Same day zirconia dental crowns in Algodones!

Beautiful smiles with zirconia dental crowns!

Zirconia dental crowns are considered most durable and best cosmetic dental crown, and you can now get them in one day in Algodones!

Due to the expense of the system, most clinics will take an impression of your tooth and then mail the impression to a lab who has this system, which can take 5-14 days to finish.

Sani Dental Group has purchased a state of the art CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drafting/Computer Aided Milling) system by KaVo Dental that can produce the best quality crown in one day.  KaVo Dental is a US company that is recognized globally as one of the premium manufacturers of the latest dental technologies.  You will get the exact same materials and quality of crowns as you would at home; for a fraction of the price and all in one day!

Get a free quote for your zirconia dental crowns in Algodones here!

What are zirconia crowns?

Zirconia crowns are a full ceramic crown that utilize a zirconia ceramic core bonded to a porcelain exterior.  The zirconia core is extremely durable, and this type of crown has the best quality natural appearance due to aesthetic porcelain layering that mimics the translucency of natural teeth.

As such, these crowns can be made without the metal understructure typical of other crowns. Traditionally, porcelain crowns are made by bonding the porcelain to a metal support in a process called Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM).  The porcelain in PFM crowns is traditionally bonded to metal alloys, gold, palladium, or titanium.  The drawback is that unlike a natural tooth which exhibits a certain degree of translucency, the metal framework under the porcelain blocks out light. To the keen observer, the difference in shine and translucency between a natural tooth and a PFM can be quite obvious.  For example, in natural light, a shadow can be seen in the interior of the tooth from the metal core.   While full porcelain crowns (metal free porcelain jacket crowns, PJC) have been done (and are still being done), they are quite brittle and frequently break prematurely.

Advantages of Zirconia crowns

  • No ugly gingival recession due to gingiva/metal reaction (dark line at the base of the gums)
  • No exposed metal margin
  • Excellent quality cosmetic appearance
  • Ability to withstand high functional stress
  • No thermal conductivity discomfort (no hot/cold sensitivity)

Clinical aspects

Zirconium dioxide has been used in the field of hip-joint prosthetics for roughly 30 years. It exhibits very high strength, high corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity (no hot/cold sensitivity).  The structure and the veneering material are both biocompatible and do not have any allergic potential.  Zirconia is extremely durable and allows for the most durable porcelain crown available.  More info on crown materials can be found here.

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Amazing Algodones Dentists!

Visiting dentists in Algodones was a truly amazing experience my first time around.

At first I was a little apprehensive about my visit to Algodones:  the border crossing between Yuma/Algodones is not what I would call inviting.

Algodones, Mexico, dentist

a view from the Yuma side of the border looking towards Algodones

Once I got into downtown Algodones I was amazed by the sheer number of dental clinics within a 5 block radius!  I do not believe there is another place on the planet like Algodones, Mexico where they have a higher concentration of Algodones dentists per block.  I was told there are well over 300+ dental clinics in this small little border town.

What truly impressed me about Algodones was the quality of the dental clinics.  Every dentist in Algodones I visited was so very proud of their clinic and eagerly walked me around their clinic to show me first hand the latest dental equipment they purchased.  It seemed like every dental clinic in Algodones had either recently completed a renovation & upgrade of their dental equipment or was in the planning stages.

The three dental clinics in Algodones that stood out amongst many I visited were:  Clinica Rubio, Simply Dental & Class Dental.  The dentists at these clinics made time to show me around and explain in intricate detail how they focused on delivering quality dental care for the American & Canadian patients visiting their clinics.

I went in for what I thought was a quick teeth cleaning at Sani Dental and ended up spending 2 hours having fillings in my back two molars.  I was surprised by the intra-oral camera they used and how clearly I was able to see the cavities on my back to molars.  The dentists & hygienists at Sani Dental were friendly, professional and took time to explain the whole process to me.

Based on my experiences visiting dentists in Algodones I will highly recommend my friends & family to get their dental care in this small little town across the border from Yuma, Arizona.


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My first dental visit to an Algodones Dentist in Mexico

Last week I had a chance to make the trip down south and have my teeth cleaned an an Algodones dentist in Mexico.  It was a fantastic experience and I’m happy to say that I can now vouch for the quality of our clinics in Los Algodones.

My first stop was at Evolution Dental Implant Center.  This small, 2 chair clinic specializes in dental implants and offers the most competitive price in all of Los Alogodones.  I met Dr. Eduardo “Nick” Escandon and took a few photos of the clinic.  His mother does the reception and was extremely kind.  The doctor personally works on each of his patients, so there this is a very one-on-one, personal experience.  He does outstanding work and at about $1000 an implant, it is an unbelievable bargain.  Implants here in the states run roughly $4000!  This would be nearly impossible to afford in the US if there were several implants needed.  At Dr. Eduardo’s prices, even an entire mouthful of implants can realistically be achieved.

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$1,200 for a root canal…how can the average person afford that?


root canal

One of the reasons why I started Dental Departures was to help people get a better value for their dental care.  When I looked at the dental industry I was surprised at the lack of transparent pricing:  when I looked under the covers I found an industry ripe for disruption.

I spoke with my dad this evening and he told me he just spent $1,200 on a root canal.  He was in pain and I am happy that his dentist eliminated his discomfort by performing a root canal.

My dad is a retired teacher, worked hard all his life and made a comfortable living for himself and our family.  It seems to me that retirees are making less, paying more money out-of-pocket,  while everything else is getting more expensive every year.  One fun fact I have learned is that the inflation rate for dental care is 6.3% per year in the United States:  way above what my dad’s pension income is being adjusted for inflation.

As a regular visitor to Dental Departures, my dad found that he could have got the same  root canal at Thantakit in Bangkok, Thailand for $231 or at Sani Dental in Algodones, Mexico for $187 (two amazing clinics on opposite sides of the planet).  A root canal is a root canal regardless of whether it is in Canada, Thailand or Mexico so why does it cost so much more in United States?  Ultimately the price different isn’t due to quality (I have had dental care at both clinics) but due to the cost of labor and materials in the United States.

The fun part of building Dental Departures is the fact that I not only get to introduce my dad to the great values that exist globally for root canals but every other retiree who is feeling the financial pinch!



Root canal photo courtesy of Wonderlane 

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