 4.5 star rating from 52 past dental patients.  When you read through the reviews for Sani Dental you will find candid feed-back both good & bad on their experience with the clinic & their staff.

We recently added a new review feature which allows the dental clinic to reply back to their patient reviews.  Algodones dentists love the ability to have a dialogue with their past patients and new/past patients enjoy reading how the clinics respond to both positive & negative reviews.  Dental Departures publishes all reviews so you can rest assured that you are reading candid unfiltered reviews of Algodones dentists.

Algodones dentist reviews are based on a 5 star review system.  The dental reviews are based on six review criteria:  quality, service, cleanliness, comfort, communication, value.  Past patients score each criteria out of 5 stars:  1 star being bad and 5 stars being excellent.   An average is taken of these six review criteria to create the overall review score.

Algodones dentist reviews are a wonderful way to narrow down and finalize selecting a dentist in Algodones, Mexico.  Rather than reading through what the dentists or marketers want you to hear:  you get people’s honest opinions in their own words.




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Our new features can help you find a better dentist

My job here at Dental Departures is to make it as easy as possible to find an overseas dentist through our website. Recently my team and I realized that what we were presenting to our customers was rather bland and did not provide the best experience possible. I’m happy to announce a few changes that should make the time spent at our site better and more engaging.

Premium content

First off, instead of just listing clinics when browsing our selection, we’ve decided to include some detailed information about each desitination and the many procedures provided in these destinations. For example, when browsing Mexican dentists, the user is not only presented with our top clinics but also with a tome of information that will hopefully answer more questions and guide our patients to the perfect dentist.

Screenshot of the Algodones Dentist landing page

Finding an Algodones Dentist is now easier than ever

Mapping our dentists

We’ve also included a location map that displays all of our top dental clinics on one map. For instance; looking at Bangkok dentists you can clearly see all the dentists in the area. We’re hoping this will make it easier to choose a dentist that may be closer to your hotel or in a more exciting part of town.

Screenshot of the mapped locations of our Thailand dental clinics

We offer a large selection of quality Thailand dentists

We’re always open to hear our customers’ questions and comments. Have any ideas? Let us know in the comments and we can make it happen!

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