Nuevo Progreso dentists are bringing smiles to Americans

Neuvo Progress Dentist -Gallegos Dental ClinicNuevo Progreso dentists are seeing an increasing amount of Americans visit their clinics.  American dental patients are visiting the over 300 dental clinics in Nuevo Progreso Mexico to get a better value for their dental care vs. the United States.

Nuevo Progreso dentists are remodeling their clinics to support the increase in American dental patients.  Dental clinics in Nuevo Progress are starting to mirror their American counterparts north of the border by adding modern dental equipment and posting everything in English from the magazines to patient education.

The Brownsville Herald‘s investigative reporter Martha Hernandez conducted a detailed investigation on the increasing trend for American patients to visit Nuevo Progresso, Mexico for dental care.  Ms. Hernandez’s investigation uncovered a March 31, 2012 Journal of Medical Anthropology report by Assistant anthropology professor Dr. Matthew Dalstrom.  Dr. Dalstrom’s report details the extent of Americans visiting Nuevo Progreso for dental care.

The major concerns of patients considering visiting Nuevo Progreso for dental care are:  1) Nuevo Progreso dentists do not speak English 2) Mexican drug violence  3) Travelling to Mexico is an unknown travel experience.  The report goes on to find that dental patients visiting Nuevo Progreso are surprised by the level of English spoken by the dental clinics and have found Nuevo Progreso to be extremely safe from any violence.

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico dentists street view

One interesting fact uncovered by the Brownsville Herald investigation was that a large majority of patients visiting Nuevo Progreso dentists claim their Mexican dental treatment with their  US dental insurance.  In fact, almost 30% of patients come to Nuevo Progreso dental clinics with their dental insurance claim forms which are then completed by the clinic’s staff.

American dental patients have been visiting Nuevo Progreso dentists for 20+ years to get a better value for their dental dollar.  Nuevo Progreso has transformed itself from a sleepy town with dusty roads to a town that brings new smiles to happy American visitors.



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Where to park when visiting a dentist in Algodones

Headed to the dentist in Algodones for and need to know where to park?

The easiest thing to do is to park your car in the large parking lot on the US side of the border and walk across.  The lot is secure, large, and can accommodate everything size of vehicle including RV’s and 18 wheelers.  The lot is run by the Quechan Indian tribe and there is a lot attendant on hand until the lot closes at 10:00pm, which is the same time as the border closes.   Keep in mind that the lot is unshaded, so your car can get quite hot during the summer and it is no place to leave a pet while you visit the dentist in Algodones.

The dentists in Algodones are largely within 2-3 blocks of the US border, so walking to the clinics is easy and fast.

There is street parking outside some dental clinics in Algodones, and some clinics do have lots.  The Hacienda Los Algodones (the only hotel in town) has secure parking as well.  If you plan to stay overnight and wish to leave your car on the US side of the border, you will need to speak with the lot attendant for an overnight pass, and overnight parking costs $22/night.

Parking fees for visiting the dentist in Algodones


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THAILAND: 2.53 million people visit Thailand dentists and medical clinics

thailand dental travel

THAILAND–The Department of Health Service Support in Thailand reported that they expect to see 2.53 million foreign patients visit Thailand for medical and dental treatment in 2012.  Foreign patients from Australia, Japan, United States & the Middle East are expected to spend 121.6B THB ($3.7B AUD/$3.8B USD ) on visiting a Thai medical clinic or Thailand dentists.

Singapore’s Asia One News reports that Thailand is seeing a growing trend in foreign patients visiting Thailand for dental & medical care:

1.37 million foreigners in 2007 generated Bt41 billion

1.38 million in 2008, Bt50.9 billion

1.39 million in 2009, Bt63.3 billion

1.98 million in 2010, Bt78.7 billion

2.24 million in 2011 generated Bt97.8 billion

The report goes on to state that the most popular medical & dental treatment in Thailand are:  orthopedics, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.   Thailand is gradually becoming a major global destination for foreigners looking for less expensive medical & dental care.

Thailand will no longer just be known for its’ beautiful beaches & exotic foods:   it is now a great place to find your new smile courtesy of a Thailand dentist.


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Top 6 dental tips when visiting a global dentist

Global Dentist, Mexico Dentist

What do you need to know when you visit a dentist in Mexico or a dental clinic in Thailand?  If you are looking for a dentist when you travel,  Northern Carolina’s Dental Society has recently put together a list of dental tips.

Top 6 dental tips when visiting a global dentist

  1.  If you do not know the local language, seek out a dentist who speaks English so you can communicate effectively.
  2.  Dentists and staff should wear a new pair of rubber or vinyl gloves for each patient, as well as protective eye wear.
  3. Instruments should be properly sterilized or disposed of after use. (No reusable needles)
  4. Dentists and staff should always wash their hands before donning gloves as well as immediately after removing them.
  5. Do not buy medications “over the counter” unless you’re familiar with the product.
  6. Check your dental insurance policy to see if overseas care is covered, along with follow-up care when you return home.

The most interesting dental tip when looking for a global dentist is #6:  most patients are unaware that if they have dental insurance most dental insurance providers will refund a portion of the dental treatment overseas.   Ask your dental insurer for the required paperwork and your Mexican or Thai dental clinic will be more than happy to complete the required paperwork on your behalf.

The NC Dental Society wants to make sure you have a safe & quality dental experience when you go to a global dentist.   By using NC Dental Society’s tips dental patients can travel globally with a new level of confidence.



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eMax Porcelain Veneers in Algodones

Considering a smile makeover with veneers?  One on the best porcelain veneers on the market worldwide are the IPS eMax brand, and you can get them in Algodones!  These are the same eMax veneers that your dentist at home uses, and they only cost an average of $300 each in Algdones, compared to $1,300 in the US or Canada.


The eMax veneers are extremely thin, strong, and provide a beautiful smile with natural translucency, opalescence and shine.  They can be color matched to your existing teeth and to the shade of your ideal smile for a seamless natural appearance.

Find out more about eMax veneers here:



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Save 70% on Dental Implants in Mexico…is it true?

Save 70% on your dental implants in Mexico!  You see Mexico dental implant savings like these bantered around the internet regarding Mexican dentistry .  Are they true:  in a word yes!  You really do get the same quality dental implants in Mexico (materials and labor) for a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

If you do a quick search for dental implants in Mexico on Dental Departures you will find a wide variety of dental implants prices some less than 70% savings and some greater than a 70% savings over visiting a dentist down the street.  When you average out the savings of all the Mexico dental implant costs you will arrive at a figure very close to a 70% savings.

We have just added a really interesting feature to determine the cost savings of global dental care:  we call it ‘What you Pay at Home’.  For dental implants in Mexico you can see that the average cost you would pay at home would be $3,900 USD.  At Sani Dental Group  you will pay $1,200 USD for your dental implant in Algodones, Mexico (a 69% savings) or $1,799 USD for your dental implants at Dental Spana in Tijuana, Mexico (a 54% savings).

dental implant mexico cost

How do we come up with the price you would pay for dental implants at home?  The dental implants cost at home looks to be a pretty simple number to calculate but there is actually quite a bit of work behind the scenes!  What we do is gather the cost of dental implants from a wide variety of sources from around the globe  (public, private, government) and create an average global price which you see here as $3,800 USD for a dental implant.  We compare this global dental implant price to the price you will pay for a dental implant in Mexico and ‘Voila!’ you have a way to see your savings immediately!

Dental Implant Mexico cost savings

We have a saying here ‘it is very easy to make something confusing but it is very hard to make something simple’.  We hope that when you search for dental implants in Mexico on Dental Departures we make it easy for you to see the savings.  There are few things in life where you can really see a 70% savings without compromising quality…dental implants in Mexico live up to this promise.

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Algodones, Mexico: a dental boomtown

One of the things that caught my eye during my trip to Algodones was how much the town continues to expand. There is so much business that clinics like Sani Dental are looking to open a beautiful new clinic by the name of Platinum dental.

Platinum Dental, Los Alogodones front door

The impressive blue-tinted glass door

Even under construction, I was able to see how extraordinary this clinic is going to be. Stainless steel tile and blue tinted glass ensconce the facade. The floor coated in a rich white granite or marble (I’m no expert on flooring).

Platinum Dental Skylight

The cool skylights in the circular ceiling

Once inside you are greeted with a circular cut out in the ceiling that leads to a second floor. Above, the light from the sky comes down to light the entire floorspace. Victor, the owner of Sani, tells me that he plans to create custom seating that fits against the wall and curves somewhat organically around the room. He also mentions that around the molding of the room, there will be blue LED lights that would cast up against the ceiling to cast a cool blue hue about the room.

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

Blue circles are the theme at Platinum Dental

It was incredible to see such modern, almost futuristic architecture go into this clinic. It is a testament to the loads of business now entering Los Algodones and competition has made the dentists take note by creating clinics with flair and style to attract new patients. This is real; people now know that you can save a lot of money on dental care just by taking a short trip down to Mexico.

We’re looking forward to adding Platinum Dental to our list of qualified dentists here at Dental Departures.

Inside view of the front door

Inside view of the front door

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