July 17, 2012 9:53 pm

THAILAND: 2.53 million people visit Thailand dentists and medical clinics

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THAILAND–The Department of Health Service Support in Thailand reported that they expect to see 2.53 million foreign patients visit Thailand for medical and dental treatment in 2012.  Foreign patients from Australia, Japan, United States & the Middle East are expected to spend 121.6B THB ($3.7B AUD/$3.8B USD ) on visiting a Thai medical clinic or Thailand dentists.

Singapore’s Asia One News reports that Thailand is seeing a growing trend in foreign patients visiting Thailand for dental & medical care:

1.37 million foreigners in 2007 generated Bt41 billion

1.38 million in 2008, Bt50.9 billion

1.39 million in 2009, Bt63.3 billion

1.98 million in 2010, Bt78.7 billion

2.24 million in 2011 generated Bt97.8 billion

The report goes on to state that the most popular medical & dental treatment in Thailand are:  orthopedics, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.   Thailand is gradually becoming a major global destination for foreigners looking for less expensive medical & dental care.

Thailand will no longer just be known for its’ beautiful beaches & exotic foods:   it is now a great place to find your new smile courtesy of a Thailand dentist.


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